Monster Legends Boss Fight Gameplay Progress Episode 4 – Monster Gaming

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“What is going on guys. It is monster gaming here welcome back to another monster monster legends video. Now today. We re back at this account and guys.

This is 4 and happy new year to all of you guys so to start off this video. I want to thank all of you guys for joining me today. And i hope you guys are having the best day ever because today guys is new year and we re back again. So i m just gonna collect these things here and dragon beast is cell hatching in there so i need to upgrade this thing guys i need to upgrade this to level 2.

So i have to hatchery and then i keep breeding. And stuff so that has to. Work. Out.

Ok 55000. Food. 500000 or almost 600000. Gold and 22 gems.

We re actually doing pretty good. So far so build another farm. We can do that right now let s go ahead and do it let s go to buildings and farm alright. So where should we place this i think i m gonna place it right there and i change my i change my layout guys of the island.

I put all the habitats like right there and all the farms and stuff. So now it looks pretty good so pvp. Yeah. Pvp is actually pretty difficult for me.

Now guys. Because the enemy s there like at level 30. 40 and stuff. So it s actually pretty hard to defeat them alright let s go ahead and fight against the monsters.

I guess and they re actually on level 8. That s the highest one this one s level 8. This one s level 6 and 4. So it once it goes by 2 you know.

8 and 6 in 2 and 4. So i m gonna use this oh they re actually oh i get it now magic is actually weaker than nature. So that s good i have 1 nature monster right there so that helps me a lot i m gonna use lightning storm. They re almost dead 39 in life all right i m gonna use head massage and i should have defeated that other one and said.

But it s fine. He could actually regenerate right now there we go all right. He got all his life back. So we re good victory ai.

N t three stars awesome guys. Awesome. This is a pretty good start of all right we got seven hundred fourteen thousand. Gold in 21000.

Precisely 22000 experience cuts out almost. 22000 so 1500 food okay we needed that five gems and said but it s fine do we get any eggs on this no okay three gems 21000. Experience okay so i believe on that box right there guys i think we get some egg. A monster egg or something hopefully we we well or maybe not i don t know.

But if they give me eggs..

If they give us that s gonna be pretty good. So let s use long thingy and turn loss all right awesome. That is good now. I m gonna use oh okay.

We have actually we have a earth monster here. So that s actually good that we pretty strong okay. I wish he was love of 15. And said.

So then he would take out a lot of damage. Oh special skill all right 200 life that s almost 300 and there we go guys. This was pretty easy. It was pretty easy to beat victory all right how many stars all right i thought i would get three.

But it s fine. We re so good guys we just got three gems that s awesome in. 22000 all precisely 22000. Experience and are we gonna get our reward here all right there we go let s go ahead and spin.

In what do we get oh. We almost got that egg right there guys we almost got the egg. But it s fine guys all right our next battle guys this one gives us 16 thousand gold 800 food and 21000. Experience okay that missed that s awesome now i m gonna use this there we go and now it s too three i m gonna use earthquake actually that s pretty strong or both of them oh damn is oh my god it s okay.

We re still winning okay we re still winning so i m gonna use that and burning damage that s awesome now i m gonna use fire against him i missed again this monster is actually pretty lucky okay. I m gonna use sand tornado. Here. I missed again guys is that are you kidding me oh.

My god it missed three times in a row. What is the smaller guys oh you can see from the picture right there. That s pretty i m pretty sure that s a uncommon monster that he is very lucky guys he s very lucky i missed three times in a row. All right i m gonna use frizzle of fired drizzle and and that all right now this is the last one i m just gonna charge okay there we go and we won all right victory.

What do we get three stars no two stars all right we could actually redo these battles when we get to like level 30 or when we get pretty good monsters like luxuries and stuff. We can redo them and then we could get actually better rewards. Plus. We could get three stars in every battle.

Okay so am. I gonna get that monster. It s fine. I already have that monster so i m not gonna worry about it we have one more attack to and this one gives us 17 thousand gold.

Twenty one thousand four hundred fifty something experience 59 experience and 850 food all right this one s just two monsters. Okay. It s easy to be dumb. Oh.

This one s an epic. I can see from there all right. That s not good that s not good at all it might be a bit hard to be to defeat that monster. But we ll try it.

Oh oh okay it missed okay. I m gonna use that and this monsters actually fire so we need like its arc and it water monster to defeat their small spirit. But we don t have that right now so we re just gonna have to keep attacking him till. He s dead okay okay next time he s dead so i m just gonna keep charging right now and then he ll die when himself because he has burning effect.

There we go 57 braining okay awesome so we won this battle to victory and two stars are right and also guys i want to talk about my intro..

It had the most votes. The second one had the most votes so it was like by three. I guess and so i chose the purple. One the second one well.

I was like okay then it has the most votes so let s just go with it and i still didn t get down water alright. I m pretty sure we leveled up alright level 15 guys oh okay so ultra breeding tree and brune s building rules. Billy. Yes.

Gosh should we unload the rune runes building that s awesome and a new offer but i m just gonna act that out guys we actually unlock their runes. Oh wait we don t have to we don t have to repair it guys that s awesome and i have look like a my gold guys 640000. Guys one more level and we ll get to 16 and which is the team war we re gonna unlock this and then we could actually have a team. Oh my god this is awesome alright let s go to crafting.

Oh oh. Great your runes building to unlock. Crafting are you kidding. Me well.

It s just 1000. Oh okay. It takes like five seconds. Okay.

That s actually pretty good am. I gonna get any experience. Oh i did alright alright. I can t really see it.

But let s go ahead and craft this ones levels. One level. Okay we need some oh that one s level four. So.

What i m gonna do here is go on panic in here and i m gonna equip them with either speed or do i have any speed strength speed alright speed and also the life. Where s the life one team life level. Four. All right.

Oh oh okay. We can t do that. But we can do is put. Another speed here awesome alright that s pretty good now gosh where s my other mantras oh i m gonna save the rest runes for this monster.

So yeah let s go back to battle. But before we do that i m gonna go ahead and go here and messages and except some stuff here some like you know diamonds and stuff. Oh my god i don t know why it s not loading. And my wife are you kidding me yo everytime.

When i record a video live well most of the times and actually it s very slow. I don t know why but maybe. It s because of my recording thing or maybe. It s because of something else.

But oh there it is okay perfect so we re good now. 19 messages. Let s see come on come on we can do this okay. Oh my god all right i don t know if it s gonna load up or not but i don t think we can battle right now so oh i just got 11 coins all right where s island.

Actually all right here all right the house..

The court island i meant an aside thing you know okay and also guys. I m gonna make a video on me reacting to my old video. Which was it wasn t like a long time ago. I don t remember what i did in it and stuff.

But i do remember it was when the first well you see i made like two or three videos first and then i actually didn t talk on the first three videos or four and then after that i started talking on one of them. Which was i don t know what it was but it was one of them and i don t know if i introduced myself around anything guys. But anyway. Let s go ahead and go to achievement here.

Oh. We just got one gem. Awesome 5000 experience. Okay i didn t even realize there.

Which achievements ooh all right can we love all up right now oh three more gems guys we got so many gems. Awesome alright. I didn t even realize you guys didn t even tell me that to go through your achievements to get some gems and stuff alright now i need three hundred thousand to get to the next level plus. I could unlock team wars right there and fire habitat to level five.

What is this i don t have no idea temple of thunder temple of water okay. That s good that is pretty awesome all right we have one more stamina guys let s use that. Hopefully we won t lose this battle. Guys two.

Gems let s. Go 32000. Experience. Hopefully.

We ll win this battle it looks pretty easy to me. But i hope it is easy so which monster goes first him reiner yeah all right electric shock and i m gonna use earthquake. There we go that monster said thanks turn so i don t worry i m not gonna worry about him. I m gonna use melting.

Fur. All right. And poison. Oh oh.

I missed all right. He s dead. And so is he next turn come on there we go i m gonna leave that monster for panic in and no wrong skills. But it s fine i used the wrong skill actually but it s fine guys.

It s fine we sell one anyway how many stars can we get from that ah why not three guys that that data was pretty easy for me so why i didn t get three stars. I don t know something s wrong with monster legends or something all right let s see here are we gonna get that egg. No but it s fine i got him already alright two more levels until i beat that boss okay so what i m gonna do here is go back to my messages and try to get a few stammers okay so i ll just wait okay and right now. I ll just pause recording.

And so um. This thing actually loads up and then i ll get some stamina if you guys actually send me if not then i don t know what to do guys so i ll be back in a few seconds. I guess okay guys i just received three more attacks from you guys so like styman is actually not attached. I just got three attacks and i mean sammy knows.

Oh my god all right anyway. I m just gonna collect these int and i m gonna head over here and we re gonna battle guys i ll try to defeat that big giant monster gets the boss and if we do then that s actually pretty good i don t know what the reward is for the last one i don t know what s wrong with the background and what s wrong with the monsters but i m gonna finish this battle as soon as possible so magical punch all right let s use that and double open. Hand slap. Oh oh okay.

That takes away a lot of damage guys..

That s pretty hard okay so i m gonna use that now. It s good okay the backgrounds back in the monster suit. So i m gonna use that and then i ll try to defeat these monsters as soon as possible and try to get to that battle as soon as possible because i don t know what the prizes and stuff or so let s just see all right. Oh.

My god feels oh my it s almost dead so i just died like you re not you know you re gonna lose already so just do it all right there we go three monsters survive this battle. I thought it would be pretty hard. But never mind the next one might be bit hard. I don t know we ll see guys we ll see if it is or not how many experience that we get from this.

Battle 32000. Okay so i think on my next video. Which will be episode 5. I believe or episode wait.

I think it s gonna be either episode five or six. So whatever is gonna be i think i m gonna unlock two more on the cartoon you re watching my next video and then i think i ll unlock it as soon as possible so i don t know what wrong what is wrong with this spinning wheel. So i m just gonna skip it because i know i m gonna get gold or something from it so it s not really worth it let s just continue on. Oh.

My god i hate whoever just i have three rune three not wound three battles okay so this one is. Sundanese i have no idea which. Monster that is five gems and 32000. Experience.

Okay so that s the most right there. Guys that it s on the. Next in five gems and 32000. Experience.

And there s actually two monsters here. So i don t know if i m gonna be able to defeat both of them even though i don t have even though. I had that monster already at under next whatever you call them i actually have them already so i m just gonna defeat. These monsters as soon as possible and i m gonna use not lightning storm use that right there all right they re halfway dead our flash all right live still missed let s use this oh i m gonna use that for the i m gonna save it for the giant monster okay just wait for it let s use that let s use.

Yeah. Let s use that right there okay guys here. It is the giant monster alright. So this is the last one guys and hopefully we ll win let s use this he has a lot of life even though he s like what love was he 11 let s use this i m gonna use his special skill all right and i think this monsters gonna die.

Next turn. So let s just use this to stun him there we go alright 300 life. I don t know if he s gonna die or not but we ll see 244. I don t think he s gonna die.

Because i don t think i m gonna let him juice into it so yeah he s not gonna die alright. We re good there we go we won this battle guys i don t like that alright. How many stars almost three okay so i think i m gonna end the video right here guys. And we actually defeated this monster.

So that s good so i hope you guys did enjoy this video. If you did make sure to drop a like and also covered up tremont s. Forgive me i can t even talk anymore. Anyway guys.

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