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“Everyone welcome again to monster legends as i said i really played this game. But but i had some requests to play it so here i am and he asks course here they have the whole christmas thing going on as well and they also have the calendar. The gift calendar. Which i think will really help a lot of people i mean today s premium box by 480.

What s really dude now no thanks. We ll just we ll just hold it out cuz. It is are expensive to buy food let s grow food since we have an opportunity to and let s grow food okay. So today.

I m going to be putting in battle that this guy here. The fire tour name tour on i don t think i have put him in a battle yet. I do want to put him in battle. There some other guys here i haven t used in battle.

We can find some easier easier ways to on battle you know. But they re babies. But here is also that beautiful dungeon thing. I don t know runes building.

There it is but it can only be unlocked when i m level 28. I haven t played this game as much so that is why i am not there yet. I haven t been playing this game. This matcha.

I as a matter of fact i had just concluded to not playing at all so that is why i m still level 24. All of you out there who are going to watch this video. It s still a comment. Oh boy your local of you know okay proud of you very good anyways.

Let s change who we have here select our team definitely changing you let s go to tour on and who is who else is here hmm who else is yeah that we can use we have him we have raymond some of these hybrids might be stronger. Though maybe let s try raymond and let s search for an enemy can you stop doing that goodness gracious uh your level 21. Yeah no we re gonna go next nah all right yeah level. 10 hmm doesn t mean anything i mean.

Fine. Let s try and fight them. We probably won t win. Because the ratio of y.


Is key you know even though you check this thing you tell it not to ask you it still does that s so annoying okay um. Here we go hello. We re gonna use you what is that thing did you guys see that it s like a. I don t know what okay you know that s really gross.

Oh. My god okay let s let s kill it kill teddy kill. Teddy that thing is ugly did you just stick his little finger up at us. The heck okay then oh yeah.

We re gonna use what lightning is good against earth. Right. Yeah. So let s do uh you aha take that how do you feel yeah.

Alright next. We are going to use uh let s see fire trap. Who here can be used fire against em. Let s see ah okay.

Let s use double jab finish off teddy. Now these guys are very weak. He s a lower level. So watch out for that what is he doing.

Oh. Oh. My gosh raymond didn t even get a chance. Yes.

We know we suck ah okay. Oh. God what items do i have to kill off somebody do attack do an attack item. I always use items.

It s like you know jay you re treated. I don t care. Yeah let s kill him first me know why because he s next a little turn thing there. And who else are we going to kill this thing right here so let s kill him too i m so mean no way what no i chose something why i choose no i met attack so many these grenades.


The reason. Why we collect these is so we can use them no judge. That s right that s the only thing i really like about monster legends that you could use items in here. If you have the money.

Too yeah you can kill terron. If you d like to no sin. They re just you and me hmm no we can t use that s gonna be weak against okay grenade in your mouth. You re gonna have to eat the grade bro.

How about you open wide and say cheese well you know what he s going to not well doesn t matter anyway. It s gonna hang on there is he in your face. Oh no oh you re lucky about that aren t yet go sit down and your face. I ain t got for all everyone please give us something special.

Yeah. So i forgot my do the same thing. I did a dragon city and start to breed for monsters and just sell the ones that i don t need let s take a look at the monsters that are there so far. I haven t been here in a while so of course you know i m gonna.

What is this okay. There we go let s do good all of you yeah. These are all the common ones. We still have a sea lion.

You should try to probably try for that right let s see who else we have the fire tore. We don t have the obsidian thing and the flip flop thing looks just odd beefcake shanky. Do the shake neg. The tara craig.

What is that in the world. Why are all these things golems okay that looks pretty cool too. I guess. The duchess.

This was a featured monster. I saw in there um okay alright not not bad not bad these things just look like gum. I don t know what oh this guy looks amazing. I actually like him he looks cool so they look like that looks like the thing meeting.


A gladiators give the thorah door. We got more warrior type looking monsters over here. Which is it s fine. I guess you guys want to get into the whole breeding calculator thing just like how dragon city has a breeding calculator.

So does monster legends except that the best one. I found is the monster wiki coms forward slash breeding forward slash website and obviously here you can see a lot of monsters that i don t even know existed. I mean wow. What if you breed.

These you get these cool looking things. Wow. Let s see do i have one let s the cr1 that i do have like it s just even monster. Much it s a lot of these things that are these monsters that actually exist in the game.

Because i ve never ever seen these before but then again i haven t been on the game. Now the breeding calculator for monster legends may seem. A little bit. More clustered and complicated in the dragon city one so i m going to show you guys really how to look about breeding.

How to breathe a certain monster. So you go to breeding and when you hold your mouse over its going to tell you reading calculator how to breed or breeding legends. So you re gonna click on how to breed. Quickly.

Da. Da da. Okay. So then you have this whole.

Thing. You re like what in the world. But let s just say we want to bri the bloom in something another i just remember like first name blue type it in up here. There it is that plant thing from mari you click on it you scroll all the way down.

And it says how to breed blue strips right here here s the blue skips and it will show you the combinations that you can use. I think these are the highest combinations. How long it will for it or right here. And how long it will take of course alright.


So if you have any one of these guys then that should work for you you can like scale. The pages here. I think. It s just those guys.

Though these are the different combinations 180 day so there s always a chance. But the highest chance of reading. It is if you have these guys you can also just click on any of the monsters here by looking at their elements and then picking them out of the list here. So i want to breed the up cydia.

Which is this one right here. It s in the shop. This is the baby version of it and the icon and to breed that it says that i could use the toronto king the musu or the whatever the heck that shark thing is it looks like the toronto king with your rock eula. I think i can work something out here there we go let s start and why are they let s see how long it s gonna take for ours.

Well. It s not just four hours here let s see cuz it took four hours. I typed in my monsters here to see what it could possibly be let s sort by let s just short by that alright and go okay. So it has to be the up cydia because it says three hours and even though here it s saying i mean.

It is three hours. I guess they re rounding it down or something because i would say that this is three hours. Basically yeah. Three hours and 29 minutes.

Okay yeah rounded down this is actually three hours. So yeah was that yeah so it s going to be the up cydia if it was seven hours it would be the beefcake which we don t need cuz. We haven t ready yeah just have to concentrate on getting space install so guys um anyways let me know by liking the video and subscribing. If you want me to continue making videos on monster legend you guys are willing to help me through it i may continue making videos on it it is very frustrating hey.

It s mudkip. It s very frustrating sometimes and i think the only thing it threw me off for the monster legends with the towers. But yeah um if you guys want me to make more videos on it keep playing it then just let me know in the comments below and by liking. The video.

Thank you so much guys and ” ..

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