Mophie Juice Pack Case For iPhone 6 Plus: Review

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“Guys canoopsy here and in this video. We re gonna be taking a look at at the mophie juice pack case for the iphone 6 plus. This battery case has 2600 milliamp hour battery that provides 60 more battery life to your device it will give you great extended usage times. Now the iphone 6 plus already has a really great battery life.

But this case will improve it even further and offer excellent protection inside of the box. We have the case itself..

A headphone jack extension. Plug a micro usb cable for charging and syncing and a quick start guide putting your iphone inside of the case is very easy just first remove the top part of the case then slide your iphone in making. Sure you plug it into the lightning connector then replace the top part of the case and your phone will be very secure inside. Taking a close look at the case.

It s made of a grippy soft material that feels great in the hand. But it does pick up lots of dust and it does scratch very easily going around the case..

We have a micro usb port that will replace lightning port for charging and syncing as well as pogo pins for other mophie accessories and the recessed headphone jack. That will require the usage of the extension plug the speakers are microphone have been rerouted to the front of the case and they work without any problems at all and you finally have a front facing speaker on an iphone the buttons on the case aren t as tactile as i d like and i ve often accidentally pressed them we also have a large cutout for the camera led flash and microphone at the back of the case. The back of the case also has a battery indicator and a small switch to turn on the charging feature despite all the extra battery power that this case gives you it still remains quite thin and has an excellent lay on table design. However this case will also make your iphone a bit taller and a lot heavier.

The main feature of this case is charging and it works great just simply flip the switch in the back and your phone will begin charging and this case charges your phone. Pretty quickly and will still keep charging it even while you re using it this case is definitely great when you re running the one battery..

And you don t have time to charge your phone just slap on this case. And you ll be able to make it through another day no problem when the cases battery dies. You have to just plug it in with a micro usb cable and it will charge your phone first while the case charges after overall the mophie juice pack for the iphone 6 plus is a very good case with a great feature and offers great protection and an extension of battery life. And those are two excellent features to have in a case.

The best part is is that this case. Only costs 100 comes in three different colours and combines both the protective case and a battery pack..

You can use on the go if you re interested in buying this case. I will have a link in the description down below so you can check it out for yourself. And if you enjoy this video be sure to leave a like comment your thoughts on this case and subscribe. If you haven t already thank you for ” .


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