MORE COLOR COMBOS! This time with Crayola & Prismacolors! – A PencilStash Tutorial

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“Popular demand we re revisiting some favorite color combinations of mine and this time we we ll be adding in some student grade crayola colored pencils along with our prisma to get from this to this so stick around hello colourists welcome to pencil stash. A weekly show all about coloring. If you re new to the channel. Please consider subscribing to get all the new content and be sure to hit that like button.

If you re enjoying my videos. So i am back after a week off from labor day weekend. Which was very very nice and i m floored at the awesome response to the last pencil stash video where we took our prismacolor colored pencils and i pulled out some of my favorite color combos to share with you guys and i got a bunch of comments requesting to do the same with my crayolas. So today s video will be doing just that but we re gonna be using both prisma and crayolas since that s actually what i use on a daily basis both of those brands together and the first thing.

I did was go to my color charts and you ll recognize the prismacolor at color charts from last video. But the one on the right the one here is a color chart for the 50 set of crayolas student grade colored pencils that i made myself it was really really easy nothing fancy i just put down a light pencil grid. Drew some circles and the color name and voila all done so i don t have one for you guys to download. I m so so sorry but you may be able to find one online and i ll tell you what i ll do some digging and if i find one i will certainly link it in the description below now once i pulled my color charts.

I started going through my favourites and just kind of identifying the colors that i typically use alongside those and i ended up pulling these colors here and i ve named them all for you right here just in case you want to follow along as we go you can pull these now. But i m also going to list them out as i demonstrate so don t worry and they will all be in the description below and we re gonna use the same book. The same page as we did last time right alongside our previous color. Combos and this is from magical jungle by joe basford.

But this time. We re actually going to be using this leaf right here to demonstrate our additional five color combos starting with my green combo and in this combo..

I will be using crayolas palm leaf prisma colors chartreuse prisma colors spring green crayolas fern and crayolas yellow green now i always start with my lightest color and this acts as a little bit of insurance. Because you can always cover lighter colors with darker ones. If you found that you want to shrink that area a bit you know maybe you put down a little bit more light color than you had intended you can always cover it up. But the other way around is not so easy so starting with crayolas palm leaf.

Which is one of my absolute favorites. I m going to place this down lightly in the center of kind of the larger areas of our two leaf sections. Here then i m going to work my way down the line from the lightest green to the darkest center outward. And don t forget to overlap and feather your colors in to one another to create nice smooth transitions now i use this particular green color combo.

Quite a bit because i m not a huge fan of super bright kind of neon colors. But finishing off these lightest colors with my fern and my yellow green sort of bring it back down to earth it still kind of allows the colors to be intense. But not neon and here it is and i ll use my prismacolor colorless blender pencil to finish it off and smooth out my transition areas now onto my blue combo set and for this one i m gonna be using crayolas absolute zero prisma colors electric blue crayolas blue bolt and crayolas cerulean and i ll do exactly the same thing on this one starting with my lightest color crayolas absolute zero. But i m actually gonna be doing something just a little bit different i guess i m actually going to try to localize my highlight in a narrower band instead of kind of radiating it out from the center.

Like i did in the previous videos and on kind of a green section of our leaf here because i think that this technique actually better depicts how i would actually use these color gradients in an actual color page. Now there are a few reasons that i like to sprinkle in using crayola colored pencils alongside my prisma colors. One reason being they re awesome don t let anyone tell you otherwise another reason being they vastly expand my color options because i mean who likes to be limited right the prismacolor set that i have is the full 150 set. But believe it or not i find myself missing certain colors and the crayola set either has the color that i m looking for or has another color that i can actually use to layer to get the color that i m looking for so super helpful and another reason.

I love these is that they are student grade. So they don t have the same level of pigment in them that an artist grade pencil..

Would and you may think that that is a drawback. But it really isn t if you tend to be naturally kind of heavy handed with your colored pencils like i am you have to really focus. When you re using some of these pencils not not pressing too hard. If you tend to be naturally.

Heavy handed with colored pencils like i am you have to really focus when you re coloring. I m not pressing too hard otherwise you get a much darker color than you intended and so with the crayolas this just happens naturally and it actually helps me out a ton. It makes sure that i m staying nice and light. And when this is done you ll see instead of keeping the highlight in the center kind of radiating outward.

I started very light on one side and then worked my way darker across the gradient towards the right side of each section. This kind of mimics a little bit more of a natural highlight here now for my red pink color combo. I am going to be using crayolas salmon crayolas. Fuzzy.

Wuzzy crayolas red orange and prisma colors carmine red. Now the crayolas salmon and fuzzy wuzzy are actually two of my very favorites they are fabulous on their own. But when you bring them together you get something truly beautiful definitely. One of my favorites then by adding in the darker red orange and the carmine red.

You re just gonna add some further depth and again as i go through these color combos. They might not seem like they go together like why would salmon and like kind of a kind of a red orange go together..

But they they really really do they might seem like odd choices. But i always have a little sketch pad next to me. When i color and i m always trying out color combos to see what i can come up with either by kind of placing them next to one another layering two together. It s always best to try them out where it doesn t matter before you put them down on a place.

That does matter like your coloring. Page now for a purple set. We re going to be using prisma colors. Rosy beige crayolas mauve crayolas plum and prisma colors black cherry and by the way pay no attention to my nails.

I keep forgetting to repolished them as i have picked most of my nail polish off. I do that in kyle s life moments were you so desperately you want to say something. But know that it would be a terrible idea to do so does anyone else do that it s kind of the like physical equivalent of biting my tongue. You always know how you always know how good or bad of a week that i ve had by the stage of my nail polish.

So pay no mind also the nice thing about this darkest color. This black cherry is it a can read is purple. It can read as a deep red and sometimes i even use it to shade or bring. Just a hint of color to my browns.

And my gray s it s a very versatile color and our final set is crayolas harvest gold crayolas browns yellow prisma colors bronze and prisma colors dark brown and by the way crayola. I just love that you named this color..

Harvest gold like the classic appliance color of the 70s. It is spot on now this is a wonderful earthy kind of color combo. You ve got the gold to start with and then this bronze yellow has a beautiful hint of kind of an earthy green to it it adds a whole other dimension of color. And i typically use this combination of colors.

When i m coloring foliage and other plants and again because i m not a super fan of like bright bright colors like like those grassy greens like like prismacolor is grass green. The actual color grass green. You will never see me using that color. It s just a little bit too like cran green especially for natural items and objects on a page.

I tend to like to tone down when coloring natural objects in nature and there you have it folks more of my favorite color combinations and i ll be sure to list them down below in the description so you guys don t have to feverishly write anything down. It s right there for you and if you enjoyed this video. Please like subscribe and comment. I love hearing all of the comments from you guys.

And if you didn t like this video well you know that s okay too by the way. I have something up my sleeve. Coming up for you guys later this month in september. Perhaps even early october.

So be on the lookout for that i know i am very excited about it ” ..

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