Most DIFFICULT Decision To Make! (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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“Where do we go oh down. Here. I think okay okay. We got it.

The the first obstacle. God. No okay guys they re tricking us a little more i around let julie go earth here in the way. Are you kidding.

Me. No. I did not avoid. The prius.

Oh nice. Yeah. Did you know i m in alright. Josh.

Never mind. He s in alright time to keep going. We re not really staying here aren t fun so it s good to keep going you know what emma no you know what i mean oh hey josh so here the skill test really starts wheels are all garnet jelly. Ah.

Okay well this is great i m already struggling with the first one guys guys. Yeah. Do you want us to wait. Kelly.

Yes. Okay. This is new apparently okay. Wait what jilly jilly you got.

I think i understand back it up do we got a land of that next platform yeah. No that looks impossible. Yes okay. It s impossible.

Oh wait i thought we have to land on visit. A little bit guys. What is it happening. I just saw josh flying.

Why not make that what was i doing wrong go off the side you got it land on that building more angle is angle. Puffs that s a little bit too much of an angle come on come on i need to do this now an interesting one for surgeon. Nice. How did you have enough speed to get on there i seem to be way too low there you go that s the easiest thing ever.

I was trying to make it hard all right want me here now josh. What s the plan here. We got a great third can jump and hold all be okay and land sideways land sideways. Yeah.


Oh all of a sudden i go way faster. Oh i landed on the right container. But i fell off there we go come on come on come on there we go made it onto the red container. Now it just got a land on the green part.

I m right there waiting for you billy to make it. Oh. I think i did and then now. You gotta drive into the y tube right here.

Oh yeah. Okay. I just really want to make this. Now.

All right joshy. All right. I made it back up here nice. The next part is two hours later okay.

I m back you can do it josh you can do it i ll sell the artists job. That s right into the white shoes. Yeah you could even go really hard job. How long your test is interesting.

So far. Oh really just if you have to go back. Then calm down for a second goodness over the building there. But i am so we have to go the other way now no i get it there is a other green tube.

There and that s where we got to go now. I think silly let s go in oh building. Oh. Careful watch out the buildings.

There are betaine juris. Not too fast. Oh. Oh my god i landed on it dot come on i mean you saved me yeah you re welcome by the way you re welcome.

I am a volunteering for the dnf. I guess thanks to josh great guy okay. I m on the green. Hey judge stone low.

Don t get too high. Okay. Yeah. Don t jump high from the from the end of the lower.

What does this mean i don t know what you re saying. There is that it s you p you need to jump in and if you don t i will fly over it what about a decently slow. Then you ll be fine okay huh hard slippery. Yeah.


I m on my way up i feel like it missed the checkpoint. But i m not so okay. I m in the tube. What happened dude oh getting not telling you flew into a hole.

Yeah. Yeah. There s holes. Oh.

My god one hole at the end wait oh yeah i see it there we go checkpoint. I m actually happy i made you just drive straight up okay what s this jordi. I feel like you guys go slow like a really slow. But there s a boost yeah don t take the booth don t ok backwards.

It is okay. I m gonna be the target. The target jordan first place josh you can still catch up with me you know that right she s given the d. I mean i m i m gonna be very honest.

The whole lead you can t catch up josh. Why are you spinning around yeah. Josh be careful. There s holes in great drives.

You mentioned that i saw you spinning. I was spitting you get one spin okay look. I have one baby don t take don t take the round pick the round go off the side really slow. What did you do that s a little bit of love rug.

Platform. Josh you got a line on this one alright. So i went too fast. And i went too slow guys okay.

I m going for the finish. See you later wait wait. It was a it was a minute second place we re back with some more skill test racing boys. Oh.

What is this this is starting off great we re all good. We re all good checkpoints up here and next up where s boost up here all right i see a booth for them. Where he says okay. I m actually fine though let me guess that wasn t i was supposed to do i think so josh.

I think you supposed to land on here oh and he goes. How d you make it did you just go right yeah. I just aim that there they go there we go that was actually really easy so who s gonna be the best here guys what do you think i don t know we ve we ve all been pretty good that is true josh. We re definitely not gonna make it if we don t work as a team here these can get really you know don t hate each other ah.

I thought we were gonna worry all righty. Oh my god i missed it why did i oh the stupid. It s up on the blue yeah like in the middle of the blue wait what how did me you guys really bad. There was a magnet yes.


I made it boys hey okay. Three dots. You re the only one left now come on buddy cool you know what that was the best line just a loop. I think we are no not just a loop.

I got the tech point dead anyway okay i actually did hear the sound. But you re right yeah. I don t know what sir time. This is what an inch.

Waiting for you that was a twist geordi. What s with the twister do what i do what are you there are jumps in circles. Remember the circle jump. Oh yeah.

But these are easy this is one josh you re gonna hit me out let me get to the side all right there we go we re working in a team here. We re working in a team. We were right there already two bright now no the blue one okay i mean it s really hard when is just the two of us are pretty okay just the two of us. It s always hard jelly flipping.

Heck that s right josh. We gotta flip some more whoa josh thank you josh no worries no worries dude. The railing is really annoying there no how am i stuck here guys get out your core and look up this is the most hilarious i have no idea no no you re stuck. Too gonna hit it from the other side josh josh that s the wrong way all right loop.

Okay. All right we can easy a bit. That s fine. Wait what wait you just hip.

It. Jack yeah. Oh yeah tried to skip. It again and then i missed it.

But i missed the skip. But i feel like just doing the water is easier josh i tried. But i feel it goes up all right skip diggin. It s true all right okay.

Well write it all right wow. Okay. So what s with the yellow ramp. I don t know i m tempted just the skin.

Yeah. I did that know what make it a yellow ramp yeah i mean that i m in the tube guys. I m right behind you let s go the plan right yes i got the checkpoint. You just go over it into the tube josh into the tube.

You behind me. Johnny hey. I finally made the red. One jordi into the tube.


And they just be right behind me happen to that that s it man respawn on the tube. Yeah. If i do a loser. If you do a loop.

Okay. There you go all right now. It s telling us to go back down. Wait what we re at the finish already.

This is awesome jenny. You re a garbage jill. Some more okay. I m first just in case.

You feel that earth person guys guys oh. No yeah. Here are you the various majority is first right. Now.

There s a very long wall right over here. We re on the target. We re on the targets. I m on target jodi s in front.

Oh oh. He s actually in the others. Ten minutes long really. Josh really.

Josh. I don t really thick. And what s with me alrights come on there s a lot of wall rice. They re a bit broken.

Yeah. They are this is super strange. Oh. My god i m still on it i m still on it in the tube.

Hey jordy. Oh. No i could have done first this is an interesting experience hello state automated alright nice job jelly put some mines down i can how dare you well this is the finish line. So that would be cruel.

There s no checkpoint right here there we go second place for jelly thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it subscribe leave a like and head over to jelly storecom. Check out our limited 30 sale of a jelly shirt and jelly. ” ..


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