Motorola MG7550 Review

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“Mg7550 review check the latest price exclusive prime membership noffers from the amazon link given given in the description. If you are renting a modem from an internet nservice provider is most likely a modem and router combo. Buying a combo unit is the most cost effective nway to replace a rental especially if you stream content to wireless devices in your nhome network like phones tablets or laptops. The motorola mg7550 is a high speed cable nmodem and gigabit router packaged together in one.

Well designed housing. If you re looking for a dsl modem router ncheck out the netgear ac1600. The modem features 16 downstream channels. Ncapable of downloading at 686 mbps and four upstream.


Channels capable of 123 mbps uploads. Like the motorola mb7420. The mg7550 unit s nmodem portion. Includes a full band digital tuner that automatically finds the channels nwith the least amount of traffic and focuses its work through those channels.

This means you get a fast and reliable network. Nconnection. The router portion of the mg7550 is a 3 x. N3 gigabit router.


Which means it has three send and three receive channels. It is more than capable of broadcasting content nthroughout a small or medium size home or office. There are four gigabit ethernet connections non the back panel for hard wiring to a computer gaming console. And other ethernet capable ndevices.

The front panel has seven led indicators to nalert you of the status of the router and modem ideally you will see five green leds and two nblue leds. If you are using bonded channels. And transmitting wireless content. The status indicators are clearly defined nin.


The user manual supplied in the retail packaging. If you misplace the user manual. It is available nfor download on the manufacturer s website. The rear panel is color coded for easy setup nthe yellow section.

Houses the four gigabit ethernet connections below the ethernet outputs is a red section nthat include a reset button and buttons to turn wlan and wps on and off turning the wlan button off disables the wi fi noutput you need to enable the wps button. If you want to allow devices such as phones and tablets to use the wireless nnetwork without entering a password every time they connect the blue section on the rear panel holds. The ncoaxial connection that sends data to the modem below. The coax connection is a power switch nand power supply input placing the heavy coax connection and power nsupply input near the bottom of the mg7550 helps keep the vertical standing device upright.


If you are currently renting a modem from none of the larger cable providers. It is probably a modem and router combo. The motorola mg7550 modem router can replace nthat combo unit and save you money within the first year of ownership kindly. See the description for this amazon nproduct link.

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