Mouse 101: DPI, Polling Rate, and More!

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“Stands for dots per inch. Dpi is how sensitive your mouse is the higher the the number the faster your cursor moves and dots per inch. You can theoretically refer dots as pixels so if you move your mouse one inch at 400 dpi your mouse would move 400 pixels your mouse dpi and windows sensitivity are two different things mouse dpi is the sensitivity of your mouse hardware and your windows sensitivity is just software that affects your mouse s raw data input. The software will just make your cursor move more when it detects movement so for example.

A low dpi and a high window sensitivity will cause your cursor to essentially skip pixels on your screen polling rates. Polling rates are measured in hertz and is used to describe how many times your mouse sends data to the computer so a faster polling rate means faster response time between the computer and the mouse mice that have a 1000. Hertz polling rate are operating at a one millisecond delay types of sensors and how they work most if not all gaming mice are optical mice this means they use a low resolution video camera to track movement some mice use an infrared led to illuminate the surface underneath them..


And others. Use an infrared laser. The mice that use a simple led will only work on opaque surfaces like your mousepad while a laser can work on almost any surface. This is because the laser is a highly concentrated light that can look much deeper into the surface at shining on which allows the camera in the mouse to see more information that it can interpret as movement laser mice have a risk of what s called jitter though since the camera is getting a lot more info due to the depth that can illuminate it could move inaccurately depending on the surface that s being used on if you re purchasing a laser mouse.

But have a high end mousepad you will likely be fine especially since most manufacturers of gaming mice that use lasers try their best to reduce the risk of jitter in their mice switches. Many gaming mice are using high quality mechanical switches mice have used mechanical switches for a long time. The important thing to look out for is the brand of switch being used and how many clicks..


It is rated for for example. The new glorious model o uses the brand imran for switches and they are rated for 20 million. Clicks acceleration. When looking at a spec sheet for a mouse.

It might advertise that it has some amount of acceleration save 50 g s what this is referring to is that the mouse can be moved at a force of 50 g s and still be able to track movement data from its sensor so for accurate fps mice. We re quick reflexes are needed you actually want a high acceleration rating. But there is also a different kind of acceleration associated with mice and that s software acceleration this refers to software on your computer gradually moving your cursor faster and faster..


Even if you are physically moving the mouse at a consistent speed. This can affect your games. Too and most people don t like it to make sure you don t have mouse acceleration. In your games.

Go to settings devices mouse additional mouse options pointer options and disable enhance pointer precision mouse feet most mouse feet are made of ptfe four otherwise known as teflon some are made with plastic. But your gaming mouse probably uses teflon the important thing to look out for on your mouse feet is how thick are they and if the edges are rounded and also if the seller of the mouse sells replacement feet for when yours wear out we care about the thickness because it can affect the lifespan of the feet and the rounded edges because rounded edges will catch less on fibers in your mouse patents fun fact the glorious m. Talo uses rounded teflon feet and they sell spare feet on their website..


These are all things you may encounter when shopping for a mouse. So use this video to stay educated on all these technologies and other things mice use so that you know what you are buying. Thank you so much for watching. But until the next video stay positive stay healthy and stay accurate.

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