My new PS3 light up controller review!!!!

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“Today. I have a new ps3 controller looks like an xbox controller. But it s s actually ps3 so yes. It s clear and i got the light up version you could see inside so i ll turn it on in a second.

I m just trying show the stuff that comes with so it comes with that it comes with a usb port. You can plug this into your ps3. So you could connect your controller to this the reason. Why i have this is because this is wireless and if this wasn t wireless then it would plug into the ps3 with the usb.

But it it needs it needs one of these two um yeah just to connect to your. Ps3 so they came up that and it came with a huge us..

Usb um cord and it s cute just eight feet long and i really liked it so i could just like relax and lay down for me. No i don t have these little. Stupid. Cords.

Anymore. Someone s huge little. But um. Oh yeah.

I got a new ps4 controller. Guys here..

I ll show you it so let s just turn it on it s green right. There let s turn on hey plug it into the ps3 hold on guys alright. So my ps3 is powering up. So let s just wait for it for a second alright.

There we go so that is it light lighting up here. I ll go to a dark room to let you guys see real quick all right so. This is the dark room. And it is like really bright and i really like it it s really cool guys.

And it s like lighting up this whole room. And it s pretty bright and then your button right here to turn on and off is up here and then that s just a little light to tell you when it s connected and then you hold it down..

And then it turns they turn on a little bit and then you on turn on again on so you could see actually all this stuff in it. It s pretty cool a back you see all that stuff. It s pretty cool. And it s designed xbox style.

So pretty cool like it. And yeah. Let s go back to the table alright. So yeah guys.

That s the ps3 xbox controller. Because it does work on xbox..

It s pretty cool and um. You know i really like it and that on little usb thing actually lights up and it s in your ps3. So it s pretty cool sorry for that noise guys. It s my tv.

But and then it comes with this to go on that usb so you just put it on that usb thing and like as it comes with this huge 8 foot um usb cord. But um yeah guys it s pretty much it for this video. I m ” ..


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