My New RadioShack RF Modulator I Got From eBay for $10

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“Already another unboxing video. It s been a conely a couple days since the last last one today i ve got another package from ebay. I can t exactly remember s in it now i ve got a proper key to use to rip it open my huge keychain here various keys. Mostly general purpose key writing.

So i m gonna set the camera in such a position that it can be seen well that wasn t very well done i can knock that off part of the label came off with it so let s just let s stop. The recording. While i get this alright ike a very limited sd card space. I m just gonna have to lift this out.

I believe actually oh yes..

I bought this a little while ago. What it is i can t keep the camera steady you know stopped according rf modulator yep. I bought an rf modulator. This here is a radioshack let s see here radioshack.

Oh. Let s just call. It. A radioshack rf modulator.

A newer one because it s got the different radioshack closer..

It s kind of standard here sis got its basic switching options and stuff so it ll work for the application. I need. But i wanted to a grand power off of my new modulator wrists on top of a crappy case. Here so i must get that here.

There s the cord. I can set the camera down in a position that i can see i guess maybe not something to hold that up mike there. See if we get any sort of light or for the matter. Any kind of life at all here is what i like to call smoke test.

It says on okay..

That s a good sign so it looks like it works. Yeah. I spent 10 bucks on this i think i got a pretty good deal for what it is it s a good deal so thanks for watching. I know it s been 2 unboxing videos back to back.

Technically. But i can t help when things come in the mail. So you ll see future videos about what this. That is exactly for this radio.

Shack rf modulator and what the application..

I m using it for is i ll give you a hint it has something to do with these app connectors. These of course those and a handycam and a computer of course. So. See if we you can figure out exactly what that is but you ” .


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