My Roblox account is permanently deleted.

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“Guys wait it s not what it looks like wait i didn t do it it i didn t do it i didn t do that and most importantly. I never do laughs lily so i woke up today or no i actually i was just about to go to sleep. But i was informed my roblox account was deleted. I woke up or no i didn t wake up i have not slept yet oh about to sleep right since i checked this chord.

I saw a message from this man tempura. I haven t won this chord basically a man who looks like this gave. Me the news that i had been bid that s where it came down to why was he the first to tell me review man. This is only like a few hours.

Ago it s like 4 00 or 5 00 am adult content. But what did i do i was not awake or i wasn t relaxed so i think i know why what did happen happened yeah. I will appeal this hopefully. It s like a big misunderstanding.

So okay so how roblox works let me get rid of all these ugly ugly. Ugly. Vile images that nobody could see this is stuff they got me banned don t show your parents that i did this so i m a log out now alright well first of all before i tell you guys what i did let me know where you go. Mr.

Flinn ban. I can t even get that ah i am now mr. Bad man alright. Luckily for me my current roblox look is free so i can hate.

I can i can have my dream look on mr. Bad man my new my new identity because it was a really bad ban and mr. Flim flam mr. Bad man i m kind of panicking right now i really want my account back.

Oh yeah. So the dark the darkness dingus thing. I did you guys are probably wondering albert. I loved you you were my wife how why would you do this to us you betrayed us.

So. If you didn t know i have a youtube channel called the four mango youtube channel. I made a video saying. I guess come on down to my roblox game.

So basically like i saw a very bad problem roblox. The problem was there just wasn t enough money so i had to put a couple he s on roblox whatever these are say that s the end of the video. Glad guys could watch so what i ve been done did was i saw old people have no place in roblox. I played a couple granny games.

I m like hey where s granny where where s the old people on roblox co. They need a retirement home so you know what i did you who look. I really won t know what i did i built one i built a retirement home. Oh.

I put some of those i put some rest in pieces. I put some i put granny. There like what else i put i put a arm tapioca like a pudding. I put a pool full of pudding.

Because old people they they don t have to anymore teeth. So i had to eat pudding cuz. You ll have to chew. It and it was called roblox with time at home.

I said hey guys beware people could hack here because that s how roblox is i don t have the tools to develop things to make people not hack up my game be careful. So you know what somebody did. So what i m guessing. Happened there s only 14000.

People played it so it s not like it went like it was like a viral hit or anything. It was just kind of like a meme just kind of like a meme. I did so i m guessing what happened was um someone went in hectic. I haven t played the game.

I didn t i didn t check i don t think that should be my duty on roblox to check. I just i just had it i just put a couple little things in my game. I just had a lot roblox..


But i had a very normal name and everything so after a long life of work. It s finally time to relax. I put a happy face. I put a happy face how could you be me mommy.

I even let me in my game. And this game was kind of even too laggy to really get into or at least for me a lot of times like this the server was like broken hmm. This has happened before so uh a long time ago. Maybe.

If i type in flamingo ban banned from roblox. Oh. Yeah. Wait so you know that me where i get banned for saying.

Yes. Like that s that s the reason roblox had been done put these down here offensive item. Yes. Yeah.

We ve all heard of the meme before but that happened this cuz somebody head to my game in like i guess they put something not nice or something i don t know i can t kick. Whenever. I was there it was all like just it was someone like just running around killing everyone i don t know if that s the reason. Why i got banned or if it s like i don t know what they could have played they put something really bad.

I would have deleted. It well i don t have eyes in the skies clearly. I did something different cuz. I got look look i got those little content deleted errors mine was so bad they didn t have a content leaked content block bought all my content adult content is blocked alright.

Let s go over the statistics of the mr. Flim flam roblox account. Oh wait no i can t i can t do that i think a head like the group is still out so we had about eight hundred thirty thousand members we sold a couple shirts. We did good for the community.

We got a couple advertisements for a couple of couches. We re doing all right i think i had like 1 million followers not did that matters because people can like people have probably like botted my followers in the past because i don t think 1 million. That s way too many that doesn t really make sense. So yeah.

Maybe i deserve the band maybe i deserve some stuff maybe not a deletion. I feel like that s a little intense that s like literally i care a lot about my mr. Flim flam account. I really love like being a be rodham you know i go to a game.

I turned my follow on million people follow me we re all having a party and going nuts like mr. Bad band who s gonna love me as mr bad band look let s see how many people recognize me and look at a pizza place. Let s see my head s really itchy right now. And i think i have a lice that does has nothing to do with my band.

But you guys heard that that was me itching my head. I don t know why it s so itchy wow see it s not my first time playing i just got deleted. This is different time infant infinty maybe she meant to say infinity. Which is not the lifetime of my roblox account come on boys let s load.

Some managers up i will bring down everybody with me this is a bad day. Why what they put i actually don t want if they put something bad. I really don t want to see what they did but basically somebody hacked my game. And then got me banned like.

Okay oh i completely lost focus. Sorry i is five am. Haven t slept. Yet don t expect too much hannah me right now.

Say. I m guessing here. I showed some like clip. Yeah no i showed some clip of someone hacking my game and then roblox banned me because somebody hacked my game.

They said i was doing a couple of hate speeches. A couple not appropriate a couple a couple yeses. So i guess somebody did that but then they re just like wait a second will you just delete this game..


So they just deleted. This guy. This guy being me. Yeah.

I want my account back this is one thing. I want out of this cruel disgusting world. It s my account look these are all eight. This is roblox come on this is eight hundred thirty five thousand people and they can t find their mother in the grocery store.

I m their mother like i get like i shouldn t be making a game. If i can t develop tools to make people not hack. But i didn t hack. I didn t do it then good.

I didn t do it. She s like oh yes. See ally james your friends on the case. She s she sang dudes um probably we were to chill for roblox save helper.

I didn t get hexed by the way guys. I was not like my account was nobody got on my account bomi s. But that doesn t mean that i did this you guys saw the game. Sue saw.

A few thousand you played the game you know and there was nothing bad at the game like i want to get in the game. And see if it s like if it s is it so up it s not letting me in i really just want to get in the game right now i want to see i know it s content deleted. But like man this got some good like style that was a lot of likes on this and i was i was proud of it ah authentication. Oh.

My god dude. What do i even say to appeal. My account. How do i say like i didn t do it literally because last time last time.

I was banned for three days. So i was banned for three days. I m in i did it pretty chill right now see this is the reason. Our community is getting the leaders off roblox.

See the issue with like me emailing them right now is like i know i just said this but like how do i explain no i did not do that i swear why would they believe me you know there s no reason for them to believe me if they have like screenshots of in game. Oh bad stuff over there bad stuff over there a hacker put it in i need i don t have any contacts at roblox and like i could ask like my friends who do have contacts like do don t tell them to tell the real story. What really happened to a woman like me. I don t have much time you only have like two weeks to like if i don t do this within the next two weeks.

My account is permanently deleted. There s nothing they can do about it nothing at least. I said yeah no that s how it works two weeks and you don t appeal you re gone forever look these guys don t even though it s me. It s mia.

I m just frozen in time just forced to look at people no no no no it s me this is what death feels like i just have to watch this wait people over there wait it s me come on we goo let s all have a party. I want to have fun come on i would have had fun i had videos i wanted to do but they require me to be me because i was gonna get a bunch of you guys in the game. With me. There we go go goof around well another one has left.

She has given up on me. I m really glad that i made the choice to look this disgusting and soulless because this this look is free it most certainly does not cost any money. She is okay with the situation. She s in okay baby.

I m oh i m not okay with a say i want to be unbanned. So unless. I did so good like really terrible and just suddenly forgot so be it i deserve this band and i will run away from all the evil. I have done i will start anew.

I will now be mr. Ban ban. But i m 99 sure or somebody wait in my game. They like they hacked in the game.

They didn t hack my account. But they had out of my game. As someone does and then they were like oh oh man so they re bad stuff..


They re a little bit of bad stuff. There so i m here i have three content blacks here i have four. But i mean this was a year ago. So i don t know it s like i don t i don t know man let me just be clear with you guys i m bad as lust as you are right now i have no information that you don t i have is my mind all i have is my mind and a little bit of anxiousness.

I mean look how cute i look. Though that s me right that look that s me what is a gold message mean oh. He has a gold chain. That means.

He s rich. Oh. I see now so like you could either serve. The rich people or the poor people.

This has nothing to do with my band hi buddy. I know he s handsome. But you ve got to do it you gotta look. I m just trying to you know who turned my waist around ever since like how bad.

I was a bad boy. But we go i got turn around well there she goes do the thing you could only do the nice thing on pizza place. Now you can t say mean things. Which is good.

Oh wow. This guy is rich. So he he doesn t want a mountain. Though he wants a stupid like guys you know i ve been sick.

So like i haven t even really been on roadblocks lately unless like there s something i did 30 years ago sometime in a past life and they re like hey you know i just got this word that like ten generations ago. When you were a different person literally a different person and then you were reborn into albert in that past life. You re not that great of a guy look that was old me roblox take me back i love you roblox. I want you to take me back please look if roblox unbanned.

Me i will i will throw a rock no wait i gotta be nice what s something nice i can say i feel like it s a really bad thing. But i can t think of something i got a present. See death isn t always bad okay princess chair. They re acknowledging their true can ya get it i honestly like you guys saw what she did actually no because i don t support false bands like i did get got see this is all a test they banned me and now they re throwing a bunch of situations.

My way where the old me would have said hey kick her out kick her out i hate her you know just to incite some chaos. But i will not do that dude. I mean i don t believe i don t think somebody hacked. All i got on to the mr.

Flim flam account because i have to set verification on so they would have had to also steal my phone and i have my phone. So something isn t adding up little boy. Something s not adding up buster. Thank you thank you for giving the screen.

A little kissy kiss. I ma have to just send a email to roblox um. That probably won t do too much because you know like i said earlier. We know no happy music no happy music adam plate like dark like like not just sad music.

But like dark. You know you know i m saying like like kind of like grunge like just like like a storm is a common type stuff. See why would roblox trust. Me.

I am the criminal and their ass. I need support i need to i need to just get one of my friends to clear this up with roblox and everything will be fine. I wasn t even gonna post a video today uh uh. I told adam i told adam my editor hey you could have a day off.

But this this has got to go up we gotta talk about this i got cleared up with the people. I didn t do it i just don t want people out here. Thinking that like if i get deleted. And like roblox.

Is like hey you kind of knew your game would get hacked. So we re gonna keep the deletion. I understand i m very sad..


I will be very very very sad if i don t get my account back cuz like i even said in that video. Like yeah. There s a chance my account could get hey. Oh.

My oh my game could get hit. But like that wasn t the intention of the game. I just want like i like making like glow goofy little games like what i see like i m surrounded by cool by people who make games like this human giraffe sausage sizzle. Splitting point staring at spongebob and patrick for one hour wobble wobble.

I wouldn t make a funny game too so i did it like it wasn t that funny. But it was like stupid enough for maybe someone laughed. Maybe like oh god did this is a really bad sign. When you seem it when you see my alt account.

My new account to escape my band working on a new game. I swear it s not what it looks like guys matt working on a new game. With nothing. I will never make a game ever wow.

Yeah. I d really like to personally cleared up with roblox. My intention isn t to get my game ahead. I don t want that to happen.

I just warned people about the possibility of it happening. I used to have a like a link in the description of the video right here. It said like beware. Before you play this game.

Cooking ahead to set it right there and big bold letters and then i linked the game because i don t know how to script. I don t know how to make scripts. I will never do it again. Though i a million percent guaranteed a and i understand you deleting my account.

I think i just want my account back roblox yeah and guys well blocks like even if they go and give back my account back don t like be annoying towards them cuz that won t help anything and like it s my fault. I guess because like that s in the rules like you gotta kind of like take care of your game. You know so on you go you don t let someone hack on it because you know roblox can t stop all the hicks simply. I d like the last thing.

I could ever ever want like do not ever do this don t riot or anything don t like send roblox like hate or anything that that would make me feel disgusted wait. I don t think you understand house just gross and angry. I would be if like yeah. If you if you guys actually did that so don t i m serious one time.

I ll be serious my channel. Don t do that or this show face. I won t do the chill face meme anymore. You do it i do it show face anymore guys.

None. I know i know like 99 of y all is like really respectful and stuff. For just. The 1 out.

There. Who is who s about to go ham on the beat. Don t go ham on the beat. I know don t send luke yeah.

I love you guys you know i m kind of undercover right now feels weird and not just be on my main account. I mean someone s over here like hi cuz. That s what people say to me. I don t know that this is this this video sucks this video sucks so bad.

I just want to give you guys. Something. Today. And this is something massive that happened so whatever let s just all be chill about this guy s speech.

Oh so ” ..

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