NBA2K9 Throwback Gameplay

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“Guys. It s troy then here with hey nba 2k throwback this time we re re taking it back to 2009 champions on. I guess on the cover is kevin the boston celtics with the lakers in that matchup. I don t talk about that either okay.

It s fine. I m over it 2k9 big ticket. There he is now a timber wolf again pretty exciting 2k15. Why did you ever take out.

Where is it where is it the blacktop options of a dunk contest and a three point shootout. Why would he take it out these are great i know the dunk contest in a three point are in the current game. But if you played them they are absolute ass and you know that if you ve played it let s have a look at some of the other rosters in this game. I m really curious to see some of the ratings.

So this is the 76ers here. Let s uh let s find some relevant teams. There s derrick rose. An 80 overall wow.

Interesting ahh lebron. James. It was a 99. Already really really.

I guess. Oh. Kevin. Garnett.

99. Ok. They were generous with these ratings. Rudy gay.

85. Johnson. 89. 20.

Way to 97. Chris. Paul in 99. Ti thinking about a lot of 99 s.

Holy shit is that correct that is overall writing yes. It is let s see kobe yet you got to be a 99 gasol in 91. This was a prime laker squad right here. Lamar odom before crack the good old days as far as i m concerned can we see some of the all star teams here as well money chance.

All this is good these guys are just maxed out. Look. At this. Dr.

J. With the fro. Equipped that s good larry bird..


Oh. My god what the fuck is that what the fuck is that i m scared. I m actually scared that that is frightening frightening alright. Let s just get into a.

I ll say a quick game. We ll pick a couple teams here let s uh. I take the draft class of oh one i guess and we ll put them up against i don t know the draft class. Oh three.

I ll be the one. I don t even know who s in oh one it s been a minute whoa looks like team t mobile is the sponsor of mba at the time it s funny now with sprint s phases christ. These modes look these models look good they look good clark kellogg. I love that name lebron james melo.

Oh yeah. It s late oh three never mind. I was like the bench deer ever how the fuck did i forget that i m an idiot plus this i mean it is i m an idiot pau gasol jesus no no no no no no no i am not doing that camera angle. Not today.

We need some 2k they got 2k right right right. Yes. Thank god we zoom. We could be good okay.

I have no idea how to play this anymore. I don t think the white analog stick does anything like you can t do dribble moves or anything in this game. If i remember correctly. Wow.

Okay. Let s get it two of you alley oop alley oop alley oop. I don t know what it s owed ali oh fuck fuck fuck me the ball nepal ball come on wayne foul don t surprise them i think the wrong all star team. I picked the wrong draft class.

Team. I mean okay um. Johnson jesus. I can t get by any of these guys.

Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Where s lebron oh wait he s on the other team shit wallace wallace.

Damn. It defense is too strong get in there get in there fuck. Hello. Follow me i we re going the free throw line.

Going. The charity strike. And earn them the hard way come on pass. Me the ball.

What the fuck pull down oh just that money money how do i run a play. Oh. Here..


We go quick isolation. All right isolation for zach randolph. Let s do. It.

Let s do it we get in there get in there ah. I can t keep applying anybody how do you how do you do any dribble moves is it possible. Oh i got a steal a steal are still randolph oh. You got blocked you scum funk.

Come on and then the brawn. Let s get to gilbert arenas. Wow. Um.

I m just going to uh fuck pass. It to randolph how do i post in traveling traveling that that s clearly not the right button do not press the y button you will travel apparently okay they ll they still got gatorade as a sponsor with cheryl miller. That s not going in that s not go that s going in okay. What the funk okay.

I got a score i got a score you get to parker i m gonna pop a three i m a i m pop three no not i don t know what i m doing i don t get a screen. How do i get anything oh. I got something oh oh yes i fucking scored. I m excited i m excited okay guys let s jump into the nba blacktop we got a three point shootout coming up here let s bring some lights out three point shooters.

We got patient right allen. There you go kyle korver. All right and um team jordan who we got in team jordan uh but the droplet. I don t know who s gonna be our fifth or fourth fourth um.

You know it s pringle derek fisher in there. I know he doesn t really fit in. But let s just go for it let s go for it i m definitely gonna be patient seem right oh my god you look i didn t spent any time in your model their patient oh man. I m on fire here we go here we go i got to stroke.

I got this stroke. Oh moneyball moneyball. Oh man look at this look at this look at this. Oh missed one missed.

One miss three four come on what the fuck just happened this went cold. Okay one two three missed it make this one. Like that one. Fuck nine points.

Is that enough nice nice. Nice. Nice. Oh yeah.

Almost okay come on these ones. Count. This ones. Count.

Oh. Go go go go aja aja. Big one big one big one fuck..


I missed the moneyball all right 16 points. He s pretty excited about 16. Where the fuck is a 3 point competition. The middle of fucking street.

Like this don t make any fucking sense. Where are we where the hell are we right now and who are these guys catching the balls. They seem like basketball players that kobe bryant is that kobe no he s ray allen only with ten right now i think i think i m gonna pull this off. Oh my miss miss miss ooh there you go miss dismiss this there we go he needs hit these i got it i got it i got it that s mine that s mine all right asia moving on okay now let s jump into the dunk competition.

This is something that is definitely missing in 2k15 yes. There is a dunk comp. But it stinks it stinks let s get some high flyers in here. We get lebron kobe at the time at the time.

I guess. Dwight howard and oh god dr. J. I think so i think so some julius erving in there i will be i ll be kobe and lebron.

I ll be both of these sprite again oh great what the fuck wow that mvp is gonna happen any year now guys any year in cleveland. The first time kobe bryant look at these intros. This is amazing why is this not in the current games. It s super super super.

Dwight howard well played sir well played oh. My god julius dr. J. Irving.

This who is this guy who is the i don t know who this guy is all right we all know the rules slam dunk competition let s jump right in there with lebron james. Oh. My god i have no idea how to do this uh dunk. Help what in the shit turtle.

I have okay yolo let s go in and i i didn t work out okay hold on let me try again try again. I don t even know what a dunk. What the fuck come on lebron pick the ball back home. I have no idea how to do this.

There s props props. Oh. Yeah. Cuz that s what i need a bench right now um.

What the fuck i tried i tried i got one more chance oh right that time i hurt my hand. I think 15. I got 15. It s not too bad all i did was take a bench out i think that s uh anything that s gonna get to 15.

I who s next. I called toby can t be bangs. What the fuck dance was i okay hold on i need i need some props. I need some prompts boys.

Ah. Car. Yes..


Oh boy come on toby. Uh. Damnit cars in the way. Okay.

I can t do this with the fucking car. I can t even dunk anyway. She did dunk one by cole you good you good oh man kobe just fell in the gutter where the fuck is the ball okay seriously what the fuck. I don t even know where the ball went great oh.

There s the fucking. You think that fucking asshole would just pass. Me the goddamn ball let s see the computer doing it superman coming up here. Dwight howard before the back injuries jesus was that really that good of a dunk.

Actually all he did was just jump in the air and put it down with one one end. But look how high he got wow good watch us again and again and again and again and again. I just deal somebody. Whoa 70.

Oh. It s out of a hundred oh shit never mind five out of a hundred per kobe was pretty poor see what she s got dr. J. Oh.

Boy. I expect to see a little bit more than that in the dunk competition of this magnitude. I m sorry. I m sorry dr.

J. That s disappointing. I m gonna give him a 1313 again 74. I m feeling it i m with kobe here we go first dunk ever what am i doing wrong mother mother can you fucking help me i m just pressing buttons now here what does the help say what does it even mean what the heck does it even mean okay.

Wait hold on hold on go back to help move your player towards the basket got it to begin move up okay. You know what fuck that i m just going in oh. I thought that was it i thought i was dunking down got one oh fuck. I got one i got one um.

Okay i can do this i can do this ah. Damn it released too early least i attempted at least i attempted i ll laughing okay guys that was just a quick showing of a classic game to k9. I played that ton a ton as a kid it s got some mods some modes. I like to see in the newer games.

Me 262 k. 16. Wishlist. Maybe maybe get the dunk comp in just make a little bit.

Easier for me okay. Thank you ” ..

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