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“Everybody today. I m going to show you how to unlock the the cross corvettes corvettes and need for speed carbon on ps2 among other things the achievements that you want to get in career mode. The reason. I m making this video is because a lot of people having problems getting this last achievement.

One of the one of the requirements for to get the reward card for the special corvette is to get 20 defensive races. And that can be quite difficult. If you rush through career and beat the game too quickly. It s very easy to do that there s a lot of achievements that you can obtain only by going through the career mode.

Very slowly and getting every one of them the nice steady pace. So let me just show you the reward card over here just set a verification. It s this one here fuzzy s yes right here yes to get the the cross corvette. Cmp st.

You need to get a full garage do 50 quick races that s nothing two hundred fifty thousand points in a single drift event and also most important..

Most difficult is when 20 defensive races in career mode. So a lot of you probably like completed. It s a pretty short game like you can beat in one night. If you re really hardcore.

But if you want to get these achievements and a lot of just about every other career achievement. You need you might need to start career over and basically what you want yo. You know rush you can go and beat. As many races as you want get it whatever unlock whatever upgrades.

You want and cars and such puts em. You shouldn t take over any territory up here or beat darius at all really what happens is when once you get the the silverton territory open here defensive races will start happening a bit quicker. They will start showing up and i m saying don t complete everything too quickly because if you do if you even if you don t be darius. If you take over silverton.

It can be done taking over the entire city without having beat the game 1..

If that happens you won t get any more defensive races whatsoever and you basically failed those achievements on this career either have to lose all your cars to the police and start over from scratch. If you want to keep your rewards that you ve earned so far and still start over career to be able to get the other achievements anyways. Though starting from a fresh career. This is what it should look like by the time you should basically slow down at this point.

Only do races that are going to unlock upgrades that you really want for your car mine is i m only going to do as many races as it takes in the new territories to unlock the pots to fully upgrade. My car and besides that at this point. You should start denying all of the defensive races as you get now that seems a bit confident. The first bit you want to do this.

Because it will you want to start giving up territory. Actually so you can start milking the game for cash. There s a lot of achievements that dependant on getting a certain amount of money or a certain amount of this of that which requires money of course. If you re going to buy all those cause people who have beaten the game.

I m wondering how the am i going to buy all these cars..

When i ve completed. All the races and they only give me 500 for each completed race that you ve already done. However if you do races that you don t you haven t conquered or races that you ve given up to that you ve lost to rival crews you get this significantly greater cash reward right so all you have to do is just deny these races and it will go back to the original price money that was offered for the race. And you can just keep doing that as many times as you want get as much money as you want it s like a source of unlimited income and every so once in a while you know just do one or two defensive races keep like one or two under control in every territory.

That you have and when the time comes. You know one out of every two defensive races. Maybe you do maybe one out of every three or two out of three whatever just as long as you don t just as long as you don t take over all the territory in the city. You ll be able to get these achievements.

Very slowly over time that s the thing is that you can t rush yourself you just have to really take your time. It s the only thing. That s going to get these achievements. You know set the game aside for a little while play like one or two races a day and just the you know don t don t try and rush through it because if you want to get all the achievements.

It s going to take a long time..

And you just really have to milk the game out for all it s worth so to speak. But um from what i ve heard the the cross corvette that s that s really the main reason. I m i ve started this career. I m trying to get all these achievements.

I m going to try and get all of the other ones that i you know as many as i can. But the corvette s really why i wanted to get this and it s probably the one achievement that they re really irks. Most people because of the defensive races conundrum so many people i know beaten the game. Several times and never gotten that achievement.

Because it takes a long time it s really not possible if you rush to the game. So that s how you do it and basically how you get a limited money in the game. I will post a video updates later on sometime. So you know proving that this works showing how much money i ve made a the cause of my garage or the achievement reward cards and etc so stay tuned for that until then cheers ” .


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