New ATSC 3.0 TV Tuner Box – HDHomerun Quatro by Silicon Dust

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“Youtube. It s tyler. The antenna man here to give you guys a heads up up that silicon dust has announced their hd homerun. Quatro 4k.

Gateway which is a c. 30. Compatible for those of you that don t already know. Atsc.

30 is a new tv standard set to replace the current atsc 10. Standard over the next few years. It s sort of like the digital transition of 2009. Except.

It is not government mandated and is a little bit more complicated than the prior transition. We had about ten years ago benefits of this new tv standard include better reception 4k video viewing on mobile devices on demand content and more channels thanks to high efficiency video codec if you would like more specific details on atsc 30. I have several videos on the topic attached in the description of this video including me picking up a live broadcast and whether or not you will need an internet connection in order to pick up atsc 30. Silicon dusts hd homerun quatro tuner works sort of as a wireless gateway think of an amazon firetv.

Recast or tableau does not connect directly to your tv. Set. But rather sends the live tv channels through your internet to be accessed on another wireless device. At 199.


This makes the. Hd homerun quattro. 4k one of the first affordable. Consumer atsc 30 tuners on the market in the.

Past there have been some 80s c 30. Dongles out there. But they ve been over 1000. And they weren t really meant for consumers.

They were meant for broadcasters to test their signal. Which is why they were so expensive the expected ship day of the hd. Homerun quatro 4k is july so only about two months away. But before all of you jump on board and say oh i m gonna buy this so i can get these new atsc 30.

Broadcasts in july. I want to make it very clear that there are. Very few 80s c 30. Broadcasts live on the air.

As it stands. Here s a map of the roll out the areas in orange on the air right now. So you can see that there really aren t many areas that can get atsc 30. However the dark blue represents markets that plan to launch by the end of the year now for some reason you can t locate where your area is on a map of the united states after all there are some people on my channel.


That believe the earth is. Flat here is a list of markets that plan to launch atsc 30. By the end of the year. I took this at ces 2020.

Now although. The advanced television systems committee plans to launch stations in these markets by the end of 2020. Most of you know things don t go as planned the fcc repack is a prime example where target dates were set for tv stations to move to lower frequencies. But the fcc really screwed things up by making all of them move essentially at the same time.

But the lack of tower crews. Really delay things so the point that in philadelphia. There are three or four stations that have been operating at a reduced power for almost a year now because they can t get the work done to move to the new frequency. Now.

This is an unrelated thing but i just want to give you guys a heads up that i do expect delays with the new launch. Because of recent events and a lack of tower crews. So if you re a technical person. And you want to be one of the first people to have an ats e 30.

Tuner follow the link in the description of my video. Two silicon dusts kickstarter. However i want to make it very clear that most of you. Out there do not have any live atsc 30.


Broadcasts and even when they launch if you re thinking you re going to get 4k right away. It s probably gonna take time for that to think of when the digital transition happened way before the digital transition tv stations were able to convert to digital starting in the late 1990s and even though they convert to digital. You didn t see network programming. And even local news casts go to high definition.

Until the end of the 2000s. That was about ten years later i can see the same thing happening for 4k on atsc 30. Signals. It s probably going to take several years for tv stations to make the upgrade to broadcast in 4k.

It s not like they just buy a 4k camera like what i have and go oh we are 4k now everyone can watch our 4k broadcasts. There is a lot of equipment they have to upgrade and it costs potentially millions of dollars in order to upgrade. And it s going to take a little while especially because many tv stations have lost some revenue sources due to recent. Events now.

Spy my disclaimer that there are very few 80s c 30. Broadcasts on the air right now. I do want to give huge props to the folks at socom dusts for making what see as the first affordable 80s e 30. Tuner on the market.

I really didn t know when this would happen i expected it would take at least a year from now for certain manufacturers to say okay. A tv stations learn on the air. Now we can make an affordable tuner second sumers can access. These signals.


But the folks at silicon dust definitely jumped on board right away for us technical folks that are very eager to own what i see as a piece of history. The standard is still in kind of what i see as a developmental phase. And not all tv stations are going to launch it right away this kind of reminds me of old forums that are read about from the 1990s. Where people got a new hdtv set and they were able to pick up these hd broadcasts before the general public.

This is very similar for those of you that want to see a video demonstration of this new tuner by soaking dust. I attached a link in the description of this video to their demo thanks again for watching this youtube video. Many of you may have some questions about the new standard. That i probably already answered in prior videos of mine.

So make sure you check the description of this video to several videos on atsc 30. Including a live broadcast and several details i go into that people wouldn t even think to ask like do you need an internet connection. How good is the signal will it help with reception issues. Follow the link in the description of my video to other videos on atsc.

30 if you are on facebook like my page at facebookcom. Forward slash antenna man pa. If you are not on facebook and would like to receive email updates on upcoming videos i post again it s also in the description of this video thanks again for watching and have ” ..


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