NEW!!! Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 Glitches/Spots

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“If you clothed you hey guys welcome back to another video. We re doing the the glitch things i promise the glitches and spots. I promise to all you guys ve joined by jump dog five four five right here. He doesn t have a mic unfortunately.

But he s just going to be joined by me we re going to do two maps per episodes. This is how we re going to do it and each episode. I ll have like a different person doing it with me jump dog seems to be excited are you excited yeah okay the excited alright so for the first glitch. It s on aquarium as you can see if you come over here you want to stand on top of this you want to jump up here.

And you can jump like this to the side and drop. Here maximum two people can stand up here jump dog you want to give it a go. Okay. Yeah.

He just failed alright rip. Anyway. So that s that s the first glitch. It s a good hiding spot.

If you ever playing hide and seek yeah. The next. One is when you come over here. I m sure i ve shown quite a lot of people to switch.

It s where you come over here jump on top of this we re going to look this way you re on a jump. Sideways jump up here and then you re here. Now. There will be an invisible ledge here.

So what you want to do is you want to jump to the side and then jump back like this once you re up here you can just walk forward be careful here at the corner. Because you sort of move to the side. And if you go past this mini tiny little corner there you re going to fall off you cannot jump over there. But yeah you can move up along here.

I feel like oh. What s called active camel. It wouldn t be a bad. Hiding spot is like the seekers are coming this way you can just use active camo.

The next. One is where you come over here you want to face the pole here like this some people. I ve like taught people this discourage and they were like right up against the wall. You see as you can see this is not working so.

What you want to do is you want to like stand more to the right so you re about like this and then you want to just jump backwards and you won t get a first try sometimes you will it depends on look really and once you get it you will be in a brand new spot wait just wait for it there okay so as you can see i am in this now. If you re like looking from where if you re like there somewhere. Only one person can fit in here. But if you re like standing.

There you can see a tiny bit of my head..

But if you were as i said active camel since his head is like covered with a black helmet. You can barely see it there because dark. There yeah jump job you have a good time doing. That spit is over here this one i hate this one the most but it s so useful so you want to like jump here and then you want to just spam your a button into the middle of those two banners here like well what was that like sheet.

I don t know but you want to stand on top of this and then you want to sort of aim to land around there if you go too high you re going to hit your head off that and fail so you want to just do it perfectly and then you want just spam your a button. But you see my a buttons broken as fuck because i started too much so it s hard for me. But junk are you just gonna keep wall running. There okay you just do your thing then yeah as you can see i just hit my head there from jumping too high i hate my life yeah hey you want to jump here you want to jump up.

Here you want to jump across and there we go we re up here you can go all around here to the corner of this there s nothing else up here you can go around there. Just be careful not to go too far there or else you ll fall down you cannot jump anywhere else. But yeah. It s a pretty cool view of that place over there broken buildings you know it s beautiful junk dog is just disappointed he couldn t get up here aren t you yeah i ll just take the obvious right so we re going to move on to the next mile.

So as i was saying you can stand up here you want to run which are over drive on and then you re open this corner voila people. I don t think people can reach you unless they d like jump as well into the corner. But like then you can just jump open whatever okay guys as you can see we re on a breach right now junk is running away somewhere. I think he wants to show me something i wanna show me right what gonna show me oh okay well i m sure all of you guys you guys have seen that like really cringey video as i got 17 k views like five months ago.

Where i failed it so badly you actually need a gun you just no no you have to hold your gun. You can t just punched a person you just have to hold a gun so you want to come up like right here. Like let s start to glitch out like this and then you want to just punch your friend. If you can come up with closer.

It s like give to be so exact come a bit closer junk. All the way we have to be on there fuck okay. So you have to be under four teams uh. If you wanna.

It s a bit of fun with your friends. So i m sure you guys saw that cringey video that was made a long time ago where i failed it so badly where you come up here. And i just punched a person. I found out what the problem was a while back and it turns out you have to punch them which are gone and then you go flying like this and it s pretty fun dog gonna give it a go he don t yeah oh yeah you know you guys know.

It. Doesn t i m like oh. Well. I ll just have to go i jump ready to go flying into your anus hat.

I m joking okay yeah. Go go flying and he died rip. So until next glitch. When i come over here around.

Here ish. And as i found out new glitch. Where you want to just come up. Here.

Like this..

And then you want to jump in. Oh yeah. Yeah. Sometimes you like push you out.

But if you keep trying you will get there. And there we go oh well yeah. But once you re in it you can t really get out. But it s like okay there we go so i m in it right now.

It s pretty good spot like if there s a comfort there and he s not looking for a few seconds. You can probably kill him. Yeah. Jump dog is a yeah.

Uh you can yeah. Oh wait can i go. Oh. My god.

Oh. My god. Oh my god okay so you can t actually get a lot as you can see jump dog is doing it except. He didn t do it like the way.

I did it he s a the way i did that i was like in the wall. But he s more out of the wall. I can still shoot him the next one okay guys so on to the next litter. What you want to do is you want to come over here.

And this little black ledge you want to just you know jump into and you re up here. It s pretty good. But a lot of people know about this so you probably get shot down easily. But yeah it s to the spot the next one is right over here stop what the fuck okay.

So you just stand up here. And you want to just wall run turn around all the way up to the very top. This one can really get on your nerves. Like you have to do quite a little bit for it like if it s like to do that.

And it s a lot easier shown than actually doing it yeah. Then you can wear is that you want to like kind of come out a little bit or is it i m trying to find it words the way out there. There s like a way to get on top of this here. Pretty sure oh no no no oh okay.

Good. I didn t screw it up all right. So. Once you re here you wanna wait is there i want to check.

I haven t like explored this glitch fully so i m gonna i m gonna try and check..

If i m missing anything oh here we go no nothing else here. Yeah. I don t think. There s anything else here.

Oh well well this is this which the next one you want to come over here. It s there all the glaciers are like right executors. You want to just wall run here. Oh actually before i do it many people have made these mistakes.

They keep thinking that if like jump on this side this side here. But now you actually jump on this side here on the very corner so as you as i was saying you want to jump up here you re going to turn around jump again and then you wanna yeah well as you can see i could. I was standing on something. But then i accidentally moves and fell.

So you want to try to do this again. You want to just jump up here and there you go see as i was saying. It s on this side not on the other side that s a pretty good spot. But if you get backstabbed that s the problem yeah all right the next one is over here.

It s to get behind this i m sure a lot of you knows when that s where you just jump around like this. And it s pretty simple yeah. Your friends can just chill up here and stuff like that. And yeah.

And the next. One is over here. Where you just want a wall run and then you want to kind of just jump into yeah. It pushes you out quite a lot so annoying anyway so what you want to do is you want to come over.

Here. You want to wall run water and water and then you want to like jump into the wall like this and once you re here you you want to try to jump over up here. So you basically try to aim for this here so look. I was a ledge.

I was there i was round there and then i jumped up to here once you re up here you can jump up on this you can wall run. I m pretty sure yeah you can wall work and once your wall running you can jump around and go up to here. And i don t think there s anything else. Oh yeah you can get up here can you go higher no okay i don t think you can go higher.

But yeah. It s a pretty cool spot you can see other houses in the distance treyarch laziness yeah of just copying and pasting buildings roofs and all up see look that s like the same building do you want me anyway so yeah. It s a pretty good spot you can jump up and like yeah not really do anything else. But yeah.

That s a another glitch. The other one is you want to come back down. Here you want a wall off all right okay. Good all right.

So you want to just wall run across this and then as a spot like you just jump up basically and voila..

It s another way of getting up here as well. But this is the way i showed you this there on the ledge that s a lot you hear the last glitch. I m pretty sure yeah. I think is the last goods you can do it on both sides.

And i m pretty bad at doing this but basically you want to get in line with these two this corner. Here you can also do it on this corner over on this side. And you just want to you know just get the corner and jump. But as i said i m really glad of doing it so don t you wanna give it a go get in the corner.

And just jump up as high as you can you re supposed to like mantle. And something okay. Wait let me try this i try this side. Yeah.

I can i swear on my life. You can do it on both sides. It s just really difficult anyway so yeah. That was breech that s all i m gonna do for this video.

Guys. Thanks for watching. Yeah. Junko don t did it.

Yeah. So yeah. You re basically getting there. And yes.

If you move around too much you re blew out like that. But yeah that face though anyway so jump jump dog did it good job junk. So guys. The first person that comments on this with you can be in the next episode of this as i said i ll be doing two two maps per video.

Because just means glitches take forever and so yeah if you can reach 10. Likes on this video. I will do the next next glitch glitch tutorial things how to basic no. I m joking not how to basic.

So yeah. If you can reach 10. Likes i will do a part two of this with somebody else the first person who comments on the video will be doing this with me. And yeah see you in the next video.

” ..

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