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“We re testing out more suits in minecraft i m gonna shoot you i ll ll just fly away with my jetpack that s right we ve downloaded a mod gives us the best equipment in minecraft ever. We re gonna be blowing up the world like usual did you guys know that by pressing the like button. You actually put a power suit on yourself give it a try three two one go holy god. What are you doing oh.

Well that was fun also make sure you press subscribe and go to the jelly store power suits. I think special suits that we can put on shoulders. Josh you are wings and stole your wings yellow that looks so cool guys wow. We got the power fist.

Too because we haven t upgraded them yet guys they re still pretty weak right now but we re gonna we re gonna grab these things first give us some energy here okay yes. The solar panel rubber hose okay get power into these things do we install that oh install an ultimate battery on every single piece of data. Okay wait let me just do that josh that s a good call now we need to start generating some powers with get a solar generator on the helmet aha the high efficiency. So legit.

I m not gonna read that that s what give us power from the sun. Yeah don t get to eat snacks. So need to add some cooling under the chest cool space. It s not producing modules okay.

So now we ve used the upgrade stall to do what exactly. So theorists. Now all of our armor should be slow. Yes.

Okay okay. Let s wait here. And no flying guys right. Now okay.

Look at this boss look. Oh yeah. We can we have a sister woke up things okay guys. I m gonna be honest.

These are some really cool movement upgrades. Maybe we ll be able to walk to another upgrade. Faster. Now can we try first wanna make it wins okay.

Why do i say that when i m in last. Power up..

Even higher. Power fischels. Oh yeah. Waiting for we gotta upgrade.

This man. Oh there is so much to us shot this is gonna get st simon steel what so i m gonna click on the power fist. What here no jelly stop setting things on fire won t eat that for upgrades. Ok so or what do we do tools.

Oh they re not here we are mostly used for chopping trees install. We go ok ok you can overclock. It is shuffle. Yeah ok wait ooo so guys install the field tinker module ok settings as we go so you guys haven t holy anything at all right no i have right now and so how do we switch.

What this thing does so we can select. She is pretty fast now yeah. It s not as good super boss is wait what is fast oh and guess what guys we didn t even overclock it yet. Oh my no way i destroyed.

Wait guys use your shoes. As well. Oh cheers. Oh wait that is hey do is if you open up your field team commercial tier generator.

Wait you can access everything on generator to figure. It out crane. We re doing over cooking your inventory slot ah overclock. Them to maximum.

Oh. My god in this is outputting every. This is bad maximum ok she was on are you guys ready for this trouble. 3 ok solar storm dude this is crazy that is so quick wait wait wait wait hook guy down here already look at this guy s look was notice.

It gets dog you could also use this thing alright. I want to test out the other things that we ve got you have to do assesses the flint and steel. It worked great i can say that and look guys if you said leaf blower look ready whoa why make everything do it to trees chopping the entire trees alright. It was just bleep josh.

We re just getting rid of them as well by the way. Oh..

This is amazing. Oh. My sweet be right back setting the village a fire. Nice what i just teleported we mention all cheer generator wait what the dimensional to your generator.

What did i tell a boy. I guess. It s sponsored oh oh that is cool guys teleport. So strong with our fists.

As well okay. I like it oh i like it wait i see another upgrade station. Okay can this get any better boom thicket everything weapons. Yes.

Someone removed the what item frames on this. I think jelly. It was you hey dude. I was you used to freaking the floor.

I m guessing this is everything under the weapons section. In the power fist right. Yes. Okay.

Now we re not doing that yet. But sure let s have a little bit of fun with it roll. There s a lot okay alright. I guess let s try out the lightning.

Some of the fuss let s do that no no here. We go raina. I m overclocking everything okay cow cow. Be dead oh whoa you just set him on fire.

I think you just hit any lightning. See the lightning each other guys. And then like a laser shot. So i think it like shoots like like literal rail.

Whoa. Okay that really seem to be that strong right now the villages are fine it max power..

This is this is crazy shun went all the way up just hold it i m sorry i jumped over that see you later villager who wants to die next railgun make me fly back it does how do you shoot. Oh. Oh. My god that s gotta be super strong then and then shoot what that was okay guys.

I think it s for another upgrade. So we don t die other things that blades. I mean i mean we upgrade okay close them. I think that there that s everything that s another rub great boys.

This is the boot upgrades jet boots. That s how is that gonna work we will get it fall damage. Anymore guys. No.

What is it yeah. Oh. Wait wait oh i gotta be falton. I want maximum power into the shock.

Absorbers and fault. Why not the just boost one to 80 meters. How about we go here we go guys whoa. It s like a mega jump.

It s not like it doesn t give us like full proper flying right ahead. But it is almost as cool. Though man. Oh.

I oh yeah. I m doing it whoa. Wait is it working that is crazy bike. But wait you guys see it on the hill.

We still can t fly. Oh. I see i think that s the final upgraded. That might be the okay.

This is great i think so yeah just do it let s just do we re gonna upgrade ready to take off no i mean horizontally try to hold jim you just kind of like tap. It oh shift work yosh..

If you like stand. Still. Oh yeah. What should we do guys.

That s who i see you later guys. I just set on fire a little bit yeah we got bye. Wait wait wait what do you try to kill jelly. Quick.

Don t worry your telly. Oh. It s payback payback for what it was killing. Me.

Earlier. Buddy laughs. Mccannon fight. Can anybody give me even hit each.

Other this honesty video. I mean we can moving around. I can t hit you crowd. Oh.

My god with me oh come on jelly you re going down. Funny. You can t stop you stop yes yes. I did i am a no jelly.

I m gonna win this back by me and the world s gonna win this battle josh all right me together hill job him to death. But are you happy craner. Thanks for watching. This video click here to watch another one two options on the screen.

And only one do click on i would suggest click on the left one. Because it gives you super powers yep. You ll wake up next morning and you ll ” ..


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