New LG OLED TV UPDATE!! FIX 2018 FW Version 05.30.30

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” s the boss. Some people dislike from my kids well and i want to thank thank you guys to make it possible for me to get to thousand subscribers and can t thank enough you guys for clicking the subscriber and pressing that bell notification. So now let s talk about this video. So this video is a fix to issues which were really concerned so many gamers about the hdr gaming mode.

So some people were like this is so dark now because lg s did a fake switch made it too dark for people to do the proper gaming on hdr mode. So there was a way around that people use that they did high dynamic contrast or they use the high brightness to just get the you know good graphics. But that was not the good solution so lg put some efforts in it and then they made it possible that they resolve this issue so in this update. If you did any settings before you have to go and reset it so i m gonna show you how to do that because i did also the settings because i change my height and my current ross.

I did actually dynamic contrast to high level which kind of like sometimes you know it s really gives you the washout picture. And i could see that because now when lg has fixed it so i was seeing double level of you know that high dynamic contrast because they also tweak the settings. So what do you have to do is go to hdr game mode that actually am i have user so i have to go and reset. It because i did some i did made some changes so once you do the reset.


You will have the actually provided the hdr mode from this new. Update which is 0. 530 point. 30.

Now you go back to settings this is the newly introduced the hdr gaming mode on lg oled tvs 2016 and 17 models usually i go and bring down my color temperature to a warm tony. Because that s where i feel like this is my sweet spot for for viewing. And it doesn t give me eye fatigue at all the cool 30 is way too bright for me. So much blue in that okay once you go to the picture mode settings.

I always turn off the super resolution because i don t want any extra processing be done on my gaming. Because it creates more lag. So i turn off that feature always and through motion. I don t really use that so it s already turned off and see you cannot even do anything with that in hdr gaming mode.


Because it s it s not a good idea to do it and turn that back on okay so i m gonna apply this settings to all the input even though i have only both 1x which is utilizing the hdr gaming. More but then i played the forza horizon. 3. And looks so beautiful after that i wish i could show you guys somehow like proper hdr captured image from my tv.

But there s no such way for me right now because i don t have a hdr camera. Which could exactly record the same screen as i am looking at it right now. But this is what about it so if you want to get the update go to the general mode and go all the way down to about this tv and if you have unchecked the allow automatic updates make sure you check it so this you should get the update number 0. 5.

30. 30. Before it was zero. 5.


30. 25. So that s about this video make sure you guys go. And comment.

Below that if you like the new update and your gaming gets better after this update your game looks much brighter. In proper hdr. And also this update has fixed dolby vision. Which has some issues about metadata and they fixed it so now you i checked some movies and they look so good now.

I mean i see the difference now so sometimes you know as consumer. We don t see the issue. But lg. They know it because they can put some technical aspects to it and they can resolve these kind of issues.


So they have done a great job. There so i ll give the thumbs up to lg for taking care of those tvs. Which were sold in 2016. I mean sometimes you know the companies just forget about in and move on and the critic take care about the new customers.

Only or new models. So there s a pretty good deal. I hope. It s not the last update from lg.

And they will keep taking care of us thank. You so much for guys staying by today and i ll see you guys another ” ..

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