Newegg TV: D-Link DIR-605L Wireless Cloud Router Overview

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“Everyone and welcome back to new egg tv. My name is paul and today. I i m going to be doing. An unboxing.

An overview of this wireless n. Router d. Link. This is the d link dir.

605 l. And it includes my d link cloud services. So let s go over some of the specs on the box. First off the n300 up here is indicating that this is compliant with the 80211 n.

Wireless standard..

And when using that connection standard you can get up to 300 megabits per second transfer speeds. That s maximum theoretical throughput. You also have the my d link cloud services as mentioned and we re gonna flip over here to the side of the box to go over what that might be essentially. They re allowing you to remotely access your home network with the cloud services.

So when you re out on the go. You can download the mydlink cloud services application you can install that on for instance a laptop or another computer you can also download the iphone or ipad version as well as the android version you can use your remote device to login to your network. You can see what devices are connecting. You can view your web browsing history you can block unwanted device connections you can set up automatic email alerts and you can upgrade your router when new features are available so now we will proceed with an unboxing to see what comes in the box.

We get a d link quick. Installation guide for the cloud router. So in case. You have never set up a router before they re giving you some basic step by step instructions as well as diagrams.

There for how to plug in everything..

Appropriately also here you have some warranty information. Which they ve given to us in english and french and then we have the router itself as well as the accessories. So for accessories you get a simple ac. Adapter there so you plug that into your power strip and the other end plugs into the router and then you have an rj45 cable here also known as an ethernet cable and you can use that to plug the router into your existing home network and finally here is the router itself and first off you have to fixed five dbi external antenna right here for maximum signal strength here on the front.

You have several light up indicators. The you re gonna tell you various things of course. The power indicator right there this is also going to tell you if you have network connection. There s your wireless signal.

And then one two three and four there which correspond with the physical ports on the back so on the back. You have the yellow port right there on the left side. And that is where you plug in your router from i m sorry or not you re writing your modem from your internet service provider. You also have an integrated four port 10100 switch right here so you can use that to plug in computers directly.

There of course is your power connector there for the ac..

Adapter and then you have a hard reset button. That s recessed right there on the end. If you flip over to the side here. You can see oh wait wrong side flip over to this side.

There s a little button right there and that is used to do automatic wi fi protected setup this is compatible with wpa and wpa2 encryption if you re not familiar with those it s best to read up them on them. Especially if you re setting up a home router and using this button. You can more easily set up those four to protect your home wireless network. Some advanced features aside from the my d link integration for cloud services you can also set up push notifications for wireless intrusion online user notice a new firmware upgrades.

You also have user access control real time browsing records. It s got universal plug and play support as well as wds and traffic control. You also have two different types of built in fire firewalls. You have network address translation as well as stateful packet inspection.

You also have functions such as mac address filtering and url filter..

Inc lastly this router does operate on the 24. Gigahertz wireless frequency and you get support directly from d link in the form of 24 7. Basic installation support as well as a one year manufacturer s warranty. That s gonna wrap it up for this video once again this has been the d link dir 605 l.

Wireless n. Router with my d link cloud services. I m public new itv and if you enjoyed today s video please head over to our newegg. Youtube channel.

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