NFJ&FXaudio – PW-6 Speakers Switcher _(Z Reviews)_

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“It right there they pull up a chair. I have the five mile stare. So so this is the nfj nfx audio. Which has done a couple weird products the big one was the stinker and then everything else was like weird.

This is the third product that i purchased with patreon money and unis reason. I purchased it is because in the patreon chat on telegram. Which is if your than 10 tier or higher you get in there and usually when those people say something like hey zo. Why don t you review this i tend to listen a little more if you like to tell me what to review.

Please join the 10 patreon tier and give in to the telegram chat now this is the pw6 it needs to be cleaned. Yes. And it s not powering. These speakers.

No no no that s the the sms l. Sa. 100. Is powering.

The speakers. What this thing is doing is simply switching. Where the power is going and in fact. It s still playing right now and the music hasn t stopped the amplifier has a soft amplifying.

This is a remote controlled or push button speaker switch that s it a whole day of zeros which is like relaxing this is like hey zo this is gonna review something that i actually don t need to buy i can just look at anime girls in the wallpaper and sit back cuz. I don t need this you don t need this i personally might need this our math might need this getting two of these would be interesting except. I think the remote wasteful remote the back is i don t have to unplug anything literally power in you have a micro usb dc in also i ll actually let s let s check that out right this second cuz. I haven t played with that enough.

I think you have the choice of either or we ll make this thing make the goes. So you have a choice of either using the power brick. That came with it. Which is a 12 volt 1 amp.

Or usb power. We ll also make this function. And its job is to have one signal get put in either a or b. And that includes having an amplifier feed in and then having two sets of speakers or having two amplifiers feed into one pair of speakers.

We wanted to compare amplifiers so this thing screams zo. So you need this to sit in your closet in the wall. And just not fucking just leave just have it there forever so i bought one it s like 80 bucks. I don t know link in the description.

If you might need one if you have more than one pair of speakers or more than one amplifier. Which at that point you re like are you a reviewer on youtube. Because you shouldn t have a need to push more than one amplifier into one pair of speakers to compare. Unless you re actually doing reviews.

Now. Here. I ve got the 400 llamo concert. C91.

Twos and then the rb 42s and i figure. That s a pretty good comparison to both four inch. They both have big soft domes..


I m using that amplifier which i love and trust now i ve just reviewed that earlier today. I said now is the time to do this put this back down. We obviously don t need any of this shit anymore. We don t need to power it by the way link to this the girl.

I unbox this and this is not enough fame did you know you can get an adapter that turns one of these. Which is aka like any computer power cord into a standard like power plug. Which means you can make any one of those an extension cord. They also make a little short.

One is too and i have a million of those and like one extension cord. So now i have a million extension cords. So we don t need to power it with that we can power with usb. But if you don t have usb available you power with that and all this thing.

Does is have two buttons on the front ready on off and then a selector so the end now. I don t understand some stuff about how this was built. I have a feeling that this was designed initially to be something. Else and they just went oh fuck.

Ah yeah. Just use this the efficiency of the rv 42s is far less by the way so you know he switched sounds. You re gonna hear that the rv 42s are quiet. Which is one of the problems this does not solve there are some switchers that i ll actually have separate volume controls and this way you can switch you actually can tell i mean i can implement that with like a ha pot on the output.

But i m not gonna bother for this particular thing. I would just raise and lower if i m switching here s my here s the most interesting shit there are six leds over here six first of all that screen. I don t have to shield it because it s so fucking bright. I mean pause the music so turning it off that s the off state literally off state is three bright like room lighting up it s just so bright and that s like a purple cover on it so it s as dull as i can make it and it s still too bright when you turn it on it says one two and that s because we re on the number one input and on the number two output.

If we hit select now we re. 1 1. 1. Which is the number 1 input as a number 1 output.

But that s the only outputs. We ve got so the number 1 is irrelevant this could be covered entirely you just have 1 2. Which is where we get to the remote wife you know before the remote so. 6 leds right for power for a b and 2 for ac and i don t know why because it doesn t like if i break the connection.

It doesn t show that i thought maybe that was a diagnostic led thing where it shows ok power. So that means power must be the input of this so we pull this left side out. And only the right led would light up and no no no that would make sense so instead. It s just fucking.

2 power leds and 2 for this and 2 for and when you switch. It it s a b or ac. Now if this thing would have you to trust our more control. Which has 10 buttons on it i want to point out in case.

You can t count really quickly. There s a power button. Which does power off the unit and therefore one of the music s playing nothing s coming through. I m thinking for like arm f.

I ll set this thing up i it s a relay. It s literally just making metal contact and letting go so i m not worried about it destroying signal quality or anything. And it s actually better than it s coming through the speaker wire and not rca..


Because rca. Yeah. You can actually pick up a lot more interference. It s only two and a quarter faults and if it s not clean and the cell phone s nearby can fuck it out.

But a speaker selector like this signals all over there doing its own thing perfectly shielded cables plugged in then this is power. It s very hard to fuck up power. You have to basically run a speaker cable through a microwave to have a pickup or if you have like a pad extension cord. You want to try this experiment got a 50 foot piece of extension cord.

A 50 of a piece of speaker wire and run the entire length parallel like touching each other. And you will pick up the 60 hertz whoop whoop of a of the actual ac current. But other than that it s very hard to get interference in a speaker cable. So i d rather switch speaker power than signal power.

So it s off and sitting here there s my first button there is a slight delay or the buttons sticky. I can t tell here you ready i m gonna hit press press grass preston ho ho there goes we re at that time you got to be real deliberate and you got to aim. I think it s one of those things or if i don t aim. It properly.

Yeah. Now let s see this. Oh shit that does shit that works fine. So.

It s just a cheap remote and of these 10 buttons. Only three work this entire bottom section. This is labeled a 1 2. 3.

A. This is labeled b. 1 2. 0.

5. 6. 1. 2.

That s it you have a choice between you turn this on you turn this on you turn it on and you can go a or b a b. It s much more consistent with the switching of a and b. You have you here at tings the relay is actually tinging it s just so switch tracks beatles. No wonder which of the less that s these one nice thing about it is the screw display is so big and bright.

Then you could definitely see it on a review. Because it s so fucking big and bright and she go to those crt magnifier lenses that you see up my science books and just stick it right in front of it and make it huge. So yeah. One one is the ahmo s and 1 2.

Is the micah s see i m hitting power because i wanted to be just on even when you push that button this delay off is not bad. But on texas up it s killing me. There s um don t ask me to judge between these two speakers right now because as i know there s a volume discrepancy. Which makes me almost seem louder and anything that seemed louder is automatically going to seem better that s a rule.

If you tell to if you set up identical speakers behind the black. Curtain identical speakers and you make 115. Decibels louder than the other and you say..


Which one sounds better even if it s the same speaker like it s some crazy like high 90s percentile. We ll say all obviously the b sounds better. And it s just cause. It s a little bit louder.

So i don t want to judge between the two all i m saying is these yama s are amazing and that just goes to show how good the fucking. Rb 42s are i just wish that the power was not the power apartments. The ira. 42.

Is just ridiculous. It s so much quieter you know so this is a very interesting unit now i wonder if i would uses it to compare of speaker amps like that would not be the worst. It cuz speaker has to be a lot easier because then i could set the volume on this one set the volume on this one. So.

That the speakers are identical and then have one pair of speakers and then just go back and forth and listen for the difference that d be cool with a tube amp. A tube speaker amp and a solid say speak around that would be ideal usage for this now. The remote controller means like living room would be good. I ve actually built units like this i got up hold and click so this is just a convenience thing for 75.

All i m gonna keep this in a in mic. I have an audio box there this box here let me show you this is where the magic happens so if i need a connector or a wire. It s somewhere in here in this box of magic connectors. This is what years of being an audio youtuber has done if i granted someone this box.

If i handed them they would just ascend immediately to audio youtuber. So this is gonna be one of those things that s in that box or on a shelf. Really case. I need it okay.

So i can only really need to i need to compare these two speakers whip this out if you use a battery pack. Since it s running off of this i can run it off a guy diem anchor fucking eight thousand milliamp power and i probably last forever. Although these leds are bright it s weird look it s f n. Fj fx.

Audio just automatically means weird useful very useful take take one in and two outs or take one out and two ins. It doesn t matter it s not processing the signal is just making metal contacts happen you can t run both at the same time which would then eliminate the ability for you to go to and dawan because in amplifiers would touch and that d be bad so it s literally this here to here or do that er there i wish the remote was a little bit simpler and didn t have such weird quirky angles. That it didn t work at well she didn t make quite a tinny sound. I might try to open this up fill it with stuffing so it just doesn t make that sound.

I m sure it s just relays in there that are just cheap relays. Why don t you go put better relays in no stop it works it s fine. It s got double leds forever everything ten buttons while i needs three it s got the brightest fucking and display how money what is it on i think it s on one two yeah. But it s useful and it s cheap for what it does i don t think you could find one cheaper.

If you could find the speaker switcher with remote control cheaper than that please tell me about it in the comments in the interim. I will link this thing. It s still available on amazon. I got on amazon.

It s here free shipping. And it s got mediocre. Reviews poor quality. Nice didn t work good switch.

Very poor design remote speakers stereo switch it looks poor and too bright well. I can t argue that doesn t look poor it looks good it looks like it could be any number of things. It is too fucking bright..


Though i would highly recommend getting to just dull that down didn t work always. One channel is always dead seem to be random different two speakers hooked up whose relay failed. I was i hope to am the same set of speakers. But has not come with any instructions or diagrams so that person just doesn t understand how it makes speaker to mean go.

It s not that hard to figure it out all right enough of this today. It was a good day did you guys enjoy anime background. Did you guys enjoy hearing music. Let s get more.

I sort of got the mid tones and then the micah s might might be just i feel like there s more detail coming out of these i m not giving that review down. But i feel it does more detail coming out of these. But these somehow sound like they ve got a little more going on sounds age wise in depth what so it s like mmm that s a 400 versus 130 dollars and they re the same size drivers. But it has a phase plug shh anyway um wow.

I ve done a couple of videos. Videos like this in a row. And every one of them i have to basically say this will not end up in a yard sale. Because this is a piece of equipment.

I m not putting this in the yard. So that s come in a rocky. Mountain if you don t know i have already paid for a 13500 room at the rocky mountain audio fest in colorado in the beginning of september and i m trying to get to gofundme to help pay for that and then hopefully for the rest of that trip because airplane tickets and additional hotel rooms and food and we got a driver truck out there and it s like it s an expensive event and we ve raised over seven thousand dollars. Actually over seventy five hundred dollars at this point.

I think i don t be long. I think it s 7460. But we re at a point now where it s like okay can we at least pay for the room. So if you want to check out that gofundme watch the video there see if it s worth your 20 bucks or something five bucks a dollar anything helps but we re gonna try to show off things like well not this i m not showing this off.

But i m gonna show that off i want to show these off i want to show off cheap things that can absolutely make you smile from music. Because that s what rocky that s what any fucking audio show should be about is about music first and equipment second and it s not fair to show off only equipment that only the hyper rich can buy chris. All you can t smile. You know a lot that you don t allow the fucking smile.

You can t afford this stuff come to the room 9005. Think 905. It s on the gofundme page. It should know it by now but come to that room you will hear things that you could absolutely fucking afford you might have like the most expensive thing in the room might be like 1000.

Which is like oh actually no the phone s gonna send a set of their walsh three thousands there s like four grand for a pair. But that s like that s top tier of i think anyone should ever have to afford. And it s still cheaper than most things in most rooms even power cables. So yeah.

The patreon where the yardsale would be will have other things that are not this you get to see these videos early you get to comment you get to ask me questions. If you want to ask me questions directly that 10 ramon was talking about exists. So when you join it to the patreon this vitality or get you to like most things into the yard sales into questioning and just seeing every video early 10 tier. Get you into that private chat and then 15 30 and above that is just because you want to show off how awesome you are please show me at lawson you are also two dollar gets you all the anime waifu backgrounds.

I ve ever used just saying just sex sells and you go i got it that s it for today. I will see you all tomorrow for another video. Probably something you might actually want to buy because i don t think anyone s super ” ..


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