Nillkin Wireless Charging Receiver Wireless Charging Adapter Review

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“Guys digital david here today we re to be looking at the magic tags this this is a wireless charging receiver that i m gonna be using and installing on google pixel basically they make a lot of different versions on amazon that you can check out for micro usb or usb type c. And then they have different sizes depending on the back of your phone. So i got a smaller size that ll work perfectly to not block the fingerprint sensor on the back. So i ll go ahead and i ll throw the link to this in my video description below please go ahead check it out see if it s the right product.

For you i m really excited about this superduper affordable. And it will fit with your phone case. It s that um slim of a profile. So really pumped to have this and upgrade.

My phone again very affordable look on amazon since there s different options you can just see. Which one s the best for you and no the most up to date and accurate price so again the link video description below check it out here s how it s gonna come packaged to you it looks really nice really cool retail packaging with an authenticity sticker right here so this is the type seed interface. Which is what i need for my phone so it shows you on the back there s a bunch of qr codes. But it says here s how to install it step.

1 plug the connector into your phone s charging port to take off the glue tape and stick it in the back of your phone. 3. Place your mobile phone in the center of the wireless charger to enjoy wireless charging. So let s go ahead.

Now. Let s unbox..

It and then we ll go ahead and set it up here. It is right out of the package looks really nice again look at how thin that is so it s really cool so discover innovation nelkin right. There there s a little sticky back on it so the first step again. We re gonna plug this in to our phone.

So if you can see that it s plugged into my phone. Right now. There s that little sticky slot on the back. We can go ahead and take that off and then it ll just rest right there on the phone itself.

Which is really neat peeled it off. Now let s go ahead make sure the device is clean. It s clean enough. And then you just set it right on there just like that and you should be good to go.

Now. What s nice is i have a spigen case. Right here. Which is really cool.

And it s got a cutout right there. Which actually looks it s perfect for wireless charging or it says your metal mount plate..

So we should be able to just stick this right back on snaps right in and we are good to go so it s a little it s got a little bulge in my case. But you can hardly tell which is nice and then hopefully i was hoping i can still be able to get that out so it d be nice if they could invent a pass through one of these so you could still be able to use this depending on if you want to plug in headphones that sort of thing. So it looks really nice really cool fits really great you can see it nice and snug. There now we ll go ahead.

And we ll open up a wireless charger. And see how it works all right guys. I m back. Here.

I have a wireless charger. Set up for us so. We can see this in action. I have a separate unboxing review video for this item.

Go ahead check that out as well. If you re in the market for a wireless charger. Here s my phone. We ll go ahead set it on and sure enough it lights up blue.

So we are charging. Which is really cool now i did notice my little usbc adapter right here it does stick out a little bit..

So that s kind of interesting that my phone kind of has to balance on there so there are going to be some compromises when you have a device that doesn t have you know wireless charging built into it from the manufacturer. But that is really not noticeable. Not that big of a deal. I mean it still balances just fine on there now with this charge or two you can lay it down.

So. Then you wouldn t have that issue at all now can i can kind of feel like the case has a little bit of a bulge right here. Where that adapter plate is stuck on. But it s still charging it just fine as is and i realize on the box.

I know if i read it or not already. But it has a 1 amp. 5 volt max outlet. So i don t believe you ll get superduper fast charging with it but it is a wireless charging receiver and i believe for this technology.

If you read their comments and stuff. It is the fastest. It possibly can be right now. I don t think anybody else manufactures.

An aftermarket adapter that is faster. So it does support wireless charging at the end..

A which should be all that matters. If you really do charge your phone fast just plug it in so really excited about this really a cool product go ahead check it out the link is in my video s krypton below my only feedback on this would be i wish that they could do like a pass through adapter. I don t know why but when i bought this i thought that i could still be able to use my usb c. Port and unfortunately.

We can t so i don t know if that s even possible in the future to have a little adapter. So you can still plug in because i have to use the dongle when i want to connect it to my car to listen to stuff from my phone. So that s kind of my only feed that could be really cool somebody out there. You should design that and let me know about it.

And yeah go ahead. If you re in the market to upgrade your phone again they got stuff for iphones. And anything else so go ahead check it out the link will take you right there you can shop based on size and selection from that link and you can find the right device type for you and everything else so thank you for being here. Let me know if have any questions comments concerns he would hit that like button in that sub button for me that does wonders for my channel.

Really would appreciate that also follow me on social media instagram facebook twitter that sort of thing i love to interact with you all and check out my website and my newsletter. I love you guys and i will see you all in my next video thanks ” ..

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