Nintendo 3DS Error Message: An Error Occurred. Unable to Update

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“I want to bring out little tips to people who are having problems with their their minds like their this woman right here. Who i call my wife telling me go get some soy sauce. She must be nuts anyways. Let s get back to the silkie you feel bleep you did it s a nintendo 3ds and i know people have been experiencing a little bit of problems with the update.

I get some kind of error message. I m sure you get error messages and i and i got a little sick and tired of it. So i decided to call up nintendo. Today still in a while ago.


And it s an easy fix to the update as long as you re connected and i m sure you guys are connected and the only problem that you have issues with it are doing the update. Then this this is a solution. It s an easy solution stay with your internet connection your wireless internet connection. And what you want to do is you just have to change one one thing go into internet settings on your leds do connection settings.

And then whatever your connection is whatever you know your wireless router you connected to your first connection. Then. Which you want to do is change your settings scroll over to dns and that s what you want to change you want to change your dns your primary and your secondary. So the primary should be set to zero zero eight zero zero eight zero zero eight dot zero zero.


Eight. The secondary dns. Should be set to zero zero eight dot zero zero eight zero zero four zero zero. Four.

And it should be it once you do that save your settings and test. The connection. Out should be good connection. We ll test.


Now blah blah blah. And connection test. As you ll see in a second successful. Get okay go back.

Then do other settings tab over to number four. And do the system update. Connect to the internet and update system hit ok. It except hit ok again and then connecting to the internet.


Please wait you ll get that message and that s it there s nothing more to it it ll update should work perfectly. Now systemness up to mines and system is up today because i just updated a little while yeah when i talk to the rep. So you re pretty much done let me know what how you people are doing out there mines work perfectly got some kind of video and that s it good luck. It was frustrating.

Me i m sure it s frustrating you so i figured it just quickly make a quick video remember this works for people who have an apple extreme wireless router look i do i m not sure about everyone else pc pc machines. I m not sure how that works but but it doesn t hurt to try out the same thing on your ds even if you have a pc but this worked on my wireless apple wireless router scream see ya and good ” ..

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