noahmbelli – CECHL01 80GB Playstation 3 PS3 system with games + controller + wiring

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” re you guys doing this is ebay user id noah emboli today i have for for auction as a sony playstation 3. It originally came with 60 a 60 gigabyte drive. But i upgraded it to an 80 gigabyte hard drive so you get some extra space with it i m also including a sony sixaxis wireless 3 controller you can use it wired or wireless. Whatever you choose i m also including everything else as shown in the listing in the pictures is basically everything that s included the box that it comes in because that s just basically for a esthetic looks you know to help help sell it anyways.

I have it turned on and i m going to sync my controller that way you guys can see me set everything up. I m also going to be including two other games on top of the street fighter 4 or 5. I don t know which one it is but it s one of those and gran turismo. 5.

Prologue is going to be included it will also have all the necessary casing and paperwork and the games are in pristine condition also mlb the show 11. I believe and that is 3d compatible and you can use the playstation move with that i m not including that but if you happen to have it or buy. It then you ll be able to use it anyways just showing you from the system settings. That it does have the 80 gigabyte hard drive and then i m going to test out the game.

So you guys can see that it. Works see any gigabytes and it s just some software 446. Oh. It s the latest.

So you guys won t have to go through the trouble of updating um. So you guys should be able to play online right away. Also i updated the netflix so if you have netflix you can do online with that and here we go all the games. I sell come with the paperwork included with the case in the game.


Which it i mean. It s obviously in pristine condition no scratches or anything like that so it is a used system. So it s not brand new. But it doesn t really have that many scratches on it or scuffs.

It was well taken care of by adults. Only so that s um. Something that should give you some peace of mind when going to bed. If you guys would like to have me install my playstation.

3. Fan module you re more than welcome to let me know at the end of the auction. I ll charge another 20 to do that so anyways there you go you can see that the blu ray functionality works because it is a blu ray game. And there s nothing wrong with the system.

It doesn t overheat or anything like that it s never had any history of any problems. So there it is and like i said it does come with other games. So please make sure you read the listing entirely alright yeah. Street fighter.

4. So please make sure you read the listing entirely to be as informed as possible. Thanks and also i m just going to show you the console. Even though i did take pictures.


I just want to show you the console in real time that way you guys can see it alright. Obviously you can see the blu ray functionality works just fine. It ejects discs that takes discs in it reads them fine. It doesn t overheat.

It s in great condition for being a used system has two usb ports and just shut this off real quick unplug. It you can see some more it does come with a ethernet wire. So if you re not you know keen on using wired wireless internet. You can hook.

It up through wired. If you d like i m also including a brand new usb charger wire for the controller that it comes with it comes with a controller. It comes with a power cord. I think it s like eight feet long or something crazy like that so you have plenty of room to move around with it and it comes with a brand new hdmi cord.

So you have that as well as you can see it hasn t been opened or tampered with this warranty seal right. There. The serial number on the back is cl. Nine.

One zero. 709 673 cec hl0. One not sure if you guys can see that. But there it is so that s the serial number that way you know you re getting exactly what you re seeing here and when i ship i packaged it very well so that no damage occurs during shipping or transit.


I also write fragile on the box that way that the carrier knows that the item is fragile and should be handled with care. So you should expect nothing less when you buy a playstation through each system for me. If you re interested i also sell other playstation. 3 systems.

This is just one of the many that i have down here. It was released in september of 2008. And it does have wi fi. Obviously so this there it is you can use like i said that you can use it for multimedia you can go on netflix you can put your own custom themes on there if you d like so.

That you don t have to use playstation. 3 themes. All you do for that is a ps ya usb. Flash drive or some sort of flash drive to hook up to it and then install the themes.

There s many sites online that have themes for free so if you re interested in you help finding them feel free to message me. And again. I m setting the console back to factory settings actually as a matter of fact. I m going to do that right now.

So that you can see that it will arrive exactly that way i ll let me plug it in real quick all right now my playstation. 3. Fan module is an optional thing so if you re interested in getting it just let me know before you pay. And i ll tack an extra 20 on that s the it s a fan module that you can basically adjust it so that the system doesn t ever overheat basically what it does it increases.


The base fan speed to whatever you like to you know basically. It s a hard to explain you can install it and it will take over the playstation 3s system fan speed on its own that way you won t have to worry about overheating issues down the line or in the future or anything. Like that because i didn t go in there. And i didn t replace any of the thermal compound or anything like that so that s um.

It s all stock from sony. I don t know why the video is blurring out. But if you guys can see here. But i m setting it back to factory settings all right restore ps3 system.

Yes. So we ll be back to factory settings. So if you don t have an hdmi cable or hdmi hookup on your tv. And you have av cables hanging around you can use that but this is just to make sure so that you can personalize all your settings.

And you won t have to worry about anyone else the settings being on there you know including you know playstation network friends you netflix accounts stuff like that so everything is fresh from the factory basically when you get it so that s it and if you guys have any questions. Please feel free to message me. And i will get back to you within 24 hours. And i will do my best to answer any questions that you may have i appreciate you looking and i look forward to your bidding and take care.

” ..

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