Oblivion – Unbreakable Lockpick Guide – Nocturnal Shrine

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“Guys. This is a big hairy beast. Bringing you the unbreakable lockpick and how to to get it first you ll want to go to the shine of nocturnal as can see it s well let me move my map. So that way you can see it it s a little bit above layin and i gave you travel.

Neither there you should be able to see it what you want to do is talk to this orc lady and she ll slash you and you ll talk to her and all that and then you ll finally talk to this shrine of nocturnal. You want to travel to lay..

Om and then you ll just want to keep searching and searching until you finally find the right person. Okay. I m just now passing the statue. It s taking me forever to find this guy.

I don t know there s a set location to where he is but i found them right at right here. I believe it s near the guild s that i found him..

Which is actually right next to the house that i need to go to you talk to him about people the i was like just anything that has the white lettering on it once you get through there. It s just turning around and like i said i i happen to run into them right next to weeb weeb on mouths house or how do you pronounce that name i think you want to go here and talk to both of these people and actually once you get done with that you ll want to go around the corner. Where to where they cannot see you and sneeze and then they ll talk about mike vi of nocturnal where they got it and then you ll want to go back outside. If you haven t already found the location is actually at the bottom of the map of like below laya.

Win. It s called tidewater kay s there s like a little pinch of land sticking out that is where you all want to go now that we re in here..

You just want to slide off the little monsters. You want to go to your first left and fight off some more people to take another left. And it s right in there. Okay.

Now that we got the eye of nocturnals. You ll just want to quick travel back to the shrine..

The top to earth and then she ll give you the reward and once i find it i ll show you all right there. We go. It is the unbreakable lockpick called the skeleton key you can either sell it for money or i suggest you keep it and use it to get ” ..


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