OMFG Xbox One s Updates slow installation.

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“I guys and girls welcome back to another video on my youtube. So i m m actually i ve got my xbox 1s on at moment. I m downloading and don t know if it was an update for yesterday. Which would have been the 4th of may which would have been thursday for from may 2017 or if this is for friday.

5th of may 2017 and for the xbox one and says here s step three of thorry download completely. She is ridiculous and at the moment right first of all when it was downloaded. It was only a 335 or 340 kit was only a small thing. I ve got a like a hundred mega eighty med connection.

And what really pissed me off. It took me 10 minutes. Sister download..


It and then it went into a verification verifying to verify the update make sure. It s actually proper and kosher. There s like three little steps has to go through first of all is the download processing. Where they have to download the update for you then the screen goes a bit funny in black on the screen.

And then suddenly goes back in turns off them. And it comes back on goes to verification. Or verify. An update.

Then once that is complete which takes about another 10 minutes of your like climb life for microsoft. Now. It s in this like applying that day and let s find us fast up a little bit..


But it still seems to be slowly it slows around about the 80 mark 80 plus mark and we re at 88 percent. So it s actually you look at it s stuck there right at the moment. So it s going slowly and it just feels like it s taken forever just going very very very very slow so. What i d like microsoft to do i know.

This is based on the windows 10 architecture. But come on this has got to be really city the the speed in times on it i m using the internal hard drive anyway at the moment to to do everything khan. Now. I ve got a 2 terabyte.

Actually. I ve got a 250 gig and ssd in there as well we re not inside the external and that doesn t seem still fast enough it still seems slow. But it s just because yeah..


My case often really needs to pull their finger asses and actually speed up the the updates and stuff so it s much faster. I we go starting now 89. So when it gets to around about 90. I think usually speeds up around about 90 between 80 and around 89 get set to read about 90.

And there we go look at starting to speed up now really faster this time is 91. Then you can you can sit moving slowly as well fat a bit faster. Still slow here we go look at starting to move a bit quicker around the screen that but i do find there s 91 amount of c mon. Keep going fast.

There would be i ll be grand over at this rate. You know to do this great and code. I thought i d show you this because it s ridiculous..


I don t know if you guys and goers are rather than the same for and yes. I know it depends on your internet connection. But you know it doesn t take this long just the download of 325 megabyte download jesus christ ladies and gentlemen if you ve got an xbox one let us know in the comments. What you think do you think is ridiculous.

And that you have to wait this long just for a small file or small update here. We go look at 93 come on come on could you push one to 94 before the last break at last 20 seconds last 15 seconds come on can t go to 94 come on come on anyway guys who goes if you enjoyed this video please like favorite share and subscribe to the channel and ” ..

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