One Note – Sync Notes on Phone and PC

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“I m not too sure about apple. I haven t looked into it. But this this video. I wanted to say applies primarily to android and windows pcs now if re watching this video.

I m assuming you either liked my videos or you have an interest in taking notes and there s many ways in which you can take notes sports. Direct has nothing to do with me. I bought a pair of trainers from them back in 2011 or 2012. And for some reason they sent me a bunch of these anyway so this right here is a galaxy note.

5. And i bought this to take notes with so if i want to take notes with this phone. What i do is i just pull this out and then i can just write whatever i want on there and then save it and return to the note later on also you can see there s a few dots here. And there they are there because somehow something s gotten underneath this protective sort of screen nuts on this case.


So taking notes on my phone is pretty handy. But sometimes i don t check my phone. I go straight to my pc. Now the notes that i take on my phone out on my pc.

Until now okay so this right here isn t just a blank screen. It s my windows background. This is one note using this you can take notes but the best thing about it is it s available on your phone. Too so if you press that you re greeted with this so.

What i m gonna do is start taking note. So. What you do is click that name your notebook something so. Let s call.


It vols hit enter or return. And now you can start using it so. What we ll do is add a section and we ll say let s just name this what day is it today saturday. So we ve got saturday.

There and the title of this can be today was a bit balls and now we can type stuff down here. So don t know what to type. But i ll put that there also let s maybe promote these videos. I mean put a picture.

There so we ll put that there like that and underneath. It i ll right watch this cuz. He missed it out because let s face it you are missing out if you ever watch. These videos and now let s pretend as though you leave in the office or wherever.


It is and you re on your way to go get something to eat so now you return to your phone. And you want to remember. What notes you left oh look it just so happens to be on my phone. The pictures there too and you can actually view it.

And you can zoom in and out like this as well so pretty handy. You know what i ll do is i ll just put my voice recorder over here and should be good enough right so. When you take notes from your phone. You ve got these options right here so you know choose whatever you want right here.

We have the computer screen. So when i go like this that will then pop up there as you can see so pretty handy. Let s see how this eraser works right yeah. So basically that s that now not only can i do this but if you ve got windows 10 you re probably familiar with these sticky notes so you can use the sticky notes to make notes with and they will sink over here.


I don t know if you notice. But the rest of these notes are all blurred out because i ve got stuff written. Now and i don t want you to see those so yeah either way. This is a pretty handy app.

And i will be using it a lot i ve only recently discovered it and i m probably pretty late to the game then. But i m not that nerdy and i don t really you know keep track of everything that s going on so pretty handy. Though so check it out if you want just thought i d bring this to your attention. Either way.

And have a nice day and here we have ” ..

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