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“There so in this video. I was going to show people how to get information information in and out of onenote in my previous introduction introductory video. I m sure might have been quite a few questions about oh you know how did i get those notes in there or how do i make pdf for just general ideas like that so i think. This is a good place to start so i have my physics course one block one opened up and i m gonna go to it doesn t for demonstration doesn t matter.

But i m gonna go into my waves unit and then i ll make a new lesson just call it seven test import so let s suppose first of all making an agenda for this for this day in genda go over notes and i can even set the date here maybe i m gonna say i m gonna do it tomorrow agenda that doesn t matter i could put some other stuff here get ready for test who knows alright so i went out some notes. I m going to add a page. I ll give it a title the same notes on waves. And then what i ll do is i ll go to my word document.

So all this lot of this content will be made outside of 101. Oh. It s kind of like a presentation platform. Presentation.

Notation net form and aggregation. Kind of idea. So here in microsoft word. I ve already made this document.

But now i want to put it into onenote. So what i do here is i go to file print. And when you have onenote installed. It automatically installs a printer called sent to onenote so here s all the different printers.

I have but i m gonna send it one note price print my margins are too small it doesn t matter wait wait and here you can see that s asking me where to put these notes..

So i can actually put it anywhere. The the page that my onenote is currently on is shown right here. It s at the bottom of this list of recent pics that the current page is always gonna be shown there. But i can scroll into any one of my notebooks and put this wherever i d like so but i m gonna put your notes on waves.

Okay please wait shazam there it is and now i can take my stylus i can write on this i can add text i can type your or i can move this around so that s how you get content. That s one way to get content into a note. The other thing that i do quite often is i ll want to either print. This off or make a pdf.

Let s suppose i want to make a pdf so i ll go to print print preview. Quite often it prints the first initial page as a blank. I m not too sure why does that once i ve printed into a pdf file. I usually go in and delete that blank page.

But sometimes maybe. I m just feeling lazy or something like that i ll just leave. It. And let.

The students figure out that there s a blank page at the beginning. So i actually have adobe acrobat installed so i have an adobe pdf printer driver installed many of you will not have that just first let me quickly run through what this looks like and then i ll go through other solutions for other teachers that do not have acrobat so you ll print. There s my document in acrobat. I can go document delete that first page and here s the document with my notation so in this one.

I only have the this document only have one thing attitude..

But if you re using a stylus. Maybe the whole thing would be marked up that s using adobe acrobat. Now. I m using my own computer for this if you have a surface pro from the school board or mac aerbook from the school board you they comes installed with a pdf printer as well.

I can t remember the name of it. But you do have a pdf print driver. In the case. That your computer does not have adobe acrobat or you re not using one of the new vsp computers and still want to print to pdfs.

There s lots of solutions out there one of them is to use this program from pdf for joerg it s a free program. You can download it install it into your computer and once you ve done that you will then have a pdfcreator option in your printer setups. So that s getting a word document in and out of onenote you can use other programs as well you can add another page say. I m going to want to do a powerpoint thing on black holes.

I can open up powerpoint file print. Same as before send to onenote 2013 print. There we go and there you have the powerpoint now let s suppose you have multiple blocks of the same course so. In this case.

I have physics 11 block 1 1. I also have another block that s 1 2. And i want to use the same lesson for both both courses or classes. I don t want to have to go through all the this stuff again i d like to copy it over so.

That s not too hard..

So i go up to my lesson right click move or copy. And i ll go and find my physics. 11 block 1 2. Of course expand it it was in waves.

So just i m gonna put i m gonna copy this into the waves unit so just highlight waves i can either move or copy usually i m gonna want to copy there we go so now if i go to my other class and i go up into the way of sections. There s the lesson copied over so that s handy you can also copying cut and copy and paste pages you can say i want to put my black hole s thing also into a different class maybe. My science class and add it here paste. There s the black hole s now there are other things you may want to do as well you might not want just the printout of your word document like this is a static document at this point you can t edit.

It it s basically like a picture. I can sort of embed the document itself so i could add a new page and i can go insert and i can do a file attachment. So you can go find that document. I made it doesn t matter.

I ll just pick any word document. So now that document is capsulated inside this program. I used to do this when i first started using onenote the problem with this system is it starts. Creating it makes your onenote file the file that holds the onenote notebook.

It makes it really large because all your all your documents are embedded into it. But if you re afraid you might if this is a really important document you afraid you might lose it you won t know. It s you don t know where on the harddrive. It s kept anything like that you can embed it into your onenote insert there s all sorts of different leasing insert spreadsheets scan images you can record audio and video actually directly into onenote.

It has the equation editor in onenote..

As well you can search tables. It s not nearly as good as the table editor and word. But it still works you know heading. 1.

Heading 2 x. Y zed whatever. So. That s another way of getting information into into a note screen clippings can be handy.

I briefly showed at my initial video. But if you look down here there s this onenote clipper tool. And what it allows you to do is to take screen clippings so if i go to web browser again i can go to some picture or whatever it could be anything could just be a website actually i could go to cbc website. And if there s some information here.

I want to save to my onenote screen clipper and drag my window across whatever information is i want to save and it s kind of like the printer tool. I can print it to my current page. I can pick any page i want or i can just save that clipping to the night clipboard. I ll send it to my page was working on there now you can see my image has saved in there.

So that s an overview of how we can get information in and out of ” ..

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