Open Office Calc Auto Sum Function – Open Office Tutorial

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“And welcome to this dcp web tutorial in today s tutorial. I m going to to be giving you a quick tutorial on openoffice autosum function. So if you re familiar with openoffice. Very similar to microsoft excel and if you want to learn more about openoffice you can visit my youtube page and if you scroll down on my youtube videos.

We ve said this tutorial on openoffice calc spreadsheet about half an hour long base quite in depth. And you know you may want to go and check that and torrie that side a lot of views and seems to be quite good tutorial so check that one out if you want to learn more in depth about openoffice. I ve done loads of others obviously you can see them all i ll put a link to my page in the youtube description for this video. So let s move on to openoffice.

I m going to open up open office calc and this is just like microsoft excel very similar switching application. I m going to quickly save my document that s the first thing. I should do so it s going to go file save. And i ve already got document in here called oak autosum function.

And you should put a real file name into here. When you go to save your document that s going to overwrite this one in this example..

We re going to use the autosum function. And you may need to go to view and formula toolbar if you do that form in a toolbar you re gonna see these options here so you need to have to activate you to do this or to follow this tutorial so in this first column. I m gonna put in months and in here. I m gonna put and in here.

I m gonna put in fuel cost this will make sense as we re going along and in here. I m going to pour telephone cost so we may have some other costs associated to our business. So maybe we ll put in here. Some sort of internet related cost maybe your internet access or your hosting with something like this you just got four examples and you may have many more going across the top.

There these are just titles. So we want to get the moths into here. I m just going to save this you know first thing. I ll do is just click on this number one here just zoom in a little bit.

I ll click on this number one right here. I m just gonna make everything bold across the top these will be our titles and in march..

I m gonna type in here jan and then i m gonna click on this little box in the bottom right hand corner here and i m gonna drag down to number 13 which will give me all of the mumps is called series filling. So i didn t have to type the morning. I quickly filled them out for me and i m gonna highlight bcd and here using my left mouse button and i m gonna right click and in fact i will do f as well so i m gonna highlight all of these i m gonna right click and i m gonna say format cell and i m gonna say it s your currency value click ok so these would all be currency forwards now and in here i m gonna write cost this will be our grand hallways for our auto song so those staff wages. We ll just put some figures in here.

What we might have paid to my staff during his period. To study. Maybe. The ladies were pretty consistent and then you talk on maybe another member of staff.

So there s some figures in here fuel cost so i m trying to make this a bit random not exactly the same figures for every field. We ll just finish on test date here tell if i m close or just fees on figures here internet. We can just say. This is pretty consistent right and a whole month for every month of the year.

So autofit was allow us to quickly add up all in these figures to give us grand halls. So let s say for example..

We ll need to work out how much did we spend on staff wages for the whole month. We ll click on this bottom cell down here and we ll click on this auto song and it will highlight all of the figures within that range of this b column and we hit the enter key or click. This green button. Here and that will give us a grand total and then we can do the same for fuel costs.

So who quickly get grant holes for what we spent for the whole year here you can see what we spent for this particular year. We can even make these bold just to highlight them so we can see what we spent on wages. Fuel costs telephone cost internet cost for the whole year range down. Here.

That s quite easy to quickly add up these figures without having to add them manually one by one that s a nice feature of open office and we may also want to add up our monthly costs. So we can see roughly what we spent every month. And how that fluctuated for every month. I m clicking on this cell here left clicking.

I m highlighting the whole row and then using the autosum so will you see how much we spent on a given month. Just going to face these quickly you may have had more columns in here with other figures in there..

But with his see now grand hall was for every single month and then in this box here we can do a grand hole or for the whole year. So we can we can do this in two ways we can have a you know the easiest way to do. It is just to auto sum this whole section here so we can see it s twenty six thousand that s a grand total for the whole year. So you know within a few minutes.

We ve got all the marks in there we ve got all of our videos and we managed to calculate our grand halls. I thought was for staff wages for the year and that s hello phone and so forth. And we ve got our grand hallways put them off nice and quick and easy way to generate data for our running costs for the year. So that was quick and simple and we could even convert this into a graph or a chart or something along these lines and we could see the data rain in another view.

And that would be nice to see you know a different way of looking at the data. But we ll leave that for another tutorial so this is a quick demo on how to use auto filters to quickly generate subtotals for different columns whether it s the vertical column or horizontal column. So hope that makes sense. And i look forward to seeing you on the next tutorial.

” ..

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