Our custom AMD 3900X system won t POST… BIOS Failure?

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So recently on twitter. Follower reached out to me asking if i d seen any of the temperature issues that a lot of people were reporting with the 3900 x. Apparently. There s been a lot of controversy like apparently it s 50 megahertz slower than advertised or something like that i mean.

There s a lot of straw grass being going on and people just wanting to be mad at brands for whatever reason. And there s another one going right now. Which is the fact that the cpus are running super freakin hot. And that s not something that we didn t experience at the time of doing our build here.

Which you guys might remember this is our dark knight build when the cleanest aesthetic builds. I ve ever done i m glad we kept it together because we re gonna do some testing here today. We re gonna show you exactly what i mean with there are just problems when it comes to adopting new platforms. This being no exception now well we did our first 3900 x review.

We used the crosshair motherboard. The new asus crosshair. I remember the exact number was of it or whatever. But they called it something else was a really expensive board and we noticed very high temperatures.

Even with a ios and we also saw that the bios was pumping way too much voltage to the cpu and having some back and forth with asus has sent us some in the board. We were experiencing very similar results and it was then basically like well the cpu is the problem. It s only giving the voltage. The cpus asking for so whether or not it s a micro code problem or not i have no idea.

But i m seeing a lot of people talk about extreme temperatures. It s not just the core density. The fact that there s 12 cores and 24 threads on and of course those core modules. Being seven nanometer.

Very focused heat two of those crammed under an ihs including an input output controller that s a lot of heat focused under one area. But that s not the problem the problem quite honestly is the amount of voltage. It s being pumped through it now one of the things i planned on doing here. With this x 570.

God like m. Eg godlike board from msi will show you how we ve kind of gone around that and some manual changes there. But the first thing. I always recommend that people do when they re dealing with issues in terms of wonky bios settings update your bios unfortunately we were blocked you can add a word in front of blocked.

If you want i m moving forward with that particular video. We started to shoot this one because updating the bios now has effectively bricked. Our assistant anna sigh. You make great hardware.

But you re up there with the ranks of gigabyte in the fact that your bios team sucks donkey balls. I m sorry oh yeah. And it s rgb puke because again iq doesn t have any has volatile memory. Which means that when you turn it off there s no controller until you re back in windows.

And are able to control your lighting. So that s why we have rgb pupil check that out cpu error guys. This is the fresh buy this install we got to the bios once and so what i m gonna do now is i m just gonna do a simple clear cmos and we may or may not get into the bios..


This is what i ve been experiencing all morning a system that was working perfectly fine until. I did nothing. But installed there stability improvements bios. The abbo one which apparently everyone s loving and i m now getting a system that gives me absolutely no post.

Because it s just like mmm. When you do a clear cmos. There s a lot more stuff that happens. When it boots back up memory training.

All that sort of stuff so it takes a lot longer you can pc with that post code. There we go so here s the thing we are now in bios. What i want to show you right here device has changed memory or cmos has been cleared. Yeah.

I know i did it alright. So we re going into bios right here. Previous bios was actually running one point three five volts on its own set to auto and the new bios one point four nine eight. Volts no one in their right mind should be running 15.

Volts on this i don t care. If 95. C is. Appropriate i don t.

Care what the max temperature is 15. Volts is absolutely ridiculous. Now yeah. And maybe showing that the cpu temperature is running at 29 c.

But this is all factory settings okay fine good enough right that s fine factory settings f5. No that s it s different. There f6 is a little optimized defaults once again f10 saved exit. Let s see.

If it ll even post. Okay. This is what i experienced last time where would immediately give me a cpu error. And i don t know if that has something to do with the amount of volts that it s just shoving down the cpus throat or if we re actually gonna get a good post or not now.

This is not this is not isolated to the 3000 series this happened with the 1000 series this happened with the 2000 series. And it s continuing with the 3000 series. So i have i have no doubt brands are gonna reach out to me whining. And complaining that i that oh look at that cpu error this is this one s on msi.

Honestly this could be voltage related. I don t know let me go ahead and power cycle. This again see if we can get to come back the one thing. I will tell you the msi does write is at least.

The rgb values will sustain through a power restart. Whereas. Apparently corsair. Can t figure that one out.

That s actually. The corsair block plugged directly into the corsair j. Header on the c nut. Now we booted.

I m not feeling very zen right now because the uses saw what i had to go through to get into windows now v. Core is the amount of voltages that s like that s like vin on intel. Which is the voltage in and then each of your cores also look for their own bolt. That s the v.

Id but look at this. The. Id 10 is like i need. 15 in the rest of art 10.

So clearly we have one core doing something right now. Which is probably loading. All the background tasks and whatnot look at that all the cores right now are looking for 15. Volts.

That s insane our actual cpu package temp. Right now is that 46 c. At the desktop now..


This is what a lot of people are complaining about and look we re back to white now because iq finally load it up so we are gonna go ahead and run cinebench r20 in loop mode. I don t think we re gonna need to do very many passes before we start finding our temperatures go completely through the roof so what s gonna happen here. While it s running because so much resources are going to r20 you re going to notice. This is taking a while to.

Update so we re at. 61 see vid is at 125. O v. Core.

Dropped down to one point two six four. So that s actually not too bad alright. So we got a seven thousand seventy four and our twenty. So our max temperature was 63.

See now that s actually not so bad. So basically. What happened here is as the cpu went under load. There was kind of a load line calibration that reduces the voltage.

Now that s what happens when a lot of people do overclocking and leave these settings on stock is the amount of reduction could bring it below stability. We were noticing with our asus board is that wasn t happening. It was not reducing the voltage. If anything it was staying exactly or it was it s like the one point four seven to one point.

Five. Which is making us see a plus c. Under water so fortunately. The new bios here did give us a scenario.

We were where we were able to actually see a reduction in voltage. Where it wasn t terrible terrible 63 c underwater. I think that s exactly where i would expect this cpu to be given its core density and all that sort of stuff. I think one test is fine to see what the spikes are gonna be cuz this if you re having an issue with temperature regarding voltage spiking it s gonna happen regardless of how long you let the temperatures equalize and that s because the amount of voltage being pounded into the chip.

It s not even making it to the cooler to begin with it s just completely overpowering. It so let s go ahead now and go into the bios and i m gonna show you at least on this meg board what some of the changes. I would make are that the reason. Why i m making this video is i know for a fact.

There s a lot of people that built their systems specifically because a and b came out with the 3000 series. And you may or may not have been dealing with this or are dealing with this and you re just at a you just completely at a loss of what to do next you might think your cpus bed. You might be contacting motherboard. Support.

Or you know whoever your support is for your particular motherboard or even amd and they re all telling you okay. We ll send it back rma and you could get a new cpu put it in and get the exact same problem. This is unacceptable. There is no reason with a 700 motherboard in this case and a 500 cpu that sort of problem should be happening.

And if i sound pissed. It s because of the fact that these companies almost prey on the fact that people are going to go out and buy this new hardware and they re gonna build new systems and stuff and they re doing half a surrey like this where they re not putting enough effort into the stability of their systems. And i m sick and tired of this this has been happening now as long as i ve been dealing with product launches. Unfortunately.

It s always the worst with a and d. I m now gonna get on my intel system to download a new browse for this. Fortunately. Msi.

Does make. The bios flashback. Fairly simple m. Flashback.

Oh. God that mouse lag. And then what s gonna do is just gonna restart into the bios flash utility. If it doesn t give a cpu error first so i m actually rolling back to the previous version.

But i had to do what for restarts for restarts and then just randomly. Work anyway so we re just rolling back one version 21. For oh i think we were on dot. One three oh.

Which was the action like the july build which was the one that she launched with so we re gonna let this do its thing and then hopefully that cp error will start. We know its bios related. Because the problems started with the bios so with the bios update..


Anyway alright. So the first boot on the old bios. Well the one version old bios so far is a good boot. So old screen come on for a second anyway.

We ve got a blue light. But no signal is it during a second thing. I mean a little stupid logos. Still going alright.

There it is again cpu error. So when i want to make sure here game boost function control. Bios options. I don t want anything happening.

There that boost control is set to zero. We re not even in a xmp or any of that so i want to make sure everything is just as solid as can be core voltage is set to auto and as you can see right there. It s still pushing that super high number so i m gonna do right now is gonna go override i m just gonna hard code in will point three five volts i know that that s fine cpu north grades soc voltage. I m gonna set that at one point one that s fine that s a slight.

No we ll go one point. Oh five how s that so all i do with that there was go in and set voltages that i know we re fine. Which are much lower than this thing s trying to do from the factory and let s just see if this will get into windows. It s just frustrating because it was working perfectly fine until i updated the bios for the sake of this video.

And there it is alright so it s all stock behavior like we expect a couple of cores are going at the four point five this shows our one point three five to v core on there. But our vid as you can see it s still pulling all the way up to one point four five. So. Let s just go ahead and run.

This again. Oh yeah. Look at that drop totally down. To one volt unbid.

Oh. Yeah. See the core clock dropped way down. And that s probably cuz.

It s under voltage. Now and that s expected behavior because we ve seen that happen with steve steve. Did a very good video gamers nexus about how voltage and core clock. Definitely are connected.

So because we pulled the voltage down our vid went way too low and so. We should see a significant reduction. Right now in our score. Oh yeah look how far that drop down 5865 for a seven thousand.

So. Let s go ahead. Now with this bios. If i just hit restart.

Let s say a failed boot or not go back to the factory defaults and see what happens with the voltage in there. But if this video has served any purpose it s not to fix your problem because you can t fix the problem. That s taking place at the bios levels. Because the bios in many of these instances are the problem you can go in there make manual changes.

But if you re dealing with like the problem deal with here. Which is the cpu error on frickin restart when it worked just fine. That s on msi you guys can t overcome that recommendations. I don t have any this is a problem that has existed with every amd launched as long as i ve been doing youtube.

Now. Which is seven years every amd launch has been plagued with bios issues. Driver issues general stability issues until they become ironed out months. After the fact.

Why do you think. The 3950 isn t out yet. I think. It s supposed to be out in a couple of weeks here.

But that s one of the reasons. Why it was probably delayed because if we re seeing all these bios level issues with the 3900 x2 3950 isn t gonna be a solution to any of that sort of stuff before i started this video. I had the lunch bios with this motherboard installed..


It s it s basically ground. 0. Bios it s the one the board shipped with i was running. 13.

5 volts across the board including. Vid i was getting 42. Gigahertz locked on all course innocent and bench r20. Getting 7400.

Points 1800 megahertz on the. Fabric and then the xmp profile up to 3800. Megahertz on the ram got me those settings for the max temperature of 68. If i hadn t touched any of that stuff and i was running the asus board.

We got over 85 see you know this is my own fault. This is my own fault. Because i had to touch the stupid bios and it was worked perfectly fine. So now i m back on the og bios and we re getting the same problem in fact.

I m getting it more so now than i was before obviously this isn t happening to everyone otherwise. It would be a much more widespread known problem. See now twin. See i have to do like.

10 reboots in a row. No clear cmos nothing just a bunch of reboots and then finally it ll turn on if you re having overheating problems like i already said. Check your voltages. They re more than likely going through the roof and by check your voltages.

I don t mean go to the bios and check it i mean do download hw monitor or look at amd rise and master or something while the test is running and buy tests whatever stress test whether it be cinebench. Which is free what the hell just happened here. What haha anyway you were saying. I m saying i m over this crap okay if you re having temperature problems download.

Some sort of a monitor use rison master use whatever stress you want to on your cpu usually the extremely high temperatures are gonna show themselves in like avx instructions cinebench blender that sort of stuff where you re gonna see the temperatures a gaming is not gonna usually stress. It nearly enough i have no idea why this system suddenly started doing this on us. And that s the problem is that if we re experienced. It someone else somewhere else probably is and is pulling their hair out trying to figure out what the heck is going on so i m not saying.

A meme needs a bad company. I m not saying emphasize a bad company. But i m saying that i have done enough launches now three rise in launches a thread ripper launch. Because that s all amd s launched.

So far since we ve you know i ve been doing this channel. And this has been a reoccurring theme across the board now intel is not perfect either. We ve experienced problems on intel drivers and intel bios and all that sort of stuff. But it s not quite as dramatic as this so it s one of the reasons.

Why my personal builds is stuff always end up being on intel is because of overall stability. I would take overall stability over maximum core count or value or any of that stuff any day. But then again i m in a unique position to where i get to experience all this sort of stuff and speak from first hand. Account and first hand experience rather than just reading reddit forums and all that sort of stuff and trying to formulate my own opinion based on other people s are other people are saying.

This is my own personal experience. And i m going by here so today s video. Really was nothing more than to be a rant a rant about these types of problems constantly being an issue. What s gonna probably happen here is we re probably gonna get reached out to and be like why didn t you contact us before you made this video well because this is my user experience.

And this channel is about showing you these experiences as they happen not fixing them behind the scenes to try and make a company look better at the end of the day. This is what we experienced sharing it with you and that is that that s the point of this channel. And that s the way always going to be so. If you guys are having funky.

Amd issues. Why don t you comment down below with what you re experiencing. I m sure that s gonna be a few so thanks for watching guys as always we ll see you in the next one. And i have no problems tearing the system apart.

Now because if the motherboard is giving me. A problem well. It s the motherboard and mothers of the things. And if it has a problem nothing ” .


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