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” s my daughter playing on the four wheeler well tonight is our first movie night night of the year finally got some decent weather tonight 65 degrees and we ll it but i want to show you our movie set up this is kind of our gazebo. We just set it up tonight put it up every year on the deck here and we put our popcorn maker in there. So that is our popcorn maker this year. We really upgraded if you can see those are some rockville pa.

System and that thing is mega. Loud it s incredible you can watch my review on it i have a review. I did on it. But we ll have a fire and you know s mores and all that fun stuff.

But i wanted to show you my movie set up this is a van kyo leisure 5 10 projector a samsung blu ray player and these are just tripod stands to set the projector on adjust it but this is the first time i ll be using this this is a camp chef outdoor movie screen. And it s 12 foot gigantic. So i m excited to set this up..


So let s set it up and get this all set up. So yeah. Alright well we got the frame all up that literally took us five minutes. Not even it s very easy so so far.

So good. All you got to do is connect letter to letter. That s a g to g. D.

To d. And so on and so forth. So now we re going to put on this big screen..


So let s get that put on alright guys. We got it set up let me go over this very real quick with you alright this is a thank you oh leisure 510 projector. It is hd so you have hdmi ports here and i have it plugged in right to the blu ray and it is 720 not 1080 you can get 1080. But it is really clear because i ve used used it.

But there is a camp chef setup. It s one hundred and forty four inch corner of the corner. It s actually giant one thing. I did want to show you if you do have this projector to hook.

It up to external speakers. You really only got one choice. The speakers built in are good..


But not for outside. There is a port here if you can see for headphones. And i have a 25 foot cord this cord. Only costs 8 on amazon.

I think it was and i run it right to the back of the pa system. And if you can see it is plugged right. There up the red and white and that is hooked into the rockville speakers. And there is the screen and that thing is gigantic.

I m excited to use it so we re gonna have some kiddos over tonight with our kiddos and have a fire and s. mores. And all that fun so once i get the movie going here and about an hour and a half or so wow..


I ll show you what it looks like a double decker ports way so we can always hang together wow. It s sweet it is it s just it s going to attract aliens and get destroyed. But it won t make everything awesome again and then you ve gotta stop pretending everything is awesome. It isn t every morning you walk through town saying that terrible annoying manufactured pop song song really seems to upset you no it doesn t me that song was fine when we were younger.

But we also have to grow up sometime can you do that for me. I can try that is the movie system barely see me in the fire. ” ..


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