PayPal Account Limited How I Got My PayPal Account Restored & My Exact Appeal Letter

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“Limited my account and they cannot tell me why paypal has probably the strictest rules rules when it comes to using their service. I have been using paypal for about decade. And always had just one account. Until recently paypal.

Limited. My account a few days ago..

And it gave me way too many headaches. According to any reasonable human being the paypal limitation that was applied to my account was unfair and unjustified they notified me over email that my account was limited due to suspicious activity that can mean anything so the first thing i did was to check my account look at the transaction history and logins. But i could not find anything unusual. There was no indication that i did anything against paypal terms of service.

That would flag my account as far as i could tell my account was in good standing after hours of looking into my account checking their terms of service and looking through forms as to why paypal would limit my account. I decided to give them a call..

The person that answered had difficulties expressing himself in english. But after more than 30 minutes of going back and forth. I decided to give up according to the support representative. The reason.

I was suspended was specified in the email. I received short recap the email stated that i was limited due to suspicious activity which can mean anything or nothing in my opinion..

It is a mistake and paypal does not admit that my account was limited unfairly their support staff barely provides any support. I found out that you could not even appeal. The limitation paypal decides if you are allowed to use your account or not they decide if you have access to your money or not i would not have made such a big case out of it because i did not have all that much money in my account. What is concerning is that i am certain that the way paypal.

Limited my account is not an exception. It surely happened to countless other users that might have lost thousands of dollars for no reason at all it can happen to small online businesses and it can happen to simple users..

Alike. If your paypal account. Has been suspended as well leave us a comment below the video and share your experience with us don t forget to subscribe and enable notification click the link in the description to download your free paypal appeal letter and also learn how to open a new account with 100 legal methods you ” ..


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