PC Won t Boot, Continuous Beep Code

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“Right so i ve got homeless afternoon ready to get online want you to play play some games and wouldn t you know it computer isn t starting. It would i get one beat code. It would post nothing so today. I figured out its power supply.

So we re going to be installing the evga 850 watt power supply semi modular. Let s get started alright. See i got home today and turned out in my computer. It seemed like it was posting and then it just wouldn t start so after about an hour of diagnosing and trying to figure out what what s the issue.

I figured out that it is the power supply it would actually after i had that problem you know it seems like it wasn t on post. So i proceeded my cmos battery to reset the bios and it s actually got to work and then i turned it off and went picked up my brother from his classes and after that i got back home turn back on it again wouldn t start so. Except this time. I was getting a different error.

It was beeping at me constantly is non stop so after looking up that issue. They said that oh your power supply is bad my gray. So i run off the best buy to go and get a new power supply and a hundred dollars later hopefully we can get this thing up and running again so we almost have the old power supply out and undo all the cable management..


You know it will mean management is really good it s but you re actually trying to take your power supply out it s a pain in the butt. Yeah so right now. It s time to make sure that all these cables around here properly intrude on the stuff. I m doing this.

But um yeah. It sucks this power supply is about five years old. So. I guess.

It s about time for it to die. A long time. I mean four years is a long time before power supply. The last this one is a course there so you can see there that s old power supply of course.

They re tx. 650. And apparently ed died..


Let s go ahead. Now the nice thing about about the new 1 2. Is is semi modular as i said because and so i don t have all these cables. Sitting here hanging out of this but be very good means this.

Power supply should actually be a lot easier to cable manage because not having nearly as many cables. Table names would need to want to make sure everything is disconnected. Just so that you don t go. And you know.

While you re installing this the cable snags. Another cable and you rip here say to pour it out i come about to do if i m not careful need to pull out my graphics card that is a 660 ton of old but still gets the job done still a very good graphics card now the reason. I actually upgraded from a 662 or from a 650 to 850. Is mainly because eventually i like to put a better power supply in here.

So by getting late 50 have a little bit more power to play with this is nice all these cables over here you need to make sure they re out of the way. Nothing squish. Them you set the new power supply back in and you screw..


It in alright. So. The new power supply is screwed in now go through run it through your cable management. Please don t just throw the cables in here your computer will thank you when you have cables in the way this block your airflow so just squeeze it through your cable management hole run it back through inside the case.

I ll promise you it ll be a lot better all right so just about done. Installing all the connectors and did you install it everything being test fit and make sure the next works. Hopefully it does if not well to be continued all right i ll tell you what they already don t want this connector here does not clip on they re just free. So it s real hard to get both connectors in at the same time.

I m going complain about that so we have the power supply installed. Because a really pain in the butt to get the auxilary cpu power in what ended up doing was just taking this time is it tying them to make it as if one cable. Because it s a four plus four so normally with the split connections like that they have a little clip in there that will you know make them once all cable. No so i just took the zip zip trying to tie.

It around their weight. A once all cable plugged it in it was super easy and then i just cut the zip ties. You can have the graphics power supply you have the 24 pin down..


Here. So i ll plugged in everything should be good let s try and boot. Shall we and power yes haha work baby yes now this a cmos filled because i reset. These bios earlier.

But all have needs is going back into the bios reset. That number have been running good windows is booting alright. So the panel pieces is just to put your side kingston s back on make sure that everything is connected after that you re good to go um. I appreciate you for checking out this video.

If you you know have any problems with your computer. I have a bios storm t. Series motherboard and mouse is just doing constant beeping just beat beat beat beat beat just non stop. So if you have that issue.

It is more than likely the power supply so i just want i just want to throw that out there i appreciate it and i will see you guys next time make sure to like and subscribe for more content. I ll see you ” ..

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