Ping Fix Windows 10 (Gaming) – Lower Ping & Fix Lag 2018

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“Smackers coming smack here today. We re gonna go ahead and teach you how to to get your ping. Very low. If you are on windows 10.

This tutorial will you through it you want to make sure you follow it exactly as we go through. I will try to do my very best to explain it i m excited let s go ahead and get it on to it and show you how to do it. If. This is your first time.

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Really would appreciate it so what we re gonna do first here is we re gonna go ahead and make a change so on the desktop. The first thing we re going to do is go and bring up the control panel. Easiest ways just to go and search and type control. You ll see control panel.

We ll go ahead and click on that from here. The next window will come up we want to go ahead and click on programs. We re going to turn windows feature on or off and here we re going to go ahead and select microsoft message cue server. This will be needed to make the changes before we do this i just wanna let you know we will be doing it changes to the registry.


So if you feel ok with that that s great if you don t i understand it i do have another video that does show you how to go ahead and change ping other ways as well and also more than just windows 10. I ll go ahead and link it at the top here you can follow that all the steps. Except step two can be used for any game step. Two is for fortnight specific so for this if you do want to continue on here.

We go we ll go ahead and click this box and then we ll go ahead and choose ok. It s gonna go ahead an apply two changes and you re done let s go ahead and click close. And it will close out of here great so next. What we want to do is go into the registry.

So to do that we ll go down here we ll hit search again. We ll type reg edit. And here it is just like that we ll go ahead and click on it if you get this message. You just want to say yes as long as you re sure and here.

You re gonna have all the different ones. We re gonna be working in h. Key local machine for all of this. So you don t have to worry about the other keys.

So we ll go ahead and expand this one so the first one we want to do is go down and choose software next. We want to go ahead and choose microsoft once we get the microsoft we re gonna choose windows nt so what i usually do is i just click on one and then hit w. And it ll take you down to the w s and we re gonna find windows nt here and we re going to go ahead and expand that one and when i click on current version and we re gonna expand that one and then we re gonna go ahead and choose multimedia. We re gonna expand that one as well and then regular click on system profile and you should be here.


So what we want to do in this. One is we will right click on network. Throttling index and choose modify here. We re gonna change the value to f.

It s a capital eight times. So one two three four five six seven eight f. As in frank. And then when i go ahead and click ok.

It has to be exactly like this so make sure that is correct before you click ok great so now we can go ahead and go back. We re done with this one you can collapse some of them so it doesn t get to too much to look at at one time and now we re going to be back on h. Key local machine here we re gonna go ahead and choose system this time and we re going to expand that from there we re gonna go to current control set we re going to expand that services again expand this one s gonna be tcp ip. So we ll click and hit t for thomas and then we ll scroll down and we ll see tcp ip and we will expand that one and parameters is next and then finally interfaces.

Because what i m going to do is i m going to put all of these paths in the description for you that way if it s a little hard to follow along you can go through there as a reference so now in your interface. You re gonna have a bunch of gobbly gook in here one of them is going to contain your information and that s the one we want it s gonna be the one that s the longest. So if you go and say the first one this one s not the right one you see how there s only like six or seven items in here. That s not the right one that s not the right one.

But if we go down to this one. And it s got more informations. Got your ip address. This will be the right one.


So this is the one we want to go ahead and years. So what we want to do is we want to check if you have tcp ack frequency already that s great if you don t go ahead and create it and to create it all you would do is right click new and choose d word. 32. Bit and then type in just like it appears there and then hit enter it won t allow me to create because i already have it so i ll just hit escape and we ll just remove this one.

But if you already have it that s great right click on it modify and make sure it s set to one if it s not set it to one and then click ok next we re going to choose new and we re gonna do d word. 32. Again this one is going to be tcp ip no delay just like that case sensitive. We re going to right click on that choose modify and value will be one awesome.

So we got that set up so let s go ahead and we ll collapse this we re almost done two more let s go ahead and we ll just scroll up here now we can collapse so next. We want to go back to software. And when i go back to microsoft and here we re looking for ms. Mq there we go so once we have this selected.

We re going go ahead and go over to the right here and we re gonna create one we re gonna right click and choose new d word. 32. Value here. We re going to type tcp.

No delay and then we re gonna double click on it change the value to 1 click ok once we do that we re gonna expand this one choose parameters and here. We re gonna right click and choose new and d word. 32. Value your rena type tcp.


And oh delay. Again. The n. And the d capitalized and tcp double click on this change the value to 1 click ok.

Once you do that you can go ahead and close this and you are good to go we did it we changed all the settings. You might want to go through and restart to computer just to make sure everything s nice and smooth. But that s all we need to do so that will basically request quicker and use more of your pc to go through and keep the connection. Nice and smooth so it should increase your your ping from multiple games.

Not just one. If you re having a problem in multiple areas. This would be it if you haven t checked out my other video. And i can appear make sure you go ahead and follow that one as well because that will give you some more information on how to go ahead and fix your pain.

I hope this works for you guys if it did please leave some information in the comments. Let me know what your pin was and what your ping is now after you ve done. It i d love to hear it and guys as always smack ow. ” .


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