Pokemon Planet – How to Get HM Flash! #4

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“Everyone and welcome to autobahns gaming gasp today. We are here back in pokemon planet. Planet. It is time to do the next episode of series guys sorry about not a video yesterday to make up for it you will have two videos today so be looking out for both of those videos.

But here we go in today s video. Which will be doing taking over vermilion city. But we have gloom in wartortle glu mobile. You okay against them but wartortle not so much so what i m doing is finding a good ground type pok mon and since i don t want to do diglett.

I m also going to go check the global market to see if i can find anything else from there because you guys might not know this. But there s actually a global market that you can go and you can buy pokemon for other trainers and other places like that but i probably don t have enough money for anything here i have 2000. Let s see what i can get for 2 grand here ok global marketplace. Let s see if we can buy a.

I don t know what what s a good ground pokemon let s see if we can find ourselves a cubone. Maybe. He bone. He bone is a very rare in pokemon playoff game.

Top today. Ok alright so this right here you can top in like any letters phrase is gonna pop up those a kibo mask. Oh that s that s pretty cool. Alright so here we got the key.

Bones she was once 50000. So i doubt we re gonna get a key bone all right so that s okay. That s okay what put one till. We have here we re going to set the kitchen diglett after all i don t know i really i really don t want to have to get anything else i guess.

That s it i don t know what ground pokemon. There is and i don t want to take one for my main account either cuddy. They ll be cheating. I just wanna do stuff like with people that pokemon people can easily get.

So let s just go ahead and get yourself an awesome diglett over here actually found some eyeballs. We re running low on pokeballs here. But gloom is now got status effects. So we can actually put him to sleep.

Which is gonna help out the cat trade a little bit all right so we can get repairs for the cave. Now let s not about too many pokeballs. Let s bob out just three more. I think that ll be fine enough to catch him if not that s that s that just sucks alright.

So 300 bucks will come back from our pokeballs. If we need them we have escape ropes and repels weird having that to escape ropes. We need to buy some repels. Though stocking up on repelled is going to be a thing that we re gonna do before you went to rock tunnel for sure because rocket tunnel guys.

If you ve never been there before it sucks. But over here is diglett k. We are gonna go over check over here. I ve already been over here yet so this is all kind of new to me.

But uh. I guess. This is dedicated this way i think so all right since we re going swimming. We might as well get hm flash.

If this is the right place. Oh. This is the new donation synthesis. This is a lot cooler than the orcas.

There is alright so well that s where you donate money now. I guess i ll feel like a separate video amount of inches. Probably well here we go let s go and see if we can find ourselves the world s most perfect diglett alright. Oh.

Okay so this is the new cave here what won t spawn here the brocade attacks bonds and stuff. I want to know if you change any spawns okay we get still got the same exact pokemon. But that s okay here we go let us go up north. Okay okay.

We re looking for a good diglett. Everybody looking for a good ol dickless. So if you check the spawns here you re going to see that it s diglett dugtrio. I m pretty sure i have a top slash let s see here pokemon slash pokemon diglett dugtrio.

They re rare. But i want to find me a good one..

I don t like the way that this one is yeah. This is you re fast man these things are fast. Okay. We might have to train a little bit too so that way it can actually like do stuff alright alright.

Guys. I m just gonna go to the cave. Here this cave is pretty straight. It just it just goes one way.

There s no ladders anything going to different directions. It s a straight cave straight to the hm. So what i m gonna do is you guys follow me and we will make our way to get hm flash. I ll catch a diglett after itchin flash.

Unless i find one that s like a little 15 or higher. I m looking for like higher than level. 13. Oh so 13 is just like the average number that they are and maybe we ll run it to dugtrio by the end of this that ll be really cool that would be amazing.

But we will see what happens we will see that tree will be a lot cooler to find instead of diglett. Okay. Diglett level. 13.

Again and we need some good pok mon around here. We need some good ones. We need some good ones glutton could train here forever. Probably glutton could train here forever okay.

Getting all the experience. We need though getting all the experience. We need i think these new caves do look really good i know i set every episode. I m probably on i said every single episode to the very end of this series.

But these maps these note that have maps that they do look amazing. Alright alright. Big glitch. Vaunted flume.

Got 301 experience. So the experience. Here. Not too.

Great. Though experience. Here is not too great let s just continue on we gotta continue walking i don t thrown into you wild pokemon spots cuz. I waited really long a lot of walking there with no no encounters that s pretty good oh and i d slided sleep powder.

No no okay oh make it rinsing out of here mega drone. There we go covered some hp recovered. Some hp. Thank you thank you very much okay we got 31.

Buckaroo teas. 31. Buckaroo knees all right what we got here. Oh level.

17. Dale. It this is my diglett. This.

One is mine okay let s go ahead put it to sleep sleep powder dale it fell asleep perfect perfect perfect uh should we try to weaken it some let s see if we can weaken it some i m gonna go for cuts all right come on don t knock it out we missed somehow. I missed a sleeping pokemon somehow alright so come on hit. It hard. Oh yeah.

Now we can have a good chance to catching. All we caught it on the first ball and here we go a modest that sucks. But we got a lot it ll be it ll be fine for our playthrough. I guess did we found for the playthrough.

Ok diglett. You did good buddy you did good. Nick let s dig little dig will do if i find another 17 pokemon diglett. I m gonna try to catch it because i want to try to get at least decent nature.

So it doesn t just suck you know i feel like diglett needs to have pretty good stats. So it s gonna be okay..

But i don t know maybe it ll do good anyways. We ll see what happens in the future. Oh. My gosh how many encounters level 11.

Yeah level 11. I don t move women s mega drain up to the front because i m at that click on sleep powder. Every single time all right here we go diglettz take a little look at that little look a little it and moves. Let s move mega ramp to the first spot.

There. And let s finish so in the end of the cave is just right up here. Yeah. It should be just right up.

Here. This is cave is a lot longer than it used to be a lot longer than it used to be if you have repels you could hit escape super easy guys. I advise going getting rappel to the sky. If you don t want all these eaglets is the repels to the pokemon store back.

There you re gonna get those and that s gonna help you out a lot. But i ll save my money right now so i can use that to fight up against the rocket on a wild pokemon. I probably won t have enough to buy a decent amount to actually do anything but we ll see what happens alright alright make a drain gloom. But level up bloom is about to level up was blame is about to to level up alright 33 bucks for that let s see what we can do we get out of here.

We got a boy deglet. We got a boy big mitt hey. Hey alright. So i think to do this we have to be able to we have to have caught ten different pokemon.

But we will have to do that over in the grass over here we have pokeballs and i m gonna catch. And i think i have had five different kinds so i m gonna catch five more different kind probably let s see. What he says though let s see what he says here hey remember me i m professor oak s aid if you ve caught at least 10 in book 1 i can give you a ward. You ve only got five pokemon.

Okay so we got a catch five more pokemon. So let s go ahead and see what we can get boys all right so we probably need the other breeding forest. Just guess whatever we can get alright. So here s a tree.

I can have to use cut on probably one says you can skip and three of these places. The trees here can you go under the tree here no one said you could i don t i don t believe it. I m gonna see. Though oh wow.

You can literally skip. The map you can skip the map. Alright brodie. Need to check that out brodie needs to check that out right there alrighty then get or we go quieto.

We go and cut the tree down boom. There we go ok it doesn t give her the tree anymore that sucks just walk through it alright. So let s see if we can get five pokemon. We got hich five of them alright.

So first one up is going to be my little rat here and sleep powder and we re probably gonna get more balls and stuff. Though. This is not gonna be enough probably alright guys well that rat actually did nothing at all for us. We didn t get to catch it i use every single ball that i had to get so i m gonna bomb are both pokeballs.

I hope that viridian city actually has pokeballs they don t that s gonna suck if they don t that is going to suck alright here. We go that guy s a local room it looks amazing it looks beautiful alright. I mean to hell up really quick so that way i can use diglett maybe. I don t i don t know let s do that have let s check out moves and stuff.

Magnitude mud slap a smallish gray alright. So i m just gonna go ahead and use gloom. Here. Because gloom can put them to sleep.

And stuff okay here we go here we go and boom. There gotcha all right so let s buy some more. Pokeballs i ll have 2400 hopefully they sell pokeballs here. They don t that s going to be bad if they don t let something really bad alright.

So let s go to the vendor. Oh they sell pokeballs perfect alright. So each one of the hundred dollars. So we can buy 24 pokeballs.

We might actually need them so let s just buy all 24 alright. So there we go we bought 24 pokeballs..

This sucks this sucks. We have no money and with 24 pokeballs. I feel out that might have been a touchpad pokemon. But we gotta get 5 of them if we can catch a little rat might want to use the team.

So i put one because you can t wait get the pokemon you can t not weaken them. If you because they don t have a pokemon. Oh. Just one shot or single pokemon here.

Ok. I think we can only catch pg and rats here. So let s just move on up to the forest. A little bit more stuff we catch a pidgey in a wrap.

We can move into the forest and just catch the rest put them on there i had no idea you could catch caterpie. I m wheedle here so that s pretty cool you can catch 4 different pokemon here vetoes an uncommon book hunt. So we found an uncommon pokemon. It s a weedle hey we got a weedle yeah first catch.

We ve now caught six pokemon. Which is awesome. Which is totally awesome ok guys listen do you caught the wild wheedle alright so there we go pigeon pigeon is new you can cut this thing sleep powder or food and pidgey fell asleep and there we go pitties fast asleep let s just go ahead. And capture.

This thing on the ball. Here want pidgey pidgey alright broke free no you still asleep okay. So let s go for my ball. Here we get no all right so when it wakes up.

I m gonna put to sleep just about to wheedle. See if we don t can do anything at all maybe. I don t i don t know oh a b cup. Hit.

You never mind perfect. The jolly pidgey with 30 attack. Wow. A pigeon doesn t image.

Hey quiet alright. So. Let s see if we can get your rat. Now we can get a good rat to be awesome let s see if i can pop me.

And i can t weaken it with too late it s too late alright come on let s run from the battle palpable. Miss ran. Boom. Pigeon mini peel you can help us now oh a caterpie boom.

We can catch this thing we catch bad boy here tackle attack alright alright. There we go let s use one more tackle. Don t knock it out don t lock it out there we go perfect let s see if we can get it now we get it. But when we got the caterpie.

We got caterpie tweedle and gloom alright so piggy i m going to release you buddy i m gonna release you so we ve captured eight pokemon now just two more to go it s two more to go they release. Yes release right so caterpie s up and we ll caterpie s about dead. But we re gonna see if we can catch one more pokemon and then evolve caterpie maybe. I don t know okay let s run away ran from the battle perfect.

So we got rid of our pokemon. It s all good in the hood. Though it s all good okay okay okay. I think we can just see if we get of all this caterpie into a metapod.

I probably seems a professional also with wheedle that i ve been the best thing probably okay. 41. Experience for that wheedle man. I think we d will evolve level.

5. I hope so anyways. I hope he does evolve. A little.

5. Oh yeah. Here s a rat here s a rat here s a rat okay. So let s switch over to wartortle.

I switched to gloom. I don t know i m done okay let s switch over to gloom now go gloom..

There we go we can put to sleep. Actually the rat last time i didn t get to didn t get to catch it because of i use like fat book well i would not catch it at all actually. There s sleep. Now just throw a ball at it on get it we get it too please i m wasting.

So many pokeballs. Oh. That one was almost it almost go to that time where wiggle three times. That s perfect.

But we ll come and get it sometime soon that d be awesome. We re not getting it any time. This is rats just like the super rare something i don t know what it is but catch rate super low man one more time. Oh my god as soon as it goes asleep.

She s about to counter people okay there we go woke up you just tell with perfect putter fits okay let s go for a sleep powder again sleep powder brad fell asleep let s go for the cat go for cat okay cat see what you got here go for the tackle attack. All right you re dead. Though you woke up on this turn here. But that gives us that gets a little bit a little bit of room that way weakened a little bit.

So let s go for gloom put to sleep. And then so we can do see what we couldn t do here. What we were switching the glen. I m done here okay fight sleep powder.

There we go let s catch it and and i don t know let s just catch it and we got it boom yes perfect perfect perfect perfect okay. So how many poke one. If we got now let s let me just push the p and it tells us. We ve caught nine with only nine pokemon so there we go.

It s just really sitting here. Nine pokemon. There we go you re free rat caterpie. You got a little up.

Though so we gotta send you back to the pokemon center. Get healed up. I ll be our bad guys. Yes.

Caterpie is finally evolving us. All right there. We go caterpie evolved in the metapod. And we should have enough pokemon.

Now do get the hmm flash alright here we go i m froze ehm flesh eating flesh. You ll become alright hm flesh. All right it should be just being here if you have ten pokemon. We talked to the guy.

He s gonna give us the hm. And that s pretty much it. That s pretty much it here we go professor oak s aid for me i m one producers aid hey coalition just caught it and cons of pokemon so here is your reward boom. So now we have hm flash perfect.

It s gonna put all eight teams over here in order pokeballs up front. Though there we go eight jim cut. Hm. Flash.

So we gotta find a pokemon. I can learn it in flash. That s all we need to do alright. So.

I m just kind of pokemon. We can use and oh yeah. I m at a pod by the way you re free buddy. You re free.

There we go now we have diglett and gloom and wartortle. Our team is starting to be a little bit more complete guys. But i think this is gonna be up this episode guys so hm flash this video is heading hm flash. If you re looking for specific video to help you how to do something in the game.

There s a list of the links down below the trip ssin of every single episode so far and if you guys kind of idul. There that can help you out more than this video here click on those videos watch that video and guys once again. I will see you all in this video. Thank you all for watching you re ” .


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