Prodigy hack on chrome/chromebook/chromium/chromeos (no download) member,lvl100,killtitan,etc.

how to hack a chromebook This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Prodigy hack on chrome/chromebook/chromium/chromeos (no download) member,lvl100,killtitan,etc.. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Guys and welcome to a tutorial on nprodigy and obviously since you clicked on this this you re trying to hack prodigy nright alright. So go into your main account. You are using the hacks that ni provide you so what we re gonna do is we re gonna go into our account the naccount that you want to hack i m gonna click on a home or school whatever you nwant to be on now as you can see i ve been a member before when i m not a nmember right now and so i want to be a member again so let s go over here. Then nthe link provided in the description will bring you to this.

And it s gonna nhave multiple multiple stuff on this experimental means stuff. That was you nknow just created and has only been tested a few times..

So we re gonna go ninto the original hacks and so we re gonna go and want to be member so i m ngonna click on the membership. We re gonna copy this so what crtl c nafter you select it all me making mistakes now. We re gonna go on to the nnext thing that the next link that we got and a ton of mistakes and grunting paste in the stuff that we copied and nmake the title whatever you want i m gonna do uh member hack now click ngenerate bookmarklet now you re gonna put this in your bookmarks bar anywhere nyou want so i m going to do this. And as you can see i am not member there s nnothing right here nothing saying.

I remember now we are going to click on we njust did click on that click x click back on and there you are you are now a nmember you can go through and you can do all of the rest of stuff on this if you nlook closely in on the stuff you can find out there. Like this you can kill nthe titan..

Like you know fully kill the titan and nthe titan will go away. You can select your grade you can skip tutorial you can nalso escape battles. There s there s gold hacks academy unlocks. You can also ndo a bunch of other stuff like here.

I ll show you this like over here. You can nturn your level and whatever you want i m not gonna do it right now..

Because ni m trying to level up on my own. I ll show you really quick okay so we ntype in level. You want to be and max level. You could be is level 100 obviously nif you type in your higher.

It s just gonna go straight to level 100 as you ncan see i m now level 100. I hope you guys like this this is my little guy is npretty..

Angry you know um and uh. I ll see you guys later nthank. You for watching don t forget to ” ..


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