PS Vita – Resolution Patch For PSP Games! Coming Soon!?

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“To be honest. I did not actually realize this. But it says psp games are are limited to half of the vita s native resolution. So basically what this means you re playing your psp games on your ps vita.

They re not actually performing in the best resolution. They can do which basically means they don t look as good as they could now this is quite interesting as i said i didn t even realize i managed to play a few games. A few psp games on my ps vita using the adrenalin emulator. If you do not have the adrenalin emulator make sure to get it it s very good it basically lets you play psp games on at your ps.

Vita. And you can pretty much just play. The psp isos..


This is the game. I played dead head friend if you had not played this is very very cool. I rarely play games. But this one was very good i won t spoil the whole game.

If you want to play it. But you re basically like this dead guy and you can actually swap out your heads to like kill zombies and stuff. And you know complete puzzles and completely games. Very interesting game and pretty cool yeah.

I was playing this on my ps vita and it ran perfectly fine. I didn t really see any issues with it but i m reading about this bounty. And there s actually going to be some kind of native resolution patch for psp games on the ps vita..


So i don t quite know when this is going to come out the bounty right now is 75 dollars. But hopefully. This is released like fairly soon because i want to see like what s the difference maybe when it is finally released. I will actually make a video comparing before and after and there s also an article about it on wololo and it just says a look at a bounty for the native resolution psp emulation on the ps vita through its built in psp hardware so and yeah people are saying the psp games are not as good as they could so it says all other games still run at 480.

By 272. The psp s native resolution. Rather than 960 by 540 force. And are basically saying.

If you don t understand they can kind of upscale. The resolution and it s just going to look a lot better and a lot smoother. So if you guys would like to read all of this you can go through..


I will leave a link to this in the description. If you re really interested you can go and check it out and that basically is some more information here so what will this achieve so if you install this what will actually happen so. Let s read so the ability to render the vast majority of games at the ps vita s native resolution with good framerate. So that s very cool.

I think some psp games can get a bit laggy not too sure the ones. I have played have been pretty much fun this will make them look much better and closer to how many ps2 and even early ps3 games look like now this sounds cool. If we can get the psp games are looking like early ps3 games that would be really nice better texture filtering and psp games to make them look even better. Among other improvements the epsp software that comes on the vita can already do linear filtering.

So that s true it can t already do that potentially the ability to make use of some post processing shaders. When playing psp games to make them look nicer and if you guys didn t know some shaders can already work with a gentleman. I don t think i ve made any videos about shaders on games..


Yeah as i said they looked completely fine to me. But if you can get them looking even better then that would be really really cool. So this guy says will it include playstation 1. So far it just looks like it s psp.

But it will be interesting to see when this comes out so if you guys want to check out the link. I will leave this in the description. I guess you can add to the bounty. If you want to unless entirely up to you if you re really into this sort of thing.

Yeah thanks for watching. And i will see you guys in the next one ” ..

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