Ps4 CUH 1002a Controller disconnects, slow response, Controller laggy

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“Guys sorry i m working on this ps4 console. The model number reads cu h. H. 1 0.

0. To a now the problem with this console. We re having the controller disconnects. So the bluetooth controller when you re near by the control.

The console with the controller like this and you re playing the game. The consoles working fine. And it s it s responding the way it should be but if you add a distance of 1 meter. Or 2 meters.

Or 3 meters. And the controller does become disconnected. And it doesn t respond so therefore. It becomes laggy.

So i ll show you how to fix this very simple easy fix. And it doesn t take that long to do it either. So we ll do is we ll pair the console on and then i will show you what it actually does then i ll pull it apart and then i ll show you how to fix it so we ll go ahead and power. The song.

We ll plug the usb cable in and then we ll tell the song and just be with me. So i can position you a little bit better ok. So about you facing the monitor now so it s asking me to plug in the peaceful controller. So we ll go ahead and do that so now we are so now we are into the main screen.

So right now we have the controller plugged in and everything s working fine as it should be so. What i ll do is i ll disconnect this and then i ll move back so i m right next to the console right now so everything is working fine. I ll move back say about a meter and let s see what it does so we re about a meter away. So it s working okay okay so we re about two meters away.

Now okay so i m pressing the controller. It doesn t really work yep. And it s laggy so so i m pressing it pressing it pressing it no response. So now a response.


So we ll go two meters back three meters back. We ll try yeah nothing coming closer pressing pressing sorry 2 meters 1 meter. So when we re near the console. That s fine away so what we ll do is we ll turn this console off and then we ll pull it apart to show you where the problem is and then we ll go from there okay so we ll go ahead and pull this console.

The button will turn the power off unplug all of our cables. And obviously this consoles been opened previously. I think the little story behind this this font all came in from a customer. And he described it as it wouldn t turn on so no power no nothing and so we change the power supply.

So we probably want to stick around and change. The power supply and everything booted up fine. And when we when we proceeded to tell the system on it came on but we had the blue light of death and so the console wouldn t that blue light of death is when the blue light is constant pulsing slowly and but it doesn t boot up to the white light of light. It s just constantly on this blue light.

So we rebuild the apu. We got the system running and console ran ran ran. It was good good good we delivered it back to the customer and then two weeks later the customer comes back and he s damaged the hdmi port. So we replaced the hdmi port gave it back to him.

And he said that a week later he came back in he said hey look i need another hdmi port. It s broken again so we at that state said they hey look. I think. It s best for us to sell you another refurbished console with warranty that way it saves.

You in the long run of not spending. Too much money trying to repair consoles. So we sold him that so we bought this console of him and since then it s given endless amounts of problems. So change.

The hdmi port everything was fine then we test that his stress tested it and we found that there was no image. So there was no image on the monitor. So we found that the hdmi encoder. I see was damaged or did so we changed that we got the image back and then two weeks later testing and testing.

It he found that the hdmi port crapped out again so changed. The hdmi port and so we got going and so. It s it s like this console is order has rather endless amounts of faults. So now we ve got the new fault of the controller disconnecting.


So what we ll do is whatever look where it is so what i m looking at is we ll start off with the basic stuff so we will look at this here. So. This is your antenna for you bluetooth. As well as your wi fi.

So we ll have a look at this first. So. You saw me removing these screws here. And that s for the power supply.

So if we just get a little bit under here pry it up and pry it up on this side. And this comes off. So this is your power supply that puts aside and we have a look in here. So that cable that cable runs all the way from up here all the way down here behind that behind us.

And it connects over here so we ll get you a little bit of zoom. Yep and we will have a look at this this cable. Here and see if and see if we can identify what s wrong with it so you ll need to wiggle. It a little bit get it out of its socket be careful don t pull it too much.

And we ll have a look at this connector first so that connector whoops. So that connector. There is what i m having a look at and if we have a look at this so we ll get you a bit more zoom. So if we have a look at this okay so we notice how how these that little piece there.

But these nothing on that side okay so that means. This has been this is damaged. So can you see that so notice. If there s another piece here.

What you could do is squeeze those two pieces together a little bit and then put it back onto the board and through this area here. So that little piece goes on top of that little little bit there in the center and clamps that and then the outside just clamps. It to ground. I think.

It is and so this one s missing. So i ve got one here. So we ll show you the difference. So this one here is the new one so you notice how it s got two pieces inside and this one.


Here doesn t have one on the other side. So if we see if you give you a side by side. Comparison yeah. So you see that see how one side one of them doesn t have it yep.

So we ll do is we ll remove this one out of the console. And then we ll replace it with this these can be found on aliexpress or ebay for a small fee. I think it s four dollars or something like that so i just pulled this out of one of my older consoles damaged board. Which i could salvage some parts from so get you back out of zoom.

So we ll go ahead and remove this so. This is a t9 security talks that i m using and this is a screw here just from effect this comes off and then we will put this aside. So we don t get mixed up grab our new one so. These the is the older days.

The new one will melt the sun so hopefully hopefully this console does not have any further problems. But yes unfortunately this is what what this console has is endless amounts of fault. And it was good that we sold a console and need refurbished console to the customer as as it will saved him a lot of hassle from chasing back and forth and repairing it all the time so so rewrap this and so there s two little ears. Here these ones here so this goes behind that through that and this there s a little tab here that you can connect it onto so that goes there and then this one here can just flip on like that so make sure that s secure.

And that s pretty much it so we will put this back on screw this down. So these two go over here. So yeah. Sometimes that happens with consoles like that if it s not been treated right this one was very badly dust locked.

So there was dust all over the place. I m inside the power supply inside. The board inside the disk drive. So there s a lot of here and pit here rather.

And it had you know we re sitting on carpet. So it had all those carpet grit and dust attached to it so we ll put this together and we will power it up and see how we do so. It s very simple fast. Easy.

Short simple so grab our face whoops forgot to put this in plug this in yep oops. Sorry. The camera. Oh yeah.


We will plug our power in put. The hdmi in okay syndrome. So we ve got the concept now reposition you on the monitor. So wait for it to boot up and express.

This okay okay now i m right next to the console. And so this works here now i ll move back about a meter. It still works yep so it still works now i ll move back at least three or four minutes. Yep.

So it still works and now i am at four meters yep. So it s working now i m at two meters and now i m right next to the console. So there you go so that was the simple fix we will turn the console off and that was it so that s as simple as that we will show you what i replaced okay. So remember just to recap.

What we did was we replaced this antenna for the bluetooth and the wi fi. So we look at this connector. In here. We find that it is damaged trying to get you some zoom.

So we have a look inside that connector. It s it s pretty much damaged trying to get you into focus. So. There s a there s a little clip inside here that s that s missing.

It s very hard to see it s quite tiny and if the two clips are there then what you could do is just squeeze them together with a little pin and put it back on and and that should fix it if not then you ll need to replace the santino it can be found on ebay. It can be found on aliexpress for a small fee and you can fix your console. If you re having this bluetooth disconnection issue with this if it is not then there is a chip on the motherboard. Which is responsible for the wi fi and the bluetooth which you need to either rework.

Reball or replace. The whole chip. So hopefully. This has helped somebody out there and thank you for ” .


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