Pyst (Part 1 – The Parody of Myst)

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“To pissed you might be wondering what did the hell. We re doing here. But but it will become clear was off to a rocky start as i fell through inky abyss. I tried to flap my arms.

But it didn t seem to help it was then i realized that i was on a trip that could only end in one place. And there it was below me pissed island ravaged by the four million who had been taken on this same journey. Whether or not i will survive is not yet clear. If i do i ll send you a postcard.

Okay. That should have helped you so. Oh oh no so here. We go folks.

The basic concept of piste was to show what mist island would look like after four million people had visited and explored piste developer. And comedian peter bergmann. Wanted to give mist players the ability to experience. The island in a whole new light hella.

Diem. President. Ed bernstein. Wanted the game to be a transformative work that moved way beyond mist in order to avoid copyright issues with miss publisher broke on the grounds of being a parody work.

You know. It s kind of how they made that happen. However spokesman from br derbund. Said.

The company was unfazed with the project. Commenting that we ve seen imitators and they usually just give us a good chuckle bergman discovered that the sense of comic timing. He had become accustomed to and his live shows couldn t be replicated in the digital realm and had to adapt accordingly. Fire zine said that the game.

It was an illustrious of berkman s ability to survey america s culture and obsessions like a maniacal monitor reflecting the absurdness of it all while casting is iconoclastic. I to read the entrails of the present course and our delirious future. So basically if this was made hmm to parody the success of missed. It was a 1 actually.

It was the best selling game of all time at the point for pc with 4 million sold and he wanted to cash in on it. So. This is what they did so more to it here bergman. Collaborated with david osmond.

Phil proctor. Melinda. Pedersen and other players from his radio free oz show to produce the game in addition. He hired.

Mike cenci nia to create the game s music while mouths sound effects artist fred newman recorded voice tracks rose an actor. Which at the time roseanne was very very popular not as popular as it was in the early but still very popular roseann actor. John goodman plays king mattress the ruler of pissed island yes. That s right the 2004 book game work language power and computer game.

Culture. Noted that this was an example of the then recent trend of famous actors. Starring in digital movies within games. Goodman and bergman had worked together in the past in a radio context.

While the former also appeared on the proctor and bergman comedy service series. Prior to pissed the game also included an original song. I m pissed performed by goodman and written by berkman. So let s let s look around here a little bit cuz that s basically what we re doing so.

We do have poop jokes. Yes. See look he poops isn t it funny. Oh.

No it s not no no no this game isn t isn t super funny anymore. But it is a interesting piece of history for one thing as you can see the rat is indeed killing the poor bird secret door dear we have some toxic waste. There s definitely a party that went on here. There s a knife there look someone even put up some hot tamale lights.

If anybody even remembers those gared or b. Squared of post featuring awesome cuz. It s the 90s get it we liked grunge. Some pizza.

Now you have these little things you can talk to hear where your octave flex corporation tour guys octuplets your has some wonderful plans for the island cheryl right bob this dock the jumping off point for millions and millions of players is going to be demolished and turned into a jetski marina and ferry landing. Do ferries swim ferry boats bob there for the lucky condom into a mona s who will commute from the mainland just part of the millions and millions of people who will enjoy piste island again but this time in an orderly octa plex kind of way so as you can tell we do have some people that will give us little tip..

Oh lots of stuff. Just came out of there. Oh dear. We have lots of troubles.

You may think. This game. Was not successful. You would be wrong this game was incredibly successful when it came out the release here before the games released bergman and the p.

I marketing department were both secretive in terms of game related information bergman said this was unusual for him the game was originally planned for release on october 15. 1996. It would eventually be released just in time for christmas of 96 and piss remained on the cd rom bestseller list all the way through 1999. According to the official millennium survival handbook that was definitely that so we have written proof that this game was on the bestseller list for basically two years.

Oh my okay and i said. I actually three years oh three years this was on the best sellers list the game was highly successful and in ninety. Seven powders. Vice president of marketing.

Rob halligan. Said pissed was tremendously successful last christmas and continues to sell well business. Wire. Said the game was the top selling parity product of.

1996 selling over 200000. Copies worldwide. There was even a website extension to the game which allowed people to further interact with the game by getting updated video and movie clips wow. So this game was very big.

When it came out. We have a post card suspension missouri. Dear. Agnes.

I am. Revolted and shocked by the depravity of this dreadful island. I was told by the nice man at the computer store that this was a reservoir of classic values. It s a reservoir alright coming home aunt patty.

So of course. The joke is that this is definitely you know based off of that being lots and lots of video game players. Oh boy this has seen better days can we actually interact with down here. Besides this plans specific acts of.

Cruelty. Oh lord lots of lava. Lamps this is what you got for 5995. I actually did really want this when i was a kid.

But obviously my parents would not allow me to have a game called piste daiva. Really done some bad things to this area. Here. There s even a plunger.

Oh sorry that you startled me. But i didn t expect you and you didn t call ahead. And there are so many of you and i m prints syrup and i m not ready to talk to you right now. So go away.

So obviously we have been so many people through here that now we ve drove this man crazy a bit shaken up. We spoke yes. I cried. But i m not afraid to cry princess can have anything they want including a good cry.

I m so unhappy. This island is a nightmare since all of you arrived clicking get snooping and spreading germs. I m thinking about leaving when you come back i might be gone. Talking to other game producers.

I have other offers you know laughter laughter. You re a whiny bastard. You are let s see. If you say anything else oh sorry that you startled me.

But i didn t you might have noted. Okay. He has two things he says. Oh look here.

I am king mattress rule of pissed and i know who you are all the world s a game no player and all the players barely past as long as you re here take the tour no take the tour. But don t steal anything yes..

That s it well there doesn t look like there s too much left to take not take oh hi. I m. The prince formerly known as prince. Oh.

Think of me as your host. I m a lot like mr. Rourke on fantasy island only taller and less latin if you need anything and i mean anything don t hesitate. I can ask i m always looking my but is exit.

Only serve have a good time i ve seen some places on this island that you would not believe bad touch okay so we have the two princes and then we have king mattress brushing your titties therefore we i mean i declare myself. Privet. No. Jon jon buddy are you crazy like look at his eyes.

They re. It s like obviously we ve already seen that but this is the one that concerns me right here. Like what was that i don t want to know what he was doing do we have a bomb. I can t tell what that is so the joke about fantasy island for you young folks card oh mont de blanc was who he was talking about who played the the main character really a fantasy island.

So okay let s see what else latino not guy says here hang out with prince. No i really don t understand my dad you do good totally square. And my brother well what can i say he s wack. So let s get together and party.

Only one little problem there are about a million people ahead of you but stick around cuz. I really can t wait til your number comes up because i really care about you see ya uh huh. Sure you do i believe that let s go back to the crash pad. We weren t really done here yet so you can see like you can t really interact with anything here.

As you can t go up. But like you would have thought to go through the secret door you d go this way. But we had to go this. Way.

Let s see the crash pad here ammonia center for the aboriginals of pens. How primitive were they cheryl their simple language consisted of a mere seven symbols hello goodbye tree bat very luck martini and death wow we know very little about them yes. Except for that one haunting sentence. They have left behind very bad martini death.

Hello. Goodbye. Oh. I ve had one of those.

What can i have a martini right now maybe i will die so before we move on let s look at like how the gameplay works with this and talk a bit more about it in a little bit of the plot here pist island is full of litter. Most of the buildings are ruined and graffiti reveals secret doors and solutions to puzzles that challenged players and myst pist utilized three dimensional graphics animated drawings and pre recorded video and audio gameplay is a simplified version of the playing style used and missed the game. Consists of a series of pre rendered interactive visuals of pissed island locations with bergman s seal of disapproval. The familiar locations have been vandalized under the pretense that millions of virtual players have been trapped on the island having given up on trying to finish the damn thing and as a result have trashed the space while a shady entrepreneur has built a dorian gray money making scheme.

Unlike myst. However. There are no real puzzle to solve the player simply explores a setting and then moves to adjoining locations at will the game does not feature a point and click cursor interface instead players are shown an image on a postcard. But for error keys at the edge.

Where players click an arrow key to change the image on the postcard. So yeah pretty simple so i guess that we can go if we can go up following da. New dead tour somewhere in america signs. Say free laundry.

But they stinky things in this part yeah. Babylon. He is all lies. I i wow.

That s horribly. Racist. Hi. 90s.

Oh. It s the piss plus. Power pissed its life on the edge in power as a family. It s going into turn around and astrid wants custody of the child as she wants ollie.

No no george sally s out of margot. My second poet that s right astrid wants custody of my inner child. The child within. That s new and its 2001 winner of sex and science.

Meet and nothing happened yes. I get on you ve taken one as a lover haven t you clark..

Oh. My god that was rated triple x. The unknown. No one admitted without of the skies.

No one admitted without a disguise okey dokey. Oh. It s grow on a stick as this fall out mmm delicious. What do you want to do rose go bird watching on the dock.

All the birds are dead right we could go to the reactor and watch things mute. A pretty sight. Oh. My the trailer park is real you ll get all 25 videotapes of ken.

Burns epic. 150. Hour documentary hopscotch ken s burns jokes even back then okay repeat want to do carl that can t repeat a trailer. I m still discovering it it s got a microwave a kitchen hand a lovely shower.

And there s pulldown bed with a button. Oh dear me oh we had to have a pee joke. Awesome. We have toilets.

But can t really do anything with this is bad in the background look they almost animated. I probably would have found this hilarious when i was a kid only temporary bob temporary you mean. I m gonna have to move out of my trailer yes. Very soon because octa flex is going to let this eyesore.

Give way to a vast underground casino and this is once the beautiful lawn will return to its original splendor as a 9600 miniature golf course cool. I hope it has one of those windmills that keeps knocking your ball away whatever bob. But just think how good you ll feel gambling your life away underground. While your kids are putting away.

There s above. You i would enjoy that just give me. The martinis. Frank oh.

Blue mouse trailer park hellmouth. Arizona. Hi noble. I m hooked up and i m in heaven.

That s my airstream on the right. She s loaded with curios. I picked up all over this place carl good for you carl honey norton alamo garden apartments number seven sample udo texas honey i m sorry please let me back i d be camped out in the open under the trees for a week. Eating squirrel and i m thinking about you i love you charles wonderful.

Wonderful game. Oh dear well i can imagine being very. Frustrated. In here.

The doctor is in the cake that looks like something from the seventh guest right. There wonder if that s the joke. Four good clues. Call ellen at nine hundred two eight eight pissed bring back pong.

I bought netscape at two point. Oh. I m sorry it s destiny s assassination exile or the life of a ludicrous puppet figure behind whose back the actual workings of government take place i remember when this stuff worked pisces the fish the world is three quarters water and you re floating on top of its stomach bloated lidless eyes staring heavenward. It s not my lifestyle pisces.

But in a way. I envy you with times the way they are who really wants to be alive and conscious okay your simple is the scales. Which indicates that everything in your life must be in balance. So all the good luck you ve been experiencing lately well you figure it out virgo.

The virgin which you re not but if that s your story. I m not telling hey there goes who approached you with the same flimsy lie. I don t know how to take that last one there through the crab you get a bad rap for being a disease or a cranky state of mind when in fact. Yeah.

You go lucky seagoing hard shelled bottom feeder stop moving sideways through your social life. Meet new people the worst that can happen is they ll crack you open and eat you for the delicious. Buttery sauce aquarius you are responsible for the aged that bears your name and all the third rate music. Oh.

I was even thinking that heartless tie dyes sudo therapies and junk turquoise jewelry. It has spawned well..

I ve had it out all of you just get out i don t know how i feel about the fact that as soon as aquarius came up in my head. I started thinking this is the dawning of the age of aquarius and then they did it so i don t know how i feel about that that i got one of their jokes aries the ram you re a leader. But since you re the first sign of the zodiac. There s no one following you you are our regional and stubborn aries taking no one s counsel.

But your own so why are you listening to this go on get out of here. Oh i would love to but i wants to play all the way through this the archer if these were medieval times. I would advise you to avoid boiling cauldrons catapults and flaming arrows. But it s modern time so rock on okay.

Taurus here s mine. Lucky number is pi to 12 places. And your lucky day is yesterday. Too bad like ferdinand you re a shy ball and hesitant to shout out loud.

I deserve to be heard go ahead. Nobody s listening that s very true sadly accurate to my life scorpio. The scorpion thanks scorpio. Waiting to kill with your deadly tail scorpios for no apparent reason make excellent newscasters.

Mechanics rodeo. Clowns and astronauts go figure. Okay gemini congratulations. You re twins you re the innovative type with half a mind to do anything.

And as hard as it is to meet other people these days you re lucky gemini you can double date yourself ooh you can use your left and right hand capricorn. The goat. This sign has been canceled due to lack of make noises hi to dr. Cloud astro department of astrology washington.

Dc to have their sign changed okay hi. I m having a great time how about you barbarino. Well. I m still a little pissed about having to move out on my trailer.

Cheryl. But here we are in the horoscope iam. What s octa plex got in mind for this part of phase 2. So it s still up in the air.

Maybe i can move in it s either going to be a mini motocross stadium. A do it yourself heart clinic or a lava java cafe isn t there already aisle lava java on the other side of the island can t have enough lava javas. Bob. Hey.

Let s go get one now will you bring me one please point shoot club 47. Not you codex way silicon california gamers. I am hot wiring. The chair in this place as a fully loaded f.

18. Simulation where the vr goggles and go waste those alien sandworms hacker x. Well that s more accurate to today than i would have possibly imagined honey norton alamo garden booth number 7. Sam they like being from texas honey have you disconnected the phone.

I hope you get this because you re a taurus and dr. Astro says. This is the time of the year. You forgive.

I m still here charles oh. That s sad and hilarious okay. Making sure they don t change no we ll get out of this mm hmm. Okay that looks like a furby and it s a dead furby.

Which is a good thing. I don t remember if furbies. We re out yet at that time or not whoo that s not good in any way. I think we ve about done everything in here.

This was a fun one bring back pong everybody so in the next episode of pissed. We will start with the no exit library. I hope you ve enjoyed this i m having a really good time with this as a you know kid that played missed. It was very frustrated with it i really wish i had had this as a kid a lot of it s very you know antiquated now but back in the day.

This would have been fantastic to have had it is considered to be the first fully done parity game like leisure suit larry had you know parity aspects to it and whatnot as did space quest. But this was supposed to been the first interactive parody game. So it is what it is i m certainly enjoying myself with it so i hope you are too so stay tuned for part 2 and thanks for watching bye. ” .


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