Ramblo TV Sunday – Sharp Aquos HDTV and Proton 37 Inch Cleanup

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“Know folks now welcome to a little bit of a sunday update of course. It it s the christmas holidays so lots of free time to do things. And i just been catching up on housework and setting things up could be new tv in that sort of thing. Yeah.

It s pretty much all i did saturday. I was just play games and enjoy my new television after i recovered from the night before that was a hell of a live. Stream that was like 2 00 am. I think it was by the time i got done and yeah sitting in the one place drinking scotch and talking to people not the best thing.

Especially. When you haven t heard much for dinner. So i probably won t do that again. But i will do more live streams.

We just be very careful at how much your drink is you do get a bit carried away it s probably the worst. I ve been for quite a while. But it was loads of fun totally worth it so yeah thanks to everyone who saw it it was a very much a spur of the moment thing. That s why a lot of people missed it.

But there ll be more and i ll announce them i ll try and do one maybe on the on new year s eve. If i don t go out anywhere more than likely. Not as usually too many yabo s running around town and that sort of area. I don t feel like going up to the city for celebrations.

So more than likely. New year s eve. Will be a ed systems workshop new year s eve. Like the last one.

And that s not a bad thing. I d much rather be at home just enjoying myself with my own music and technology and stuff than out in public. Getting subjected to police intervention for being drunk. And that sort of thing can t walk around town once you ve had so many drinks.

You can t even have a drink as a passenger in the car. Without the driver and you getting a fine. It s kind of fubar at the moment. So i d rather stay at home and celebrate then go out and that s sort of why just don t do it i ve made i probably have a better chance of getting a girlfriend if i went out more often.

But to be honest. I ve been there and done that and most of them are complete annoying little mongrels. But you do occasionally make lovely women. I do most of it much older than me unfortunately so that doesn t work.

But yeah that sort of answers another question why i don t have a girlfriend been there done that and most of the time they just want your paycheck and to bugger off so now not going down that road again anyway as you can see old faithfuls out here near the proton the lcd. I m going to clean that right up probably replace the noisy fan here and give that to my sister as a christmas present. Because i said i d find a good set for her i don t want to spend 500 bucks on a dirt cheap 42 inch or something and have it fail a year or two afterwards or that sort of thing. Plus.

It s a lot of money just for one christmas present. So i think a gift of any kind is better than none at all even if it s a secondhand high quality set like this proton. And this is a high quality set as i ll show you shortly. The componentry is very good and this thing is done a lot of hours since i fixed it not a single fault not a single problem.

So yeah someone would have paid a fortune for this back in the day because you get. 4. Way picture in picture and all sorts of things you can it s got more features than many cheap televisions. Do and the panel s not too bad and to be honest.

Compared with that one that one actually displays low quality. Youtube videos better mind you it only runs in like 1280 by 720 widescreen. That one. I can crank it up to like 2080 by 1080p full hd.

And it runs perfectly. But the low quality stuff not quite as good so i ve got to crank the videos up to hd to actually get full quality which is understandable cuz. I m running it into hd. But yeah.

It s an amazing set it s just amazing. I ll show you shortly. Yeah. Lc.

4. 6. Le. 8 4 0.

Ex. Few little hangups. It was the last in the store. And had been on demo for a few days.


So it was out of the box. And unfortunately they didn t put the remote in with it so i got to go back on monday and get the remote. It s a bit unfortunate. Because i can t set the display parameters for monitor use there s the monitor like the start bar.

I ll be down here and i can t quite see it i can work it i know where the icons are but i can t see the start bar. Because i haven t said it to the right thing. And i need the remote to do that but apart from that absolutely stunning set yeah. There we go pc and monitor setup.

As you can see nice. Slim monitor. This is a full array led backlight not a regular old age yet and i m running alex 99. Three s donation.

Which is a gtx 460 overclocked edition. I think i think it s a 460 or 480 nvidia card with the legacy beta drivers for far cry. 3. So you get like almost an extra 30 frames a second out of us.

Which is fantastic especially on an old clunker like this this is only a early dual core amd. It ain t that fantastic. But it s still doing damn well. Yeah steam sales are on yes.

Dishonored there s something 50 off 3999. Get that game get it play it get it awesome. This isn t quite my game of the year far cry. 3.

Is my game of the. Year but dishonored definitely worth it. Warhammer anything war hammers fun was at 999. During a war don t waste your time with simulators like that by the time you buy all the dlc for a train simulator.

I think someone worked it out to be about 2200 dollars worth of dlc for each each train package now that s money grubbing anyway. It was i doing far cry. 3. Is well well worth it well worth full price just like this tv.

I don t pay recommended retail of like 2200. Dollars if you can find them for like 1300. Or in my casing is just over 1200 basically cost price. Because it was a demo unit.

Yeah buy one definitely buy one if you have to treat yourself or your family to a new tv this year don t get an lg or samsung or something cheap don t be fooled into getting a 55 inch lg for the same price get a 47 sharp aqueous because the panel is just so much better. I ve tried both of them. And this just shits all over the lg. What was i doing fallout new vegas dead space black mesa.

I haven t even finished this yet cuz. I was just getting chronic eye fatigue trying to run at high speed on a twenty one millisecond panel now 21. Milliseconds is the pixel response. Time your average cheapo old square lcd.

Who had an 8 millisecond response. Time two milliseconds for them more modern. Little widescreen like 20 inch wide screens. So 21 millisecond was just painful.

But this now this is where it s at if you want to play games. On a big screen get a nice fast. 200 hertz full hd. Panel and likewise this comes with powered 3d glasses.

As well. Here. Yes. I haven t even tried it yet.

But when i get the remote out. Oh laughs do that only thing is this pc struggles for load times. Especially on black mesa sauce takes forever to load. Waiting waiting panel.

Even has a seven star energy rating. That s pretty good you know japanese panel hdmi multiple inputs is about six hdmi inputs yamaha audio engine true surround my i m using my own amplifiers and things that cost net gives you access to facebook and everything straight off the tv. You use your arm a dsl router also gives you access to youtube. I can look straight up and browse youtube using the tv without the pc.

But since it s on pc. It doesn t really make any difference. But if you don t you can and yeah take a while but it s going crashed yesterday. So i haven t gotten past.


The crashed bit just the loading one of the loading screens in blast pit. It just crashed and stopped and that s about as far as i ve gotten so yeah what can i say amazing television. But that s what i got to try and get into to work out the pc image thing trying to get rid of that cropping around the edges. But i can do i can get up to the menu error lets me select wide mode.

But there s no select button on the buttons on the side of the panel. So without their emotion. You can philately boned ethernet info. Set up all that stuff wide connection or you can stick your stick a wireless stick in it yeah.

This is a future of television. I won t even have an antenna on this i don t have a decent antenna to pick up hdtv anyway. Plus. I can t stand it i can t stand the news and the buddy free to air channels and things ooh left hand mousing.

But yeah as you can see the picture is just amazing. It s very well it s still half loading at the moment. But you don t get if i were to do this on the other panel there d be horrible screen tearing. There s still a bit of art that art affecting and breaking.

But overall is a thousand times. Better than the last panel. Oh look it actually loaded me through like crack must have crashed just after doing the autosave and load. So that s good the game isn t completely broken.

But like i said before pretty amazing well worth the money go get one kids nag your parents pinch their credit card. Do whatever you have to get a sharp aqueous for christmas mm. Hmm and then give the old monetary value as a christmas present to someone else. That s what the old 40 inch protons can be my sister wants to do some television.

So she can have that one. But she only plays xbox 360. So you don t need a set like this you don t really anyway. I mean it might look a little bit better.

But overall. I d say you don t need a top end set just for an obsolete seven year old console. Ps4 or maybe xbox. Three student wente or whatever they call.

It then you d probably need a panel like this but for now that wouldn t go out of my way to do it anyway. See things always changing its own brightness level. I think it s cause i m too close to it and it s got a little magic eye. That detects light level.

So again. I ve got to rearrange everything in this room get rid of that computer desk yeah tvs gonna be over there and i m gonna have those speakers on pedestals they re not even connected anymore so the place is a bit of a mess. But i ll work it out my little facehugger pet needs to find somewhere to live. The old one used to live on the top of the old panel with the problem is the old panel had a thick bezel on it so here we go the original flush facehugger.

They don t want him running around the room in the middle of the night. Nor do you want this bastard. You can tell i like my sci fi stuff. But of course.

The place needs a very good cleanup. Because there is just junk everywhere and particularly that corner. I ll let that get way out of hand. Anyway enough rambling.

I should spend more time in here over the christmas holidays. Instead of the workshop clean up put stuff away. Yeah. One thing to remember about these panels is they also have four color pixels.

They ve got red green and blue like normal television and then you also have yellow. So you can do get very good flesh tones on it class leading either amazing set that s the full features list there pretty much so again well worth the money go get one. And they re not too expensive compared with what some of them are worth. I mean.

It s half as much as getting a dirt cheap cow on the road. I d probably spend two and a half grand three grand getting that little day. We were on the road. This set was maybe maybe a third of it that s pretty good can t justify getting the day.

We re on the road so that s gonna end up as pieces. But yeah at least enhance the video gaming and display thing in my room good. I finally used for that box or cut. It up one mistake.

People make is they throw the box out on the front nature strip for pickup and of course every crook in the neighborhood sees they have a brand new tv. Guess what happens new tv goes missing don t throw expensive equipment boxes out on your front nature strip. Yeah let s get this thing up on the table. And give it a good cleanup.


Not that securities. An issue around here. I can generally know even if i m out of town. I know if something s going on now.

But yeah don t recommend it okay. What s the proton set out of my bedroom for a quick dusts down being a fan cooled unit. It was getting a fair bit of dust built up around here mind you i never put the back cover on this has been running like this the whole time and again. It doesn t give a so it s not a bad thing.

Yeah. The good quality unit good quality panel. What else can i say they re a good set. Lg.

Phillips panel. Lc 3 7 0. W. Oh.

1. There might be a third 37 inch. I thought this was a 40. But it does look a bit small so yeah 37 inch.

I guess the fans aren t too bad. But they do get noisy at times. So i m going to try and replace them if i ve got them these are soon on maglev fans. So yeah.

I ll have a look through my inventory. And see if i ve got some. But these are pwm controlled or multi speed so i do need to find the correct ones with the correct pin outs. But overall it does work fine.

I ve just got to put it all back together again. Even the tuna board was still floating around mm hmm that was really lazy with this one. But again the caps look good the repair repair that i did was in here. I replaced that cap.

And there s a diode been in there too. Which is still fine the diode was burned out to the point. Where it burned the pcb and the owner probably smelled smoke and just put it outside so it ended up on the curbside. So yeah or a place to cap that one those two there that one there a few other bits just for the hell of it.

The only thing that really needed replacing was the cap and the diode. The fire bolt rag was fine and still is fine. But they re a good set the pixel works. Chipsets.

Pw1. 8. 1. 20.

V. And it s a pw 1. 3. 1.

A. And what s that one. There. Jabot.

Oh yeah. Good stuff 720p. Ready. Sorta hd.

Set. I guess. You d call. It not really a true hd.

But now i ll give this thing a good cleanup put it back together again and give it a test run and should be right. But yeah not a bad set reasonable quality parts most of those nippon chemi con caps green ones. I can t remember what they are but again they re not too bad they re not dirt cheap stuff. Which you see blown out all the time.

And again you can usually tell because they look cooked or the types of blown out. But again sometimes you just got to get the meter out. But to be honest. I m not going to touch it because it s there s nothing wrong with it no use playing around with it if there s nothing wrong with it.


But the only thing. I m going to do is take the fans off and clean them and possibly replace them or at least lube. The bearings. If it does become a problem.

I ll replace them. So there s inverter power t. Cons. Under there this connection straight to the t.

Con board. Yeah not a bad set very expensive at least they were and of course. It s got card slots and things on it sm card cf card mssd. Any member c well everything s working as usual.

It s just searching for signals. Because everything s unplugged at the moment. But that s the noisy fan at least. I think i have one of these on the shelf.

A maglev with the three wires on it i don t i might have one of these. But this one s quiet. This is the noisy bastard this will sometimes start rumbling and carrying on just at random. Yeah i ll try and replace that before i put the cover on.

But overall the whole thing s working fine as usual the backlight through the peep holes yeah. It s not the panel on the samsung. I m pretty sure definitely not the backlight and yeah t con boards not just not putting out enough now for the left hand side of the screen. So yeah.

That should be a nice easy fixer as well again not a bad set. I kind of missed this thing. But i know the more the brand new one grows on me the more i won t miss it. I won t mix missed.

The blocky old slow pixels that s working to stay airflow out that way. It s just pulling air up through the back of the panel through all these gaps and just drawing any heat. Away from t. Con and drawing heat away from the inverter board for the backlight funny thing is this side doesn t get one mind you is probably ought to do with the steel shielding that goes over it there s pieces of metal over here that have to go back on and the back cover hmmm let s get it back together again oh there we go i ve got a fan out of a lg plasma tv that ll do it area outputs about the same compared with before it s not quite as thick.

But i just don t have an original matching maglev fan to go in there so yeah that ll do for now our solder and heat shrink. These connections and away. We go put the back cover on tidying up give everything a really good clean down and yeah perfect for gifting to my sister my youngest sister anyway. Andrea she s been looking for a tv for a while i know sam and her boyfriend have a 50 inch samsung plasma or something like that but andrea is only got a little la 19 inch lcd to try and play xbox on and i can t blame her for getting frustrated 19.

Inch is just not acceptable these days. It s got to be 37 to 40 inch or so above to be really of any good okay all that s done it nice and clean bit of a methylated spirits on a clean cotton rag just to clean the panel. I think there s a couple of tiny spots maybe a couple of tiny scratches. But overall that s in top condition.

So yeah. It s done and it s filing back together again for the first time in quite a while i think i might ve accident and accidentally thrown out the plastic panel that covered this up. But to be honest. You don t really need it it just tubs up.

Where the plugs go in that s all it s just a square rectangle rectangular piece of plastic that clips in over it and that s just for the antenna connection. I don t think. This has a hd receiver in it i think. It s white pre 2006.

Like 2005. Or even. 2004. But a hd tv box works.

Very well on it. So it s a good set. I m gonna wrap it up in the poly cell foam bag that the new one came in and got a red red bow and tie on it and that can be a little present for my sister. I m sure she ll love it yeah.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more. I ve done a bit of work on the westinghouse and other things i just want to get the pulley in the tank and d rust. It and mount it back up and likewise there s something in here. Which will interest the vintage audio enthusiasts.

I haven t even opened it yet. But that is an old reel to reel player. So yeah. Thanks for watching and stay tuned from all hittin.

Awfully hot out ” ..

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