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” s up youtube today. I m going to take you through what to do if if you re ever faced with the dreaded experience of not being able to log your windows system either because you forgot the password or you ve taken possession of a secondhand. Pc. And you don t happen to have the password or anything.

Like that so i m going to show you how you can quickly and easily gain access to your system again by either resetting the password or enabling. The administrator account to allow you to log in and then reset. It that way so i know there s a ton of software on the market that allows you to do this. But that s not what we re here to discuss today.

If you have a different set of software that you like kudos to you you know if there s anything you think i should be checking out feel free to leave it in the comment section below. But today. We re gonna focus on lay soft recovery suite now this allows you to do a multitude of things. Including password recovery.

Some data recovery disk image cloning and some windows recovery and repair so we re gonna dive in we re gonna take a look now you know someone s gonna scream at me the data recovery and this isn t gonna work and it s gonna destroy your data. I always suggest if you re faced with data recovery you know if it s anything mission critical take it to the pros and let them deal with it so i ve already gone ahead. I ve downloaded the software. I ll post the links in the video description down below.

So here we have it it is free for home. Use that was one of the things i did like about this as opposed to some of the other software which you know ranges from between about twenty to a hundred dollars so you go ahead you re gonna fire it up you re gonna say burn bootable cd usb disk now and it s gonna prompt you with some options please select the windows version of the target computer. So not the computer you re making this disc on but the computer that you re going to be using it on so it supports everything from windows xp all the way through to window. 10.

Which i liked so you know yeah..

If you don t already have a copy make yourself a disk burn. It to a cd put it on a usb save the iso somewhere so that you have it should you need it should the time ever arise so i made one for a windows. 10 x64 you can take a look at some of the options you can specify different wind pe. Versions.

You can add additional drivers should you need it that shouldn t really be the case that seems to work pretty well out of the box. And you can say format. Usb boot partition while building a usb boot disk so after you select your windows version. You just say next now the first time you run this it will go out and download.

The wind pe software from microsoft s website. And then it will allow you to build a tow. So you have a couple choices here you can burn. It to a cd or a dvd prepare a boot flash drive that way you can boot from a flash.

Drive or a usb key or you can burn an iso image. So since i m gonna be working with a virtualbox image. I just went ahead and i made an iso image. You say start and it will run through the process of making the iso image and then it will open up that file folder once it s done for you so i m gonna go ahead.

I m gonna pause the video for a minute i m gonna boot up a standard windows 10 x64 fresh install and virtualbox and then we ll come on back ok. So i ve gone ahead and i ve booted up a virtual machine running windows. 10 to show you so now at this point. If you were following through with the process on your own you d either insert you usb.

Key and selected as your boot device or insert the cd or dvd that you ve burned this to and boot from that and you ll be presented with this screen..

So we re gonna go ahead and we re gonna select the live cd and it s gonna go ahead. And it s gonna boot up the pe environment. And this is what s going to allow us to either reset. Our password recover.

Any files or fix any boot issues or anything. Else that we might be so we ll give this a second to go ahead and load here. I do apologize. I only have so much ram in this machine to allocate to everything so it s a bit slower than i d like but it will get us through ok so it s gonna go ahead at boots up.

And it presents you with a very familiar looking kind of stripped down windows interface here. So you have a couple options windows recovery. Which will repair any kind of boot issues or sorry. It will attempt to repair any kind of boot issues or crashes you may be having you can do some basic data recovery.

Disk imaging and cloning if you need to make an image or if you re trying to clone say a hard drive to an ssd or something you can use that option. But we re going to take a look at the password recovery options so we ll go ahead. We ll click on password recovery. And it will give us a couple options here we can find the windows patter sorry.

We can reset the windows password or we can find the windows product key. I m not too worried about finding the windows product key. This isn t an activated version that i m using so we ll say reset windows password and say next. It ll just prompt you that the free home edition here is not licensed for commercial use so.

If you are using it in a commercial environment or if you re a tech or anything i do suggest that you purchase the software..

It helps to keep these projects going and helps to keep them free for the home users. So we ll say yes. We ll say reset local password. It s only gonna find one installation.

Here. So. If you have a multi boot system you may have to select the correct volume. But chances are most of you are gonna have a single boot system so we ll say next.

And it s gonna go ahead. And it s going to list the various accounts that are available here so you see i have nerd to you here. Which is an administrator. And the password is not blank.

Now the one caveat here is that if this is a live id windows introduced with windows 10 was the ability to tie it to a microsoft account versus. A local logon account is it will not reset the password to a live id account. So that s where you would instead activate. The administrator.

Account and you can go in that way and start taking a look at things i ll do another video on that later because it is a bit of a different process. And i really don t like the idea of logging into your local computer with the live id. So we ll go ahead and we ll select the account that we want to reset here. Which is nerd.

You will say next we can leave it..

And we re gonna say reset or unlock this user account password reset. Successfully and we re gonna say finish now i ll go ahead. I ll reboot and we should be able to login without being required you okay so we re all booted up here. So now let s go ahead and let s see and we should be able to log in without a password.

So normally this would prompt you instead this time. We can simply say sign in and you re able to access your account without needing the password so that s all it is it s pretty straightforward download. The software burn yourself either a cd to boot from or a usb to boot from boot from the usb and either reset. The account password or blank.

The account password or enable. The administrator. Account and go in that way and like i said i ll go ahead. And i ll make a video on how to enable.

The administrator account and how to deal with live accounts at a later date so as always guys thanks for watching. If you liked the video give us a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to the channel for future videos. And if you have any comments questions or any other software. You think we should be checking out feel free to post your comments in the ” .


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