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“Think resumes are weird just the process of going to a job interview and having having a stranger. Who you re obligated to kiss up to judges your competence level on the merits that you ve managed to fit on a piece of paper. Which should be thorough enough to make it clear what you ve accomplished in life so far. But not too extensive that it makes you look desperate for credentials and i sometimes feel bad for employers who have to go through that because in all honesty.

It s tough to judge a person just from reading one page about him you never know what to expect from people. It s like when you really want to watch a movie and you read its description..

But you re still not sure if it s what you re looking for but you go in and watch it anyway and accept any consequences of disappointment resumes aren t for me but on the other hand. I don t want to read a whole memoir about him before welcoming them into my business. It s no surprise why it s not what you know but who you know because if you have friends that can hook you up with a job sweet you re in why risk hiring a complete stranger. When i can hire someone who is in a potential psychopath resumes may not always reveal if you re a lazy slob that likes to brag to other co workers about your headshot montage and call of duty.

While there s an elderly woman that needs your opinion on boxer briefs that s why it s important to build your network again movie metaphor. If someone recommends a movie to you you re more inclined to watch it than something that no one s heard about you ll still read the description..

But at least you have someone you already trust vouching for it but for those with no friends to hook you up like me back in high school. You re stuck with this resume ordeal. And it s tough when you re looking for your first job and you know you can be a dedicated worker. But you don t have the experience to back it up on your resume so you end up going through a few hundred rejections before actually landing one granted it may be one you may not like.

But a first job is a first job and you should be grateful. I remember talking to a friend one time and she was like i m totally gonna work after ever 21 for my first job i don t care about anywhere else i m totally gonna work at forever..

21. And then i look at her resume and it s like a used napkin that missed the trashcan because someone could not give a rat s anus about it as a teen. Let s be honest. Most of you don t have that many accomplishments you got to start somewhere if at least one person decides to a movie.

They d want to watch then take the opportunity man. I really like movie metaphors..

But yeah resumes they re weird. ” ..

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