REVIEW: Maxoak “Bluetti” ULTIMATE Lithium/Solar Power Supply – for RV Boondocking (CPAP, TV, etc.)

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“Guys today we re taking a look another cool rv product. The blue ettie sounds sounds italian doesn t and from company called max oak. They call this a portable generator. I call it a power brick.

It s really a giant lithium battery. It outputs dc. Current and has an ac inverter to output ac. Current.

What sets this guy apart from all the others. We ve tried is capacity. It has 1500 watt hours of power. That s almost quadruple the largest such.

Unit we ve ever tested before it has a 1000. Watt inverter built into it that means you could use it to run for example blenders or maybe even power tools on the face of the unit. You will see power button which we can toggle on and there s a little lcd display come on and this operates almost silently you can recharge this battery in two ways. The first is through ac current and it takes about 10 hours to fully charge.

If you re plugged into ac. Current. The second is using solar and the company includes cable so that you can attach solar panels to the battery the recharge time with solar all depends on your setup more on that later there are four usb outlets for charge ports. And there s also a usb c outlet.

That s up to 45 watts. And so you could use this to even power and charge. A laptop for example and you can use these to charge your portable electronic devices. Now.

I just turned on the dc current and will turn on the ac. Too and there s also a good old fashioned cigarette lighter outlet. This does output clean sine wave energy so you can use it to charge sensitive electronics without worry about damaging the electronics and we re gonna look on the back side of the device you ll see there is a cooling. Fan and there are two ac outlets up to 1000.

Watts of output..

I think the design is nice on the top you ve got a grab handle which comes in handy since this weighs about 38 pounds. So i would compare it in terms of weight to 2000. Watt class generator. The case is a pretty nice clean design.

This is actually aluminum. Which helps apparently with the dispersion of heat. It s time for the critical fan test. I have here a garden variety floor fan.

Where it s gonna plug it up to the blue eddy and see how it performs into the ac outlet goes. The plug ac power is on and there goes the fan alright now we re gonna look at the display. And you can see that the fan is drawing 77 watts of current. I m gonna toggle the speed of the fan just a bit so you can run a fan like this for i would say approximately around 20 hours.

And this is a pretty big floor fan. And i know that some people have asked about things like floor fans because they want to use these on game day or at trade shows or what have you so it passes. The fan test of flying colors. Now let s move on to something a little more challenging if you ve watched our channel for a while you recognize this guy this was my wife s jet engine of a hairdryer she has since retired this so this does full duty now in the garage testing different power devices.

So we re gonna plug up the rusk speed freak and proceed with our little torture test this thing at max will draw 1850. Watts of current. But that would be at high heat and high fan. So we re going to start it low fan and no heat so it s drawing 200 watts of current no problem i m gonna kick it up the high fan and now we re drawing 350 watts of current no problem now i m gonna kick on heat so i ve got it on warm but not hot and it s drawing right at 1000.

Watts. And it s working and it s pretty darn hot actually so you could absolutely run a hair dryer and dry your hair with this now. If i kick it up too hot on the heat setting it should overload the bluett see sorry blue etsy. It s got to be done so now we just overloaded it and it kicked off and we got an error code comes with a manual with the list of error codes and we were getting error.

13. Which means overload protection of inverter so yeah we overloaded it but overall. I would say the bloody past the hairdryer test. Because you could actually run the hairdryer with warm heat on high fan.

So here we are in our airstream..

We re currently in a parking lot somewhere in arkansas as you know we carry a fuel generator that we carry in the back of our truck that we use for really heavy power demands and it s running right now. I just shut it off because there are a lot of times. When you don t want to be running a gasoline powered generator because it can be noisy and guess what it uses gasoline. So here we see the blue yeti in our airstream.

It s about the size of a briefcase. I will keep it tucked up against this cabinet since it s pretty heavy piece of equipment. It stays planted like it actually would take a lot of side to side motion to knock this thing over and on the bottom. It does have four pretty sturdy rubber feet.

They keep it that way so i was happy to see that so there is actually some benefit to this device. Weighing 40 pounds at the moment. I am. Recharging.

A phone recharging. A still camera and recharging. A video camera and powering my laptop and it s telling me the total draw for all that is only about 33 watts. Give or take.

And this is all using dc current now i could power my laptop using ac current. But that would be inefficient. Because the dc would have to be converted to ac. So it s much better if you have a cable for your laptop.

This was not included with blue ettie. This is a separate purchase and i ll put a link to this if you re the type of person who works from your laptop a lot on the road. Then you ll want to have a dc laptop power cable. This thing is incredibly handy so it just sort of plugs in to the cigarette lighter.

So called port on your blue eddie or your rv if you have dc outlets in your rv. I really like that you re able to power or recharge multiple devices at a time and the capacity is just incredible. I could run my laptop for i believe. 22 hours using the blue eddie.

You just have to do a little bit of math figure out how many watts your particular appliance..

Requires and then take 1500 watt hours. Do a little math. And you can figure out how long you can power your particular device. It s not completely noiseless you can hear a cooling fan blowing.

But it s pretty quiet and it s much much more quiet than a gasoline powered generator there s no comparison. There alright guys now we have moved on to lovely nebraska and we re going to show you another real world test of the blue ettie thirty eight pounds of lithium battery. We re going to top off the tire pressures on our trailer using the 1000. Watt ac inverter in the blue eddie and i carry around this little air compressor with us.

It s quite small and portable and will inflate tires up to i believe 150 psi. So you can see i ve plugged in the air compressor to the betty on the ac side of things and i m going to turn on the unit and turn on the ac power and now it s time to check our tire pressures alright. We re about five psi low a little compressor gets a little bit noisy. If you can make this out.

But it s drawing about 223 watts. This outputs 120 volt household quite a seafaring the fun. It s nice to have options when you travel especially if you re into boondocking and it s working great this is really not even a very heavy demand this blue eddie. All right let s move on to the next.

Dyer alright. Guys now we have a true test of the blue eddy. We re going to attach our beast of a blender. Which is a portable vitamix you re familiar with vitamix.

These are sort of semi professional blenders. I don t know how much power this draws. I guess we re about to find out and we re gonna make a smoothie. We travel around i like to make smoothies sometimes for breakfast making a smoothie when you re boondocking can be a bit of a messy job.

But it s a healthy way to start the day makes for a healthy snack. Too you can actually buy these pre made smoothie packs that make it really easy and convenient. I have the blue yeti turned on with ac current turned on and our vitamix is plugged in we re gonna put the lid on so we don t make it tremendous mess. Here.

And see what happens are we ready..

So that s drawing about 500 watts of current on kind of the low setting the vitamix. I m sure as i dial this up it s going to demand more current and you see that on the readout nothing more their wife what i m gonna do i m gonna turn it off and i m gonna put it on the smoothie setting so it s handling the demands of this vitamix. Please looks like even highest power demand from the vitamix is jiying and we have a bow go bluett. So here s the job.

It did not bother that is a real deal smoothie nice job blue yeti and vitamix alright guys that is a look at the bluett t db. 150 lithium power brick by max oak now i really don t know much about max oak except. They design and sell these sort of devices. However.

They say that the power cores inside this device are the lg brand and that they are automotive level quality. And it does come with a one year warranty. So i would assume that if you have any issues of the course of your first year of ownership that they would take care of you i mentioned earlier that i d be discussing solar in more detail later in this video. I lied well i ll discuss solar just a little bit unfortunately i don t have the solar panels necessary to recharge this unit.

I ve been using the ac adapter which works very well and so typically if we re on the road. When we do stop in a full hookup type of campground. I will top off the power inside the bluett ii and then when we re out there boondocking. I can just tap into it anytime.

I need it the capacity of this device is pretty incredible to me. It s easily the most powerful and the best designed of this type of device that i ve tested myself so with regard to solar at some point in the future. We may attach some solar panels to our blue yeti and see how it performs now it s my understanding that if you are in perfect conditions for solar. And you have the appropriate panels attached to this device you could theoretically repower it in only three hours.

But i haven t tried that myself so take that for what it s worth. I think in a realistic scenario. It s probably gonna take a good bit longer to recharge the blue yeti using solar moron in a future video and also want to point out if you wanted you could actually transport this to your vehicle and recharge it as you drive down the highway. If you pick up a little say 300 watt dc to ac power inverter put this in your car plug up the adapter to this guy.

And then just recharge as you roll down to your next destination thanks to max oak for sending us. The blue ettie to show you guys if you re into picking one up check out the description beneath this video there may be a special coupon code in there for you guys until next time we continue to meander around north america with our air stream in tow. They re going to be anywhere near yellowstone in the next month. Keep your eyes peeled you just might see ” .


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