Review: Tablo Quad 4 Tuner OTA DVR For Cord Cutting

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“Today s episode is gonna be quite an interesting one now as you see in in my house. We love entertainment. But since i m not living at my mom house anymore. I d like to get the best bang for buck and that means movie quality screening now i have the sony 75 inch xbr 75 d 850 75 d and it s great for the living room.

But i want a more immersive display. So what i did in the bedroom is i put a 92 inch 4k movie screen in a bedroom. That s great for there. But what about in the living room.

Why do we all have to go and sit on the bed and watch the movie theater in the bedroom. Why not in the live room. Well here s why couple reasons. I have i live in a condo.

But is there a way to incorporate a movie screen in the living room. Without it feeling displaced and mess up the natural aesthetic and corners in the room well. I m gonna try and if anything you know that i team is i try in this episode. We re going to unbox any of you the elite screens spectrum 210 let me repeat 110 inch 16 by 9 electric motorized projection screen for my living room i think turning the apartment into a movie theater is gonna be kind of cool let s check it out can it be done without messing up my apartment.

Let s find out what s up guys. This is herve from her vase world showing you that it means i try if you another channel attention stop by don t forget to subscribe so on each channel. We do unboxings desktop support life hacks actual hacking and tech reviews of great products and we kind of push the boundary here on what can be done in different environments and today. We re going to explore the ele screen spectrum to 110 inch 16 by 9 ratio electric motor.

I screen anything with discussed in this episode you will find right on the bottom right over here. So let s check this puppy out. I didn t want to skip out on this. And i wanted to get in my opinion.

The best electric screen for movies. And that s the electric elite screens spectrum. It s white in color and we re gonna check this out it s gonna be a really big in unboxing. The model number is the spm 11 0h e.

12. Let s go check this out should be interesting stick around oh by the way elite screens. If you want to work with how people you want to do a giveaway hit me up in the description. Give me a follow and we ll take a look.

And see what we got okay so before we start this unboxing. Let me show you what we have in the bedroom. Let s go take a look and then you ll understand the size of the room the space. I m working with what can be accomplished.

If you just think outside the box come with me don t mind the mess. And i have here a 92 inch screen. That i use here. We also have a optima ml 750.

Behind the bed. We have the sony ct 800. Behind and we have srs. Zr r.


5. Here and srm gr. 5. Here so this is what we have in the bedroom.

We are able to create a different displays. We have movies we have tv shows you can run anything you want right over here. And it s nice and convenient having the soundbar be exactly behind the bed. It s kind of cool and you see here we have an apple tv.

I have a playstation 3 playstation. 4. It s a really nice setup and above it all running. It is the optima ml 750 right over here great.

But it s a fixed position projector. Which means we kind of lose some of our window and we re going to revisit this here and see if we can get a motor ice cream or immediate consumption and then we have the sony xba 4 x. 850. D.

It s really good had this for a. While. We have the dolby surround bar right here. Really cool in sig.

Nice environment here. So i m thinking of turning this section. Here and encompass. All of this space.

Here into a movie theater. So that while we re chilling out here. We d be able to use all this space. It s gonna be kind of tricky because i have to cheat the spot by doing this now.

I measured from corner to. Corner it is a hundred and twenty inches across and 835 inches down. So i figured the 110 inch. Would be perfect because as you see here i have my monitor that protrudes out maybe about six inches.

And i want to pass it to go 95 cents you see how long this thing is you can get a refurbished model. If you re not looking to spend that money you can save that in there. Now this is a very unique screen for the space. And you have to make sure that you get the right type of screen you need a couple factors.

The light to the kind of screener to looking for how much how dark is the room. How s the ambient light. Do you need a white do you need a matte white. Do you need a 4k screen.

Do you need a matte white screen also you need to look at the game. Which is the viewing angle. This one here in particular has a viewing angle above 180 degrees. Which means if you re sitting in front or to keep their side.


You re going to be okay. Here. And see what else is in the box. Okay so we have the power cable.

One thing to note this does not come with the remote so i m going to put some links in description to the remote. But inside it has a level. It has a quick start guide. It has a warranty guide specific to this model and screws.

As such so let s slide away nothing else in the box. Take of it really really cool so they flip the plastic off. Now this features premium aluminum casing that how this case uses their motor for installation. So we have a floating mount and brackets are included so you re gonna want to be able to go.

And see there is an optional three way control switch for easy operation. Now. This is our puppy really really cool alright. Let s put this down.

And it comes with a two year three year manufacturer warranty let s take a look we have bracket 1 bracket. 2. And we have screws and wall stopper. So let s read the instructions and i ll be back in a second next.

We put in the stud and now we do the other side. So let s take a look. I m going up on my couch. And up.

Here. This will take 310 pounds. Wow. Yeah.

So the top hook goes right up up. And you just you just uh. I think i got it already yeah. It s already are we got in my pocket.

Here does it go on the top hook of the snow. You see your finger right. Here. Where my hand.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. If you take a look you see how the white.

One seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of the living room. You do see the bottom here. Um maybe. If i get curious maybe i ll paint that.


But it doesn t bother us at all so on the top. You have a 120 inch across and 82 down. So it s a really good. Seamless integration.

What i need to do here is to get this to fish right there i made glue it there just to get a nice hidden. I don t like extra cables. But this is how the projector looks it s really quiet and i had to cheat my desk over just a little bit. But it s really really good smooth.

It s out of the way. It s quiet and let s turn off the lights and you can tell the quality of the pixelation. I like the fact that the top drops a little bit more so that it brings the image a little closer to you so. This is a live tv.

And let s go see what s on cinemax passing a furious to go. Brian okay. So let s go back. And you can see everything is here.

But my favorite part is you can definitely tell that it s a 4k screen. This is also 3d and it will take up to 8 k. So you can see the pixelation the granularity in the screen. It s really really good this is a matte white and it s really really good it works well for the aesthetic and everything is nice and bright.

I didn t want to take the whole window because if you see on the corner. There my desk monitor is there. And i don t want to take anything away from it and we have all the latest movies at our fingertips. It s a really good integration.

The elite screen elite screens 110 inch was perfect for what i needed to do perfect for what i needed to do okay. Let s go back and let me show you how it looks when it is going out. I am gonna get the remote control. And i m going to put this wire in the corner.

Here. I m going to fish it in the corner that way it s not hanging there but elite screens. You guys make awesome screens and if you have a great view as i do new york city s right outside. But if you want to get transporte to watch let s look at recordings real quick.

I just kind of recorded. What was on abc. You see the view here very simple i can click on this i can watch it i can see all the episodes available here there is multiple there ll be a list. I can delete this i can go on to recording options here and manage it for keep i can do things you know only keep the last few episodes keep all episodes.

If you choose all that s where it won t delete anything and with the other other shows of it neat space so pretty cool feature this now allows it to follow on multiple channels. So let s say you re watching family guy family guy airs on fox. But often in some areas like you ll find it on a subshell maybe. Cbs your local affiliate will carry some family guy.

And more you can go in here and select hey. Which one of the channels are long record. You know maybe i want to watch family guy about only family guy that airs on fox s i really don t care about the lower quality versions on some other network. So i can manage that here really pretty much everything you want to do with the tableau dvr is available for sep here.


Let me go into. There is even a sports feature. Let s show you that real quick before i go into these settings and show you off more. I can see oh and in cw.

If basketballs coming up so i can go in here and big tent fan. You know saturday. I will be busy let s make sure i don t miss the indiana purdue game except to that s a record. A more ec just a list of all the games happening next weekend.

And i can look at nfl. I can schedule here to watch huh los angeles rams and new orleans on sunday or i can go forward and look at the afc versus nfc game on the 27th. So that is the quick little look about sports. There again it gets served at my channels.

I can just show you the schedule here here s all the upcoming recordings. I have so let s go into tableau and show you some of the settings. So right here. I can do all kinds of things with the settings.

I can mess around with their record quality right now by default doing 720p. This is a 43 inch tv. I m showing this on which so 20p looks great. But hey it may not be what i want so a couple options i can record at 60 frames per second.

I can do 1080p bigger the size. The fewer hours you have available for recording. I can go down you know especially when i m doing things like streaming. It i can control in the settings about the streaming quality going out out of the home you know if you find that maybe your home networks up speed isn t quite powerful enough to go and manage it there a couple things here.

Let s say you have multiple tablets. You have maybe a two tuner. You re adding a for tuner and make sure you have you know six tuners to record everything you ever want you can edit the name so in your list do you have multiple taplow this to mess with you can check for updates here. You can update the guide data manually if you think there s been some change and you want make sure you get that i can just click on that to do that and then other ones like extend live recordings by default on don t record duplicate.

It s that kind of stuff. I can mess around with surround sound. If you have that it support it i can go in here and turn that on it s really a little bit of everything and like i was talking about earlier. If you don t want that led to be flashing on the taplow you can turn that on and off here.

Very quick and easy well that s the tableau dvr. Really not much else to say about it was very impressed with how easy. It is they ve done a huge job updating the app to make it a lot smoother channels load. Faster the ability to switch when you re inside.

The live guide is a really nice feature there. While you re watching everyone bring up a little guide pick a different show to switch to and get it without having to exit back out into this guy to pick a different channel. Really makes changing channels much more of a smooth experience a lot more fun. I ll put a link to this down the show notes down below.

If you want to check it out. And hey if you like this video give us a ” ..

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