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“The next thing. We can cover here is the file types that revit uses and and i m comparing a little bit to the dwg here in autocad because a of people tend to migrate over from the autocad world. So the first and main file type. And this is going to have a dot in front of it i should probably put in here.

You know it s going to be the file name something dot. Rfa dot. Rft etc. So these are the file extensions.

And this is more or less the definition and the main file revit uses to create a project such as the one we re in right here is an rv t file. So if i go up here. And they say file and they say save as project. Okay project file.

It s going to give me an rv t. I can actually change it oh no i can t i thought maybe i could change it to a template file. So our vt revit project file and you can go in and give it a name and pick the location anywhere you want so where you save the file doesn t really matter you can pick anywhere you want inside of here doesn t matter so revit project file that s the file type extension..


Okay when you go look in your windows explorer etc. Then we have a project template file. We talked about and that is an rte file. So that comes into play when you go into here.

And you say file new project and then you browse here it s going to look for rte files revit template files okay inside of there so that s a revit template file for a project okay project template file rte then we have revit family files these are external components. Etc furniture columns beams windows doors you know different profiles and stair nosings and you know mechanical equipment and structural equipment. These are all our fa external files and they can be sitting on a server. They can be on a website.

You can go browse different content web pages on the internet. That will let you download or purchase family files. Okay rfa these are external families. The equivalent in autocad of what was a block or w block out to a dwg.

So an autocad if you w block out something you create a block outside of autocad. It s still a dwg so autocad really uses dwgs for all of these in fact. It does have a dwt over here..


Okay so autocad. This is the autocad comparison here in the brackets autocad uses a drawing template file a dwt revit uses rte to do that job. Although most people aren t aware that autocad even has dwt files. It has been available forever family files in revit rfa.

And autocad. All it is is another dwg and you insert that as a block in revit you insert it as an rfa family file. But for the most part a w block. And an rfa file are serve the same purpose family files are far more sophisticated than any dynamic block or block.

That is available. Then you can create a new family from scratch and that s when you use a family template file. So if i m in here and i say component and i say load family it s going to look for rfa files. It ll also let you bring in an adsk file.

Which is from civils 3d. But for the most part you re looking for dot r fa files. Okay when you insert a family..


So when you go load family in revit. It s looking for rfa files. If you create a new family from scratch. If you go up here and you say new and you say i m going to make a new window family you say family then this is look a dot rft file family template file.

So then you want to say okay. I m going to go down to search sort by name and then go oh. I want window or curtain wall window or window with trim then it can hit open and now. I m creating a new family okay in revit based on that project template file.

We re not going to get into that in this series at all i m going to go up here and just close this off okay. Do i want to save changes to this family. No. I do not ok back to the project.

I was in and this is just text kind of sitting here floating in the middle of the floor plan by the way so an rf t is a family template file. Which is used to create a fresh rf a family file so when in in revit. When you want to make a new family say i want to make a new family and you have to specify what the template file is if it s a window family you use the window template file..


If it s a column family you re creating then you you use the column template file so projects and the project template file family s family template files in autocad. They really don t have a template file for their blocks or w e blocks. They re all just dwg files okay so these are really the four main revit extensions. Okay rvt rte rfa and rft these are the file types used when creating a project.

When creating a project template file. When creating a family file or a family template. So if you want to create a new project template file. We showed you that earlier you go in here.

And you say new and then you say new fad project. And you change this assay project. Template file. If you say project template file.

It s going to create an hour te file that can further be used to create a project. So file extensions get that out of the way and we ll get ready to start up our ” ..

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