ROBLOX – How to Get Free Robux on Phone!

how to get free robux on a phone This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you ROBLOX – How to Get Free Robux on Phone!. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Ahead tap the right. There. The roebucks icon tap that you want to click by by roebucks. Hello.

Friends. My name is greg and today i ll to show you how to get free robux on your phone let s get started alright guys so we re gonna go on alright guys. So you re out on my phone. Besides roblox.

Please don t hack me alright. Guys. So once you guys are logged in like this. Oh yeah.

By the way please add me on roblox. My name is greg. You guys want to go ahead tap the right there the robux icon. It s not that you want to click by robux.

This is all necessary now you guys want to scroll down and purchase well we re not purchasing it because it s free it s gonna be free you guys want to tap buy on whatever you want it works for any price and buy you guys want to check out rageous builder s club..

This is crucial this is a part of the glitch okay guys once you have tapped outrageous builder s club you guys want to go ahead. These good yibo alright guys here we are on our computer now guys when i go ahead and type in roblox alright guys roblox calm and you guys want to sign in log in come on alright alright guys so once we re logged in here so make sure your phone is still you guys still got that stuff we did earlier on your phone just make sure that brows are still open now what you guys want to do first things. First is you will guys is you guys want to go to where is it yes. This is the home you guys want to scroll down until you see my feed now this is crucial.

This is the most important part of the tutorial so you guys want to type in gregg roebucks capital h. 4. X. 3.

Exclamation marks just like that guys do that you guys should be on your way. We are actually not quite done yet okay on to the next step you guys want to go to my profile. Gregg. How can i kind of get there from here.

Yes. I can so once you guys are out my profile click creations. Okay so once you guys are here. This is it.

This is called gregg s generator..

As well go ahead and get into the game click play okay. Once you guys are in the game. Stare. At your beautiful character you guys want to look at your character at this angle.

It doesn t have to be exactly like that that d be literally impossible you guys wanna press space. Turn. And then walk walk into the shelter. It s nice shelter.

It s just a nice blue amazing shelter that i created in roblox studio. It s one of my prized possessions and inside this shelter. You will see let me put the game in full screen mode. You will see this amazing tool here.

What does this tool do this tool. Contains all the glitch powers in the world all of the roblox scripting hacks. Everything is in this little tool. So now you guys want to open up.

The chat box and just type in the amount of robots you want don t put it to hire builder man will get mad at us..

We don t want dad to get mad at us. You don t want to get spanked by daddy okay so i m gonna do 1 3. 3. 7.

Because i m cool k. 11. 37. Yeah since roblox doesn t like numbers.

They re gonna they always censor. It for some reason. I think like someone got exposed or something so anyway. That s it for the game segment.

Let s go ahead and leave the game leave it back to back to the page. My game page right here. And then you guys want to go ahead. And just add.

Me oh yeah..

And also just subscribe subscribed like and share this video. If you don t do that that s part of it that s part of the glitch. It s the greg s glitch for a reason follow greg s rules there you go so guys. I m gonna go ahead and add me my name every real quick.

I add everyone or at least. I try to hold on oh yeah. And join this group. This group is awesome right so once you guys have added me you guys want to go ahead and just wait 30 seconds wait 30 seconds as you can see i already generated myself 118 before this i didn t have any i didn t have nothing do you guys remember my last video.

I or if you ve watched my last video you know know that i had nothing before this i don t even have hair. I was i m bald. I was bald and you know times are changing now i have hair now this glitch saved got me out of roblox poverty. It s amazing alright alright guys think that s been about 30 seconds guys ro bucks right here 118 go ahead and refresh the page and there you go guys there you go one three three seven.

We got freaking leet roebucks. Yes using the free greg method robox roebucks bone method. Thank you guys for watching subscribe like thank you guys. ” .


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