Samsung Gear 360 (2017) – Setup & Review

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” s up youtube next set guy. Here. So samsung recently released their new version of of the samsung gear 360. And that s exactly what we re going to be today so for starters.

The embossing has a delightful and clean presentation opening up the box reveals the camera itself followed by your manual and safety information. Next. Up is a usb type c. Charging cable.

A carrying pouch and last is a strap for the camera as far as looks go this camera looks very futuristic and most people will immediately. Ask you what it is the front of the camera has your front camera lens and below. That you re going to find the record select button and a small display to show you the camera status the back contains rear lens and on one side of the camera. You have your pairing menu button and the other button is your power back button and below these buttons.

You ll find the straps hole to taxi included stretch on the other side. You will find an sd card slot and below that as the usb type c. Charging board not only can you use a strap to a taxi stabilizing ring. But in the bottom you re going to find a hole that will be for attaching a tripod so to kick things off one thing.

I found out and is worth..

Mentioning is that you need to make sure you have an sd card. Before your first use. I thought. This camera had its own internal memory with sd card support.

But i was quickly proven wrong. So make sure you have one once you do just enter the card into the sd card tray and you can move on to setting up to 360 the setup process is actually really simple first you need to download the gibbs free 60 application from the play store. And once downloaded just press and hold the power button until it comes on you will quickly know that it s on because of the four key noises. It will make along with the green led indicators at the top of the camera and of course.

The small screen on the front at this point you will need a press and hold the bluetooth button until a small led indicator below that button starts flashing right a blue at that moment. The device is ready to be paired so then just open up the app and follow the on screen steps. The pairing process is really quick and simple and before long you ll be sitting at the home page which includes your live camera feed interface your gallery for pictures and videos. We also get an option to perform a live broadcast.

And of course your camera settings opening up. The camera. App. Allows you to see.

What the camera sees in real time..

Which is really cool. However there is a slight maybe one second delay not a huge deal since you re talking about broadcasting a wireless signal via bluetooth. But the delay shouldn t cause you to miss your shot or anything from within the camera live feed you can change. The view from 360 to a round view.

A stretch view a dual view and a pan or image. You also you have the option to switch between the front lens of rear lens or use both lens which obviously creates a 360 degree 0 2 view at the top of the view you can also change the exposure. The white balance and shot intervals and of course. The camera settings.

You do get to play around with different video sizes depending on which mode. You use. But for the most part. If you re just shooting.

A straight videos you can choose from 4k videos to 720p videos shooting in 4k has a much lower fps than if you shoot in 720p. Which consume frames and up to 120 f. Yes. However even if you shoot in 4k.

The video quality is not 4k since it has to fit the entire video..

Which decreases the resolution it still looks really good especially on phones like the galaxy as a nsa plus. But it is something i did find out why using it i did find that the most effective video size with 2560 by 1280 at 60 frames per second. It still looks pretty good and frames per second create a nice and smooth video. Most of the videos that i took were good quality and it s pretty cool when you can replay the video after shooting.

It and be able to move throughout the video to see the entire environment and not just what you re shooting. You do have the option to shoot using either front or rear lens. If you prefer and this creates a much wider field of view. Almost gopro like there are certain scenarios in what you would want to use this such as taking a landscape picture.

I m taking the video you do lose quality in terms of video quality and fps. So personally i would suggest using both lens. When taking a video to ensure you get the best out of your shot. What s cool about this is not only the replay.

But the fact that you can also use the samsung gear vr with to replay the videos in 360. This obviously is the best way to enjoy the video. When you want to replay them. Because it gives you an immersive experience to where it actually feels like you re there overall.

The samsung gear 360..

Is a great companion and you can really go crazy with it when creating videos especially when you combine the vr with it it is also ip 53. Certified. Which means it is water resistant to a certain extent. But don t go dunking it in water as you ll quickly find out your gear 360.

Doesn t work there are a few courts such as the fact that your videos are stored only on the sd card and in order to process that will access them you have to have the phone and the gear 360 paired for you to be able to save them to your phone. I wouldn t consider this a deal breaker. But it is a pain if you want to watch their videos on the fly. There s still some work to be done that can easily be pushed over a software update and 360.

Is so pretty new for the most part. But the camera does a really good job at creating the immersive videos. And it s still something that will leave people in amazement well gosh that wraps up today s video be sure to press that like button. If you enjoyed the content make sure you re subscribed.

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