Samsung Gear Sport Review : My new daily driver???

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” s up guys jabbar here today. We re gonna take a look at the gear gear sport and i m gonna give you my honest review of it my honest on it i ve been using this for about three to four weeks. Now. And that s enough time to definitely.

Judge battery. Life performance etc. Etc. Especially since this isn t my first tizen.

Watch. This is basically the same software that s running on the gear s3 frontier and classic. So definitely check out that video. If you want to check.

Out what s new the gear sport will run you between 299. Or it s been regularly on sale at best buy and amazon for 249. I ll leave those links in the description below at 249. I d say it s definitely a good price and at 300.

It really depends what you want to use this watch for because the gr s3 is also found usually between the 250 and 300 marks sometimes a little less. But it really depends on what you want to use the watch for and i ll go over my experience using this watch first thing. I want to note is the actual bands that come with the gear sport are kind of flimsy..


They re stretchable you can you can see i m able to stretch this with my hand not really a big fan of this band. I think at the 300 dollar mark. They should have made a little a little bit more of a quality band. But it does have those ridges on the back.

And it does have the quick release pins like so. And you are given a smaller and a larger variant inside the box. But again. I m just not a fan of this this band that s just a little too cheap feeling in my opinion.

I m sure it s a very good band. But for me i went ahead and switched it out to one of these bands third party band this one is from cardi beep. No i just kidding. This one is just from cardi and this is a nicer quality band.

I also got an orange. Too so i ll just show you for comparison look just look at the quality difference between the oem and this third party. Band this one is definitely a lot thicker does not stretch as easily. Whereas.

This one is really thin. And i m able just to pull it and stretch it so again. I guess it just depends on what you re looking for but for me..


I definitely wanted something that felt a little better putting the bands aside watch charges with wireless chi. Charging. And my gear s3 charger. Works with this watch as well so if you have a few extra lying around you do not need to purchase new ones for the gear sport.

Which is really nice i m glad samsung didn t do some trickery and not allow us to use the old style chargers charging on this qi charger takes about two hours and that s really not a big deal charging is very seamless just plopping the watch on the cradle and it is magnetic you can see it holds up so it does adhere to the watch. Very easily and you will not mistakenly place this on the charger and not have it charged. But overall the quality of this watch is really nice definitely what you ve come to expect from samsung. They make a quality product basically in everything they make these days.

And i m really happy with the quality and as far as this versus. The gear frontier. I did make a video which i ll leave a link to in the description below as well as this card again if you want to check that out. But i found myself wearing this gear sport a lot more often just because it is smaller.

I definitely like how it fits on the wrist. That s just my personal preference and as far as a lot of people complaining that this doesn t have samsung pay with mst technology. Most of the time. I have my phone with me.

Which has that so that s really not a big deal for me. And it does have the nfc payments and a lot more places especially here in new york are accepting nfc payments with the new terminals so more and more you re able to use nfc payments. Everywhere..


You go another major complaint about this watch is that samsung omitted that speaker to achieve that 50 atm water resistance. But for me. I really haven t noticed it i really don t use it all that often if you re someone that wants to take calls on your wrist. This might not be the watch for you and of course.

There s some nice new watch faces on the gear sport that a reason to choose this over another. One no definitely not there are a ton of watch faces available in the gear store. So that should not be a decision maker. What s really attracted me to the gear sport over the gear.

S3 frontier is the battery life so the battery life on this one with minimal to moderate usage. I m getting a in three to four days of battery and with heavier usage. I can definitely push out two and a half to three days so that s really a win for me you do not have to touch the screen. Quite as often if you did not have this rotating bezel and that also helps with the smaller screen size.

But again has it been a big deal having a smaller screen to be honest. I really haven t noticed it at all i do notice when i put the frontier on it feels a lot bigger these days. But again i do find myself wearing this more and more that extra day of juice just makes me want to wear this watch more and don t get me wrong. The frontier and the classic s3 s get great battery life as well two to three days.

But again that extra day of battery life just does it for me i ve compared this to other wearables that i have and it s it s definitely on point in terms of the heart rate sensor. I ve already made a couple videos comparing this to the frontier and on the tizen software experience. So i don t want to make this a super long video just a quick recap and just to let you know that battery life is excellent on this device..


Build quality is excellent on this device as well. And i really have had no issues with it it s super speedy. There s no lag everything as just as you expect from a new smartwatch and what i recommend this one over the frontier at this point. I definitely would i do like the smaller size of the watch personally i do like that extra day of battery life.

The new watch faces are cool. But again. This is basically a shrunk down version of the gear s3 and i actually dig that i actually like that for going to the gym for walking around town it s just a little less intrusive in my opinion if you re a triathlete or you swim a lot this one is the one to pick because of that 50 80 m. Rating.

For those of you that are not super athletes. Such as myself you might just enjoy the smaller size you might just enjoy this vibrant screen. You might just enjoy that extra day of battery life or you just might enjoy having a new watch because you love smart watches. That s a good enough reason for me so let me know what you guys think in the comments below.

Thank you very much for stopping by and watching this video. And i ll catch you guys in the next one ” ..

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