Samsung UN48J5200 Reviews: 48-Inch 1080p Smart LED TV: Price, Specs + Where to Buy

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“Guys. What s good it s justin here from ultimate tv reviews and in this this video. I m going to show you where you can find real reviews for particular television that you re contemplating buying and if you stick around to the end of this video. It s only a few minutes long don t worry i m not going to bore you freaking death.

You re gonna find out how to save money on this tv. And how to save a lot of hassle. So let s get to it so where can you find these real reviews. The answer is simple amazon and if you want to see reviews for this exact television.

I ve left a link below in the description. If you click that you ll be taken to see all the reviews for this tv. I really like the amazon reviews. Because there are so many and a lot of them come from verified purchasers.

Which means they ve actually purchased it these reviews should answer literally any question that you have if you can t find the answer be sure to use the search bar and it will search through all of the reviews..

You should be able to find it. But if you still can t then you can even go on their q. A section portion of the page and you ll be able to ask a question and someone out of the kindness of their heart will answer it for you again. If you want to read these reviews and check them out the link is below in the description.

When i m purchasing literally anything and especially a television. I will only use amazon and basically the reasons are is because you re going to save a lot of money save a lot of hassle and they have the best freak n return policy on planet earth as far as the deals go you re going to find televisions on there from anywhere from 2 to 1000. Plus. Cheaper.

I ve literally seen it all on there just depends upon the television. You re buying the next. Reason. They have the best freaking return policy.

No questions asked if you want to return the tv..

You re going to be able to in what really makes or breaks. It is that if you have to return the television amazon is going to come and pick it up from your house for free you re not going to have to drive it to store you re not going to have to pay for shipping or anything like that at this current time. I m making this video. If you were to order from walmart or best buy and have an issue they re not going to pick it up for free.

They re going to want you to come deliver it to the store or something like that or have you pay for shipping. Something that s why amazon is awesome and owns all those other retailers. When it comes to buying online because their return policy is so nice the next thing is you re going to get free shipping on all televisions. This is standard from any of the online retailers.

But i figured i should let you know in case. You didn t the last reason i use amazon is because going to the store kind of sucks. Some of the stores are going to deliver your television for you in some art. It just depends upon the size of the tv.

If you buy some big ass television..

They re going to deliver it for free okay. But if you buy some medium size tv. 30 to 40 inches. They re probably not going to deliver it for free for example best buy doesn t deliver televisions for free under 40 inches.

So you re on your own or you have to pay for them to do it the next reason going to the store sucks is that time is money alright. Let s say 10 minutes drive into the store 20 minutes at the store like at minimum. That s a low estimate 10 minutes back that s 40 minutes right there out of your day. When you could have just clicked a couple buttons online all right i can think of 50 other things that i d rather do then spend 50 minutes.

You know trying to go get this television at the store and deal with all that hassle and the last reason going the store sucks is there s always some dude. There trying to upsell use more crap. He s going to see that you re interested in television 500 tv. Thousand dollar tv.

Hey it s your new wedding day..

Okay get ready because this guy s going to try and sell you literally everything and it s freaking. Annoying so there you have it that is why i will only use amazon especially ordering for television. Again. If you want to access those.

Real reviews. The link is below in the description. I hope. This video has been helpful.

This has been justin from ultimate tv reviews and ” ..

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