SAOA Ep 15 Preview Clip: “Fairport”

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“How could you just ditch me like that leafa suguha chuckles. I thought i was was clear about not mentioning that game in public nagata nagata oh right i m leafa suguha. What did i just say whimpering nagata. I m sorry i mean kirigaya it.

s just when i came back without you prince cazmer was less than pleased he tied my hands. So i couldn t log out he used the vice kirigaya. I don t think i ll ever be able to listen to cascada again suguha not caring aww. I love them shit.

I should ve gone to that well whatever just tell him i don t care what kind of stupid storyline. He s cooked up what s the point of playing a princess if people are still gonna tell me what to do nagata. I i suppose i could pass that along for you if you really need me to suguha. I do nagata unenthusiaticly coool suguha.

Now if that s everything you can get out of my way. You re making me late to kendo practice nagata. Oh. Right hey.

Now that he s out of the hospital is your brother gonna be joining you. I d really love to meet the hero of aincrad suguha. Annoyed grunt pleease. Don t call him that and no that spineless quitter hasn t actually practised in years.


s always been more comfortable with screens than swords nagata the. Black swordsman doesn t like swords suguha uuugh. Look are you gonna get outta my way or not nagata. I will i promise it s just before you go i ve been wanting to ask you something for a long time.

Now suguha uuuugh. What. Is it nooow nagata nervously. Well i.

Was wondering if we could maaaybe ya knoow. Go on a real date. Suguha gasps nnot that i don t like what we ve been doing suguha growls nbut. I just thought maybe we could like go see a movie or suguha.

Don t. Get the wrong idea about us ok you and i are barely friends recon is princess leafa s fuck boy got it don t confuse a game with real life you perv now meet me in the janitor s closet. After practice. I got another quest for you nagata strained yeeees princeeeesss.

Suguha daaah fucking nagata mockingly. What the hell s so great about kazuto anyway nothing. But a butt fucking quitter. Who hacks into my game to i don t know blackmail.

Me probably mimicking kazuto haha suguha..

You act like your a baad bitch. But you secretly like all this girly shit like fairies and nagata and ponies thoughts. Yeah. He would say that that son of a bitch giving me those sad puppy dog eyes tricking me into feeling bad for him.

This is what i get for being nice well. He made a big mistake challenging me here this cutesy. Little world has many dark corners. And i think i know just the one to take him to first leafa echo.

Welcome echo to the fairport kirito. Wait the what can we live. A real life. A real life and do we even know what that means can we live a real life and know people outside machines can we like a real life between the devil and the digital sea kirito.

So you re telling me that there are people who log into this game. Just so they can pretend to run an airport leafa fairport kirito dooo. N t cazmer in character princess leafa theere. You are it s a good thing.

We caught you before got through customs kirito exasperated. They do that too aaah. I hate it cazmer not only did you embarass me as well as the queen by failing to attend our engagement party. But now i find you gallivanting with this detestable spriggan trash kirito trash has a name by the way in case anyone cares leafa listen dude.

I m not gonna lie..

I don t wanna fake marry you i only agreed to it cause my fake mom said. I fake had to in order tooo what was it cazmer end the civil war that ravages our homeland leafa yeah that bullhonkey but see i m bored now i mma go hang out with this guy for a while ok cazmer princess. I really must insist. It is imperative that you come with us im kirito coome ooon duude.

She said. She s not interested have some self respect and cool it with the sleazy roleplay fetish shtick you re a young eligible nobleman. I m sure you have plenty of cousins who d love to take her place in the ol marriage bed cazmer. Know your place spriggan.

I know not how you seduced our fair. Princess leafa gagging cazmer. But events have been set in motion. Which are beyond your meager comprehension kirito sarcastically ooooh.

Yeah suuuure i bet. What is she like a fallen star made flesh and you gotta stop a gang of witches from eating her heart and regaining their lost youth cazmer normal voice okay first off that s the plot of stardust in character second. I don t have time to explain it to the likes of you all you need to understand is that what i do i do for the good of us all bodyguard. 1.

Whisper your highness perhaps this is a conversation you should have in private. The pretzel guy is staring at us pretzel guy hey. Any of you nice folks want a pretzel cazmer chuckles. Many thanks kind citizen.

We re fine awkward laugh..

You see that princess you are making. A scene. Leafa. Oh.

Oh. You want a scene cazmer. That is explicitly not what i want leafa. Well.

I ll give you a scene you just wait until my mom gets back from those peace talks at butterfly valley. Your ash is gonna be so banished cazmer. Ah. I see it appears we have been sufficiently intimidated wouldn t you say boys bodyguard 1.

We have cazmer we have bodyguard 1 yees. We have cazmer we ll just be on our way then haha enjoy slumming it princess sinister chuckle leafa uugh sorry about that those guys take this game waaay too seriously kirito yeaah. I ve noticed look before we go any further. I need you to be straight with me am.

I in for some additional screening over there leafa leafa come on answer me. Fairport security agent greetings. How are you folks doing today gasp oooh a spriggan. ” .


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