ScaleTalk: DHCP vs Static IP Addresses

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“So here we ve got a 1280 nindicator. Which comes natively with both wired and and wireless ethernet. Tcp ip ncapabilities. So if we were to go in to our menu in order to set up the communications in that method.

What we re going to find. Here. Is there s nthis parameter called dhcp now dhcp stands for dynamic host control protocol. But what s more important is not so much that we know what it stands for.


But what does it mean what does this particular parameter actually do for us well in the case of our 1280 here. We want to hook this up to our laptop. So that we can have some communications back and forth just between the laptop and the 1280 dhcp in effect. Says that it s looking for some other device on the network to give it an ip address and since our laptops that we use to communicate are nnot designed to give out ip addresses.

We need to set a static ip address on the nunit. So that we can get the two devices. Talking to one another. Now you might have in your facility.


A router of some kind a wi fi router or something like nthat and those would have the capability of providing an ip address. If you nhave a large organization with a domain server. They would have the ability to nhand out ip addresses. But when you re just communicating between a laptop and na device like the 1280.

They don t have that capability. So what we need to do is turn off the dhcp that will allow us to assign a static ip address. And it might be helpful to simply think of you know the d for dynamic versus. A static.


Ip well dynamic would indicate. Changing and static would mean. Staying the same. The idea is with a dynamically set ip address.

There is the possibility that when you fire this up again next week. That whatever device is handing out the ip address. It might give it something different and nthen. All the configuration you have on your laptop would also have what nsomething would have to change somewhere because we would lose the connectivity.


And so static ip addresses are what we set manually. So that we know it s going to stay the same every single time we go to use it it s not going to change it ll always be the same. So that s the difference between dhcp versus a static ip address. One says.

” ..

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