Sceptre Slim 40 Inch 1080p LED TV with Build in DVD Player E415BD-FR

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“There just pick this up at walmart it is the septor 40 inch lcd tv tv it s 1080p the only reason i bought it really it was cheap it 299. I had really good reviews for what i m gonna use it for it ll be fine. So i will unbox it and let you guys know what i think okay really easy to unbox just turned it on its side and pulled on one end. There s a little holes over there he just grabbed hold of that and pulled it out and everything just slid right out so it s very easy and there s the stand and in this box.

I thought was kind of interesting they actually include a screwdriver for taking the base off and stuff. So that s different and got a remote and guess just a cover for when you don t use the stand you put this on the bottom to cover the hole. So that s if you wanted to mount it on the wall. Subscrube battery remote standard stuff manual.


Okay was packaged really well so he has a protective screen on the top of the main display has a nice even bezel all the way around so very nice and even looks very sleek. It s that piano black kind of finish. So it s very nice okay as for connectors. There s the power and has your headphones for hdmi.

Well. Let s see looks like has just caught your standard vga audio in tuner usb drive. Not really sure what that s used for unless you can stream movies or something from your hard drive. But i don t know if that s possible yet so just a quick look at the inputs.


There are none on the side. The side. Just has their volume channel up controls and nothing on that side so. If you re looking for something with side hdmi or other inputs and this is all you get.

But that should be plenty for just the standard user ok went ahead and plugged. It in had to move it closer to an outlet um. You can see it has a red. Oh.


If you tell that s red. But that s a red light. There to tell you that the power is off. And i put the batteries that came with it in the remote.

So we will turn it on okay. I hooked a pc up to the hdmi and instantly detected that has a hdmi connected and there we are booting up. I ve got it muted that s why the volume thing you re still on there. Oh well get rid of that booting into windows seven there looks beautiful colors are real vivid.


Very beautiful. Picture i m happy with my purchase like i said it was 299. Walmart calm you have to site the store. But it s free shipping.

I recommend it if you re looking for a tv 40 inches or less. Then this is the one for you it is 60 hertz some people are hung up about that but um for everyday viewing. I think it s just fine so there you go hope this helps you decide them whether you want ” ..


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