Siri Series – Funny Names – Part 1

funny names for siri to call you This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Siri Series – Funny Names – Part 1. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“There this is tim. I m back for another video. This time. I will be be showing off something pretty i guess entertaining to say to say the least are most whatever you want to say tour it towards that but today.

I m gonna be showing off siri in and how you can make siri call. You funny things this may be part one of several parts on just making series. Say crazy cool stuff as far as what she calls you and i ve developed several techniques for making siri just go crazy with fun wacky names and today i m going to be doing the first video of a series of videos and this one s involves singing to make siri give you some crazy names for instance. Siri is calling.

Me currently doo doo. Didn t it didn t it..

Didn t do that that that up so here is what siri calls me right now in series own words siri. What s my name yes. I am. So that s what sir he s calling me now now.

Let s add let s change that something even core siri call. Me duty duty to do shut. Da da. Da.

Ba. Ba doo..

To 2td ptd. So see what happens that s not okay so that s what siri found for that one let s sing another song here. And let s get rolling. Here.

Siri. Call. Me doo doo doo da. Da.

Daaaa. Tom that the tata tata..

The paper bomba did it dddd dddd appetit katate can t go ttt ja. Let s see what happens here. So there yeah. That was a pretty cool one and let s try let s tell already and i m not gonna go home with this hopefully.

But siri can just make can give you some crazy names just by singing to it and singing just crazy scat singing so let s try it one more siri call me by the name of scott. No let s say that what s what s what s more siri siri call me scott dr. Scott barton scan scan capocaccia baccala shantu caliber tisha pakka that to kira shall peter its alan calm that ah zapping what we ll see what happens here let s do it confirm so there you go searing calling crazy stuff just by singing to it siri will try to interpret anything you give it so if you sing at it if you give her gibberish. She will try to infer pretty and it makes for some very entertaining late night.

Things as i ve done multiple times. This is part one..

But multiple or multiple part video of having siri call. You crazy things that aren t even names that just sound cool. The first one that i had just made me just crack out laughing with the siri basically singing did it to do that dad to do that bit did it you know just singing crazy stuff. So siri is awesome.

This is one example of just siri entertainment with siri siri calling you crazy cool stuff so thank you for watching this has been an i wake supplement. I guess you call it i m team captain. I do run the i wake potus is a daily apple new show you can find over at i week podcast calm monday through friday ten to twenty minutes. Although apple news in either audio or video format you choose.

It s also night tunes thanks for watching please visit me over there at i wit podcast calm i ll be back from worst ” ..

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